8 Non-Phone, Work At Home Jobs Hiring NOW !

8 Non-Phone, Work At Home Jobs Hiring NOW !

Boy, oh boy, do I love non-phone work at home jobs. As a self proclaimed introvert, talking on the phone makes me feel a little…I don’t know…awkward. Throw in my chatty husband (who happens to be retired and under foot all day long) and I can forget about any kind of inbound calls sort of job.  I’m triply marked for not getting any phone work done.

So, when I come across remote jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone, I’m all over them.

And what’s better, the ones I just came across are hiring NOW !

I don’t want to bother you with any more mumble-jumble, so let’s get right down to it.

Ready ? Here we go.

Non-phone work at home jobs hiring today

These Guys Are Hiring Now.  Non-Phone And Work From Home


ICUC Social

This is a social media content monitoring company that has quite a few openings. If you have some experience in online community management, like weeding out undesirable comments and posts in online forums, then check out ICUC Social. Their current openings include a Community Manager, Social Media Account Manager, and a Social Media Reporting Analyst. Some of these jobs are part-time, all of them are remote, and this is a company that hires home workers often.


Do you live in New York? Are you a fashionista (or fashionisto) ? Bombfell is looking for an Online Stylist for Men. This is a part-time, work from home hob that gives you the opportunity to show off your style prowess during your 20 hours per week schedule. The job description says you should have a four-year degree and at least 1-2 years previous fashion experience. Personally, I don’t get the “4 year degree” thing so I would go ahead and apply.

nThrive Health

Here’s your chance to get a great remote job as a Clinical Auditor and you get to work from home! Let me ask you this: are you an RN or LPN? Have Case Management experience? Do you have coding or clinical certification ? If you can say yes to any of these questions, you fit. This is a full-time, 40 hours a week remote job where you’ll perform audits of medical records on the behalf of hospital clients.


You can get a job as a “Mod” and become a pro in digital engagement. Working from any location that has a private and secure high-speed internet connection, you will moderate forums, online chat with customers and monitor social media.  I want to mention that this is an independent contractor position but if that’s not your thing you can find other openings on their Careers page.


Known for having an extensive library of stock photos, Shutterstock always has a need for remote Image Reviewers. If you’re adept in vector editing and image resolution, this might be a perfect fit for you. They hire in several different states across the USA as well as Canada and parts of Europe.


This is a company that hires people to do transcription and you don’t even need experience. This is a work from anywhere, work anytime, training provided kind of job where you’ll have access to a constant flow of audio files that need transcribing. In a nutshell, you’ll be converting spoken English audio files in written documents.


One of the most sought-after work at home job is data entry. And Mturk has plenty of jobs. Actually, working on Mturk isn’t really a job, it’s more like a place to find short tasks that can be done in just a few minutes. But hey, if you want data entry, this is the place. Just know, though, that the money you make should only be considered as “extra cash”, not a job-job where you can comfortably pay the bills.


I’m throwing Xerox in this list because they have a “Virtual Office Program” section where they frequently list jobs like Customer Service, Data entry, Image Tagging, and Software Programming. Not only that, they have a “Heroes@Home” program that encourages veterans and military spouses to get a work at home job.


Grab One Of These Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs Now

If you’re debating on looking into any of these jobs, let me say this:  What have you got to loose ?  You’re here because you want a non-phone home job, right?

Be inspired by what you have read here and apply to whichever one interests you.  Having a list of companies who are currently hiring is just the beginning.




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