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Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs You Won’t Get Everywhere Else

You’ve seen all those lists out there.

The ones that show all the companies who have non-phone work at home jobs, spilling out the same old stuff.

You know, like:

  • Search Engine Evaluation with Leapforce and Lionbridge
  • Virtual Assistant tasks with Time etc. and Virtual
  • Transcription with Rev, Scribit and Casting Words
  • Online Writing with Scripted and Textbroker
  • Tutoring with Brainfuse and Smart Thinking


Yeah, the jobs are all tried and true. But chances are, everyone else has seen those lists and now the work is diminishing.

Or they just weren’t your thing.

And that’s why it’s time to try something different – a new approach to finding a non-phone, work at home job that will make all those lists obsolete.

So, starting with a list of companies you won’t get everywhere else, here are two successful strategies that will get you a remote job that won’t keep you on the phone all day.

Ready to dig in ?

non-phone work at home jobs

2 Strategies To Get A Home Job .  No Phones Required.


Strategy #1: A Fresh Look At  Non-Phone, Work At Home Jobs

This is your cure for finding a real non-phone job with a company that offers stability.

Taking a look at a fresh list opens more opportunities.

And because of that, you stand a better chance of finding something that suits you.

I browse these companies often, so I know they have jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone. And even if they don’t have openings right this second, they will again soon.


What jobs do they have?  PPC/Paid Traffic Specialist, Website Success Manager, Marketing Specialist and Website Production are some of the non-phon, remote jobs with this web service provider.  You can check out the full job descriptions here.

Greenback Tax Services

What jobs do they have?  While the majority of jobs with Greenback Tax Services are Tax Accountants, they do hire Digital Marketing Specialists from time-to-time.  This is the link to their open jobs:

Turnkey Vacation Rentals

What jobs do they have?  One of the jobs that I see quite often with Turnkey Vacation Rentals is an Email Marketing Research Associate where you contact homeowners via email. Other jobs I have seen are Marketing Associate and Client Services. Here are their open jobs.


What jobs do they have?  They have a “standing job listing” for a Chat/Email Customer Champion, which means – according to them – they are frequently in the need for this position. They also have plenty of development engineer openings for the more tech savvy.  Here are their open remote jobs:

Theme Motive

What jobs do they have?  This company develops WordPress themes and they frequently hire people to provide support to their customers through email, blog comments and online forums. They also hire Web Designers and WordPress Developers.  All their openings are located here.


What jobs do they have?  In their “work anywhere” structure, they have jobs in product development, finance, and social media.  Openings are always coming up, and they don’t require you to be on the phone all day, too. You can find their jobs here

Meet Edgar

What jobs do they have?  This 100% remote company has openings in Customer Service, User Outreach, Marketing,a nd Product Development.  And, if you don’t see a job you like, they encourage you to send in your resume anyway.  Check out their jobs here.


What jobs do they have?  They occasionally have remote Customer Care Representative jobs where you respond to emails about specific products or to recommend solutions to complex situations.  Ipsy also has a variety of Marketing and Engineering jobs that may be the perfect solution for your non-phone needs.  All their jobs are listed here.


What jobs do they have?  You may know of Shutterstock as a place to sell your photos, but did you know they always seem to have openings for remote Image Reviewers?  If you can look at an image and think up a few keywords that accurately describe the image, this is a fantastic work at home job that doesn’t require you to be on the phone AND it’s flexible.  Here are the jobs.

Crew (aka Unsplash)

What jobs do they have? This Canadian based company is well-known for it’s free high resolution images and they hire people who are located all over the world.  They have openings for Happiness Account Manager, Customer Service, Data Analysis…and new jobs are always added.  To see all their openings, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Iron Voice

What jobs do they have?  The role of Social Media Jockey lets you work from home without being on the phone all day keeping the company’s social media outlets fresh. Although this job will get snagged up fast, I do see it come up often. Iron Voice also has jobs that are in the technical and development areas.  Check out their jobs.


What jobs do they have?  Based in Ottowa, Ontaro Canada, the online store builder known as Shopify hires Customer Success Gurus to work out of their location in the USA, Canada, and even overseas.  In this job, you will answer customer questions via email, chat, and phone.  Don’t let that last part turn you off.  email and chat correspondence are becoming more and more prevalent.  Shopify jobs can be found here.


What jobs do they have?  How does a job in social media sound to you?  Upworthy frequently seeks Social Associates, Account Strategists, and Web Engineers.  AND…they have a ton of great benefits.  Check out their jobs here.


What jobs do they have?  Well, Marketing, Writer, Wed Designer, just to name a few.  This is a company that consists of remote employees and their jobs are located here.


What jobs do they have?  The jobs with Doist seem to be more on the technical side, such as User Experience Visual Designer and IOS Developers BUT they currently have a Support Specialist (bilingual) opening for someone who is able to communicate with customers via Zendesk, social media, blogs, and apps.  Here are their current remote job openings.

