6 Realistic Ways I Make Over $1,200.00 A Month As A Stay At Home Mom

6 Realistic Ways I Make Over $1,200.00 A Month As A Stay At Home Mom

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I have a confession to make:

I scoff when I read things like “jobs for stay at home moms that pay $3,000.00 !”  Yeah… I don’t really believe it.  I mean, 3 grand is a big expectation, especially when there are little ones running around, clamoring for attention.

And we all know that kids don’t always listen to mom, right?  Spontaneous “quiet time” is out as the natural squabbling begins.

I suppose it’s possible for some moms to make decent money. But I wonder what kind of work they do.

Probably a very structured job where they can close the door and leave the kids on the other side.  Or Maybe one that gives them flexibility, but a heavy work load.

Neither works for me.

With three little ones under the age of five, it gets a little hectic around here.

And trying to make some money on top of it all can be a little…well…much.

So I work as little as possible. Because that’s all I can do.

But you know what the hardest part is? The fewer hours I work, the less money I make.

And that sucks.


Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

So, as I linger in my make-shift home office, trying to get a little “me” time so I can get my shit together, I plan my schedule so nothing goes awry. Ignoring the occasional “MOMMY !…”.

I finally get settled and start working. You see, after putting on my big-girl panties and checking out a bunch of those things touted as “stay-at-home-jobs-for-moms” – the ones that stretched me too thin with too little reward – I found some realistic ways to make money at home with little kiddies attached to my hip.

Ways that don’t consume all my free time…

…or need a 4-year college education…

…and works around kids.

Easy ways to make money at home

And because I want to work as little as possible, I have to be smart. I only have about 5 hours MAX each day to spend making money. That includes working before the kids are up in the morning, when they nap, and after bedtime.

So the more I could do in the few hours I could spare, the better.


Here’s How I Make Over $1,200 a Month:

Jobs for stay at home moms

#1  I Watch My Neighbor’s Little Boy

Heck, why not? What’s one more kiddie in my house? I already have the toys, snacks and patience.

Monthly Earning: $300.00
Time Spent: If I had to count this as working hours, I would say I spend about 8 hours five days a week.  Because the little guy is a small extension of my family, it’s not really work.  And because his mom is my friend, and I can relate to her need for good, inexpensive childcare, I cut her a brake.

We both win!


#2  I’m an Online Researcher

I learned of AskWonder about a year ago and boy, am I glad I did. Turns out I really like to do internet research. And I seem to do it ALL THE TIME.

How do I do it? I log onto the Ask Wonder platform, look for submitted questions that appeal to me, do the necessary research and answer the questions. But before I started making money I had to go through the little thing called the application process and then do a few test questions.

I can easily whip out at least 6 answers – research included – in a week. Not too bad for $6.00 to $8.00 average pay per answer.

Monthly Earning: $150.00
Time Spent: About 1 hour a day


#3  Not-My-Blog Blogging

A lot of moms try their hand at blogging.  Some are pretty successful at it, too.  But I know blogging takes a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of time, patience, and writing, which is why I’ve never been crazy about the thought of blogging.  I mean, sit in front of the computer trying to churn out a few paragraphs about something that interests me today ?

Nah. Not for me.

Unless…I can write like a blogger without actually running a blog (and all the work that comes with it) AND pick the topics that interest me. Picking the right places lets my creative writing juices flow and has given me a nice little bundle of cash.

Here are a few of my personal favorite places to write like a blogger:

  • Listverse pays $100.00 for a list of 10 things
  • BlogMutt pays $8.00 for each “purchased” article
  • Autoshopper.com pays $15.00 an article
  • Cracked claims they ‘ll pay $100.00 for your first article
  • Upwork, a well-known and reputable freelance platform, gives me the opportunity to write about anything. The pay varies by customer that hires me but I make about $100.00 a month.

Monthly Earning: $300.00
Time Spent: About an hour each day


#4  I Do a Little Transcription

This is one of those little jobs that doesn’t require a whole lot of experience. I had absolutely no transcription knowledge under my belt but was able to get a job with Rev.  I really like this gig, too, because I can do as much work as I want – whenever I find the time.

The most annoying part about applying for this little job was the application. It literally took me about an hour to get through it, thanks to the skills tests. The tests were easy enough, I must have been anxious to get started.

The pay is ok and there is always work to do. Some day I hope to start doing some of the captioning.

I did invest about $30.00 to buy this set of headphones. I have kids, after all. Gotta block the racket. So worth it!

Monthly Earning: $200.00
Time Spent: Between 1 and 2 hours a day, or up to 10 hours a week.

Here are a few other places to do easy, no-experience-needed transcription:


#5  I Do a Little Office Assisting

Some call this Virtual Assisting, some call it online assisting.  I like to call it being a Remote Office Assistant because I tap into my past office experiences and do office-y things for others.  I work whenever I want to and charge whatever I think I am worth.

For this kind of work I turn to Upwork.  I looked into the “we get the clients for you and all you do is the work” places like Time Etc and Fancy Hands but I found more high-payers through Upwork.  But before I even got started, I brushed up on what it takes to be a Remote Office Assistant so I could offer my best self.  Even if for a few hours a week.

So, when all set, I created my Upwork profile as a means to “brag” about my skills (data entry, word processing, email responding…) and set my rates.  So easy !

Monthly Earnings: $300.00
Time Spent: Depends on what I have to do but I usually spend about 5 hours a week. This is less than an hour a day because I tend to do this on the weekends.


#6  I Do a Few Surveys

I know, I know. Surveys !  Really ?   Yep, really.  This is by far the best way to make easy money for just a few minutes a day.

The trick is to find the ones that pay cash.

And, to make things even better, some places give you sign-up bonuses.

My favorites are:

Monthly Earnings: $50.00 plus $15.00 sign-up bonuses
Time Spent : About 4 hours a month, or right around an hour a week


What Didn’t Work For Me:

Blogging For Money

Over the years I have read a lot about starting a blog.

And after having a few great ideas pop into my head I jumped on this bandwagon.

Know what happened ?  I flopped !

Not because I couldn’t write or manage a blog. I flopped because I really wasn’t interested in doing this. It was hard, and after six months I saw absolutely NO profit.


Having a Full-Time Work At Home Job

Even though working from home has always been my goal, working full time with little ones was not do-able. I wound up staying up really late and getting up soooo early just to get my full schedule in. And I was a grumpy witch in the meantime. So yeah, working full time was not in the cards while the kids were young.


Having a Job With Structure

I just could not do this. Have a structured routine. Even if it was part-time.

My kids saw to that 🙂


Selling Stuff

Oh ya, I have a lot of stuff. Baby things, knick-knacks, old cell phones. As much as I would love to part with all this ju…err…stuff, I just can’t seem to do it.

I tried Ebay with mixed reviews. I didn’t earn enough profit to make it worth my effort. And I always seemed to be looking for boxes to ship my stuff out.

I tried selling some of my husband’s old-ish video games to Game Stop (local gaming store) but again, more work than it was worth.

So I gave up trying to sell my stuff. I think I’ll wait for one of those city-wide garage sales.


My Journey Will Continue

Some day I hope to bump my earnings up to the $3,000.00 a month like others claim they get.  But I know one thing for sure:  That won’t happen any day soon.

What about you ?  Are you ready to start out making $1,200.00 a month as a stay at home mom ?

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