18 Extra-Money Side Gigs To Try In 2018.  Some You May Not Have Heard Of

18 Extra-Money Side Gigs To Try In 2018. Some You May Not Have Heard Of

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Thank goodness for side gigs !  They are handy ways to make money when little emergencies pop up.

Like last week, when I had a dental appointment scheduled; not a very pleasant way to spend an hour, if you ask me. Turns out though, that appointment never came to be. Normally, I would be happy but the sad truth is I developed one of my infamous migraines the night before. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the appointment but honestly, I would rather have my teeth picked at than suffer a migraine.

So I had to cancel the appointment. But, in doing so last minute, that meant I might incur a charge. You know, when they give you one of those appointment reminder calls and at the end they say “…if you need to cancel this appointment, we do require 24 hours notice or you may be charged…”.

I don’t know yet if I will actually be charged for canceling last minute. Hopefully my long-time relationship will have some weight here.

But because there is the looming possibility, I need to scrounge up some extra money. So I started looking for online side gigs to make money.

This is what I discovered: 18 side gigs to make extra money for those little emergencies.  And I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of all of them.

Extra money side gigs to try in 2018


Design T-Shirts

If you have the artistic fortitude to come up with catchy slogans and snappy designs, put it on a t-shirt and make some money. CafePress, Zazzle, SellMyTees and Spreadshop will set you up with an online marketplace and do all the marketing for you.


Launch An Online Course

You know a lot about something, right ? I know you do. Even if you don’t have a formal teaching certification, your personal experience is a treasure trove of knowledge. Know all about using Powerpoint? WordPress is your thing? You’re a self-proclaimed expert at chocolate chip cookies?  You can make money sharing what you know with places like TakeLessons, Udemy, and Skillshare.

The nice thing about these places, you don’t have to do a ton of marketing. The platforms are designed to do that for you. Plus, they’re well-known in the world of online training courses.


Deliver While You Commute

The other day, I received a package from Amazon but it wasn’t delivered by FedEx, UPS or my mailman. It was delivered by a guy working for Amazon Flex, who happens to make $18.00 to $25.00 an hour delivering Amazon orders. Another non-traditional delivery service, Roadie, lets you earn $8.00 to $50.00 with local deliveries. Heck, you’re out running errands anyway, why not turn your commute into a delivery and make some money.

And while I’m at it, you can get paid to make food deliveries with Door Dash and GrubHub.


Write Poems

You’re a poet.  Did you know it ?  See what I did there ?  I wrote my first poem.  Maybe I could make money writing poems ?  Nah…not me.  But you can.  The Sun Magazine will pay you $100-200 for a poem,  Crazy Horse pays up to $20.00, Poetry Foundation will pay $10.00 per line of poetry.


Swap Gift Cards

While cleaning out the console of her car, my mother-in-law unearthed 14 gift cards ! 14 ! And most of them were still for their full face value. “Where the hell did they all came from ???” I asked, surprised at the opportunity I saw. “Oh, I don’t know. People gave them to me, I guess.” Lucky for her, I know of a few places where she can sell all those unused gift cards:


Take Advantage of Sign-Up Bonuses

As you probably know, I’m not a fan of online surveys or cash-back sites. But I will say this: a lot of these survey panels will give you a little bonus just for signing up.  Ebates , Swagbucks, and Be Frugal will give you a $10.00 sign-up bonus; InBox Dollars, and Fusion Cash hand out $5.00 bonuses.


Professional Grocery Shopper

Ahhh…Grocery shopping. A little chore we all have to do. For me, it’s a pain in my rump but I know for a lot of you it can be a way to pick up extra cash. Places like Shipt and Instacart will pay you to grocery shop for others. It looks like this type of side gig is more common in the bigger cities but my local Meijer grocery store – in a little Michigan town – has Shipt shoppers.


Live Event Ambassador

This is a new one on my side gig radar and an interesting one to boot. Victory Marketing Agency hires people, on the behalf of other companies, to work live events as event and promotional staff. From doing promotion, trade shows, and even go-go dancing, use the app and apply for gigs in your area.


Local Service Do’er

Back in the day, the kids in the neighborhood would mow lawns and shovel snow. I even hired my neighbor’s son to help me rake out my gardens. Best $20.00 I spent that year ! If you like a variety in your day and are up for helping others with miscellaneous tasks like cleaning, pulling weeds, moving, take a look at:


Edit Or Proofread Content

From books, essays and ads to websites and blogs, content is everywhere. And thanks to the internet, more content is being written every second of the day. If you have some editing or proofreading experience, Scribendi, Cactus Communications and American Journal Experts are worth looking into.


Spruce Up Resumes

Do you have a knack for crafting career-getting resumes? Are you the one friends and family gravitate to when they want a free resume critique ? Yes ? Well, why not get paid for this talent ? Talent, Inc. and Rise Smart are two well-known companies that will pay you to write resumes from home.


Professional Phone Answerer

Answering phone calls when a business owner is unavailable is a nice side gig that can be done at home. You don’t need a whole lot of skills, but you do have to be extremely organized and have great customer support skills. Vicky Virtual is the #1 place that comes to mind in this line of side gigs.


Interpreter / Translator

This one’s for all you bi-linguists out there. You can get a work at home translation job with one of these companies: LanguageLine Solutions, Rev, and ProZ.

Just be sure English is you main language.


Personal Technology Expert

I seem to be the go-to person whenever my father is frustrated with his computer. Why me ? Because I can work my way around the program that’s ticking him off. Doing tech support might net you more than a side gig income, which isn’t a bad thing. Places like Apple, support.com and telenetwork look for people to do technical support for a variety of clients.

Toptal is an interesting place to get technology side gigs; they are a freelance platform that matches talent to clients – no bidding on gigs like other freelance sites.


App Tester

I think there’s an app for everything. And more added every day. App developers tend to have a bias towards their creation, which is why they seek people to test their apps for them. ErliBird and Apperwall are two places where you can earn a nice little side income per app test you do.


Live Chat Agent

A perfect job for introverts, or just anyone who doesn’t want to have a phone job, making money as a live chat agent for The Chat Shop is a great way to earn an income. I say income because this is a 35-40 hours a week kind of job. Although the company is based in London, UK, they look for anyone who has a distraction-free work space.


Online Moderator

There are a lot of places online where people get to post their comments and opinions: forums, social media, blog comments. And with all this posting comes the need for companies to hire moderators to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Being a moderator with Modsquad and The Social Element are great companies that pay people do user-generated content moderation for social media profiles.


Internet Research Expert

The internet is a big world, with oodles of information. And fortunately for us, information overload causes people and companies to pay to have research done for them.  Wonder is one place where you can be paid as an internet researcher.  Another option is Just Answer, where you’re paid for your expertise without having to do any research.



Start Making Money With Side Gigs

How’s that for a list of side gigs ? Bet you discovered some you’ve never heard of before, right ? Go ahead and start earning money…even if it’s just enough to pay that unexpected bill.  And as always, let me know if you try any of these.


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