Cheat Sheet

What jobs do they have?  They always seek out freelance writers to join their team of remote workers.  You may be assigned to write on a variety of time-saving guides.  Other jobs include Marketing Strategists and SEO Specialists.  And the beauty of these jobs?  They’re non-phone.  Their employment opportunities are listed here


What jobs do they have?  Affiliate Partnership Manager, Content Marketing Manager and even JavaScript Engineers are hired at Leadpages.  Now, I do want to tell you that the jobs are not completely work-at-home.  The remote days are Mondays and Thursdays and the rest of the week they expect you to work in the St. Paul MN .  Sound interesting?  Their jobs are found here.

InVision App

What jobs do they have?  Not only are there non-phone customer support jobs, there are growth, sales, and design openings.  InVision never seems to have a job shortage, which can be found here.


What jobs do they have?  Automattic is well-known for letting their employees work remotely and they have plenty of jobs that you can choose from.  Some of the positions they hire include: Customer Marketing Wrangler, Happiness Engineer, Enterprise Growth Engineer, Marketing Designer, and Theme Wrangler.  All their jobs are listed here.


What jobs do they have?  Book Reviewer is the job I see most often but I also see Copywriter and Book Editor openings.   Here is the link to Kirkus’s careers page:


Strategy #2: Be The Boss Of You

I’m talking about freelancing.

But don’t let the word “freelance” scare you.

It just means you have to pay estimated taxes instead of “your boss” taking care of the payroll.

And if you’re afraid it’s too hard to get clients don’t worry, there are ways around that.

Upwork and Fiverr are two of the big-time online platforms that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Can I tell you a little story about the guy who installed my counters?

For many years he was a tile setter, putting up ads all over the place to get work. He did a few jobs, put up more ads, made some calls to clients, did a few jobs…you get the idea. Well, he got tired of spending so much time trying to get clients and dealing with people on the phone. So one day, when he was so burned out doing the same old crap, he snagged a long-standing gig with a local kitchen counter installation company. Now all his work is handed to him. All the marketing, customer calls and arrangements are done by the parent company.

That’s what it’s like with Upwork and Fiverr.  You get to pick the projects you want to work on without having to do the yucky stuff. And the best part: NO PHONE CALLS !

Why Consider Upwork ?

In July, 2016, Upwork released their first ever Quarterly Skills Index, which revealed the 20 fastest growing freelance skills.

  1. User experience design
  2. ASP development
  3. Shopify development
  4. English proofreading
  5. SEO writing
  6. Animation
  7. Virtual assistant
  8. Lead generation
  9. Data mining
  10. Video editing
  11. WordPress development
  12. AngularJS development
  13. Java development
  14. Accounting
  15. Android development
  16. iOS development
  17. Zendesk
  18. MongoDB
  19. Data visualization
  20. AutoCAD

Notice how the top 10 skills are content related ?

So if you can spot typos on the fly, write clear sentences, do a bit of web design, and manage everyday office tasks, this kind of freelancing is right up your alley.

A Bit About Getting Work On Upwork

Upwork is a simple platform to use but you have to be sure to set up a clear and honest profile.  People who look to hire freelancers are usually very specific in what they want done.  When searching for someone to do their work they scan hundreds of profiles before selecting the right freelancer.

If your profile is sparse and doesn’t spell out what your skills are, they’ll move on to the next guy.

Now, I realize you might not like to take tests.  But if you want to get more responses – and more jobs – you have to take their online tests.  Think of it as a ratings booster for your profile.

A few years ago, when I first started freelancing with Upwork, I struggled with my pricing.  I had no idea how much to charge for the website management service I provided.  Thanks to the Upwork Community I was able to figure out a competitive price that got me enough jobs to pay the bills…every month 🙂


What About Fiverr ?

Fiverr is a bit different than Upwork. You can make a lot of money, $5.00 at a time, selling almost any skill.

And believe me, when I say almost any skill I mean selling diet plans, doing 1 minute commercial spots dressed in a bear suit, even using social media to boost the appearance of a blog’s popularity.

But Fiverr isn’t all about crazy, kooky gigs.

People can make serious money writing resumes, creating logos, and market research. Browse through Fiverr’s home page, you’ll see the trending gigs range from voice over work, icon design, and even blog post creation.

And, to get further inspiration, these Fiverr success stories are well worth the read.

Some of the most popular gigs people have made a living doing are:

  • professional testimonial (via webcam)
  • online dating profile writer
  • poetry for all occasions
  • pencil illstrations
  • graphic designer
  • social media marketing

So, how do you become successful with Fiverr?  Make sure the amount of work you do doesn’t exceed the $5.00 payout.

Think like this: “Will my gig idea take an hour to do, making it a $5.00 an hour gig? Or can I do it in at least a half an hour, making it a $10.00 and hour gig?”

And don’t worry too much about getting help and ideas. Fiverr’s forum shares a lot of tips that’ll get you going


A Fresh List Just Might Do The Trick

I hope this post motivates you to get the non-phone work at home job you deserve.  Think differently, get a fresh look at different companies, and gain a new approach to looking for work.  Your chances are greatly increased.


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