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About The Wary Worker

Kat Lewis
photo courtesy of Christian Hume

Hi, I’m Kat!

I am The Wary Worker – a caregiver trying to live the work from home lifestyle.

The Wary Worker was created for all the ‘work-from-home’ skeptics…those of you who think real remote jobs don’t exist.

They do.

I looked.  And I do the research to back-up my writing.

I cautiously scout out jobs that can be done from home – or anywhere, really.  But the job is just a part of this endeavor.  I want you to be successful and that means you need all the proper tools and tidbits to make that happen.

  • A variety of remote jobs
  • Managing life while trying to work
  • Making money no matter what is thrown at you
  • And hacks that make working life easier

And I do it all with my eyes wide open.

Working from home has always been a skeptical option.  And it’s no wonder.  With scams, sleazy jobs, and little money to be made.

And I’ll admit,  I am probably one of the biggest skeptics out there.  After all, I have been looking for legitimate work from home jobs for several years (at least since 2005 !) and I have seen it all.

Not only do I find real jobs that can be done from home, I find jobs that cover every category: non phone, part-time, full-time, the ones you can live off, and the ones that pay a few dollars when you need them.

But it goes deeper than that.

I know what it’s like to be just starting out.  Being new to working at home.  Being let go form a “regular” job, having little money in the bank, and trying to find something new.

I know what it’s like having to work but wanting to stay at home with the kids.

I know what it’s like to spend as little money as possible on life’s necessities: food, babysitter, clothes, even toilet paper.

I know what it’s like trying to deal with life as it happens.

Here’s My Story

Back in 2007 I lost my so-so job with a small, local home builder.

My husband was still working so we at least had some money coming in.  But his $38,000 annual salary was just enough to cover the mortgage and bills.  I wanted more.

So I tried a variety of little jobs and freelancing gigs. I tried many, failed at several, succeeded at some.  Always cautiously aware of what I was getting myself into and warily seeking jobs I could live off without having to leave the house.

One day I landed a sweet little job managing the website for my  township.  Fortunately, I could do it from home.  I was hooked.  I was convinced I would never go back to a “regular” commute job again.

Then, one day in 2008, life change drastically.  Husband got sick and could no longer work. Gone was his salary and all it afforded us.  So it was up to me to bring in the money.

But not only was I the breadwinner, I was also a caregiver.  Two things that are often hard to mesh.

And the stress mounted.

So I had to come up with real-life solutions to get through the hard times.

I started two websites: one about gardening and one about my favorite luxury – leather handbags.  I made money with affiliate marketing and all was good.

Hectic but good.

Fast Forward to Early 2016

I know there are plenty of skeptics out there.  People who strongly think it’s impossible to work from home, especially when also caring for someone.

But I know it can be done.

Legitimate online jobs are all around us.

Even if you’re a caretaker for a loved one.

Even it you’re one of the biggest work at home job skeptics.

I wanted to share what I learned – from personal experiences – with all the skeptics out there.

So TheWaryWorker was born.

A place to find real home jobs, in any capacity.

A place to find ways to save money as a “new” work-at-homer.

A place to figure out how to work in the home while life happens.

Now’s your turn to get a new job working from home. You deserve the chance to work on your schedule.

I’ll do the hard work for you.

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