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How to be a Chat Agent At HotelTonight. And Work From Home !

How to be a chat agent working from homeIf you’re a last-minute traveler you’ve probably heard of HotelTonight. It’s a company that is gaining momentum and is becoming one of the best hotel reservation apps. out there.

And if you’re looking for a work-at-home chat agent job, this just might be what the Dr. ordered.

Until recently, I’ve never heard of HotelTonight. But they’ve been around since 2010 and their booking app. was launched in 2011. It’s a simple premise: as a travel procrastinator you get on the app and look for last-minute deals at top-rated hotels.

Sounds like a simple way to get a deal, huh?

Turns out, it’s also a good place to get a decent work at home job.

Be A Live Chat Agent Working From Home

The basics for becoming a remote Chat Agent are the same, no matter where you work.  So, to give you a little run-down, this is that you need:

  • Fast typing fingers
  • A smile in your words
  • You’re cool as a cucumber
  • You don’t want anyone to languish on the line
  • Computer smarts is part of your DNA (kind of)
  • You really, really want flexibility


Here are the Specifics for HotelTonight:

HotelTonight has a nice assortment of remote jobs in the hospitality industry and as of today there are 4 Chat Agent openings (and if you’re not cut out to be a chat agent you can go for one of the 8 Phone Agent jobs). Not everyone is an immediate candidate, though. They have a few must-haves and if you don’t give them a resume and cover letter you won’t even be considered.

Although this full-time job comes loaded with benefits (which I will highlight later), you do have to live in one of these states:

  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

And, because you’ll be resolving real-time customer complaints in the best way possible, you should have these customer service guts:

  • At least one year customer service experience
  • You’re no stranger to hospitality, live chat, or concierge work
  • You’re friendly, vivacious, and all about helping people
  • iPhone and Android devices don’t scare you
  • You have a diplomatic phone manner and have awesome writing skills
  • You like to “own” an issue from start to finish


What’s in it for you?

You mean besides being able to work from home?

Well, how does the option to work a wide variety of shifts and hours sound? And you may even get the chance to make more money by working holidays and weekends.  Yep, you get to let Hotel Tonight know which shifts/hours you are NOT ABLE to work and when you ARE ABLE to start.

They also offer no-cost health, vision and dental plans for each employee, 401(k) plans – something few companies offer these days AND they are generous with time off. Like 6 sick days and 10 vacation days each year.

The pay for a chat agent job with Hotel Tonight is not obviously stated within the description but the company scoop website lists their Customer Service Rep. positions as paying around $18.00 and hour.


Here’s How To Apply

The application process is pretty simple – you just go to their careers page, click the job that interests you, then click the big blue “apply for this job” link and start filling in the blanks. Like I mentioned earlier, you need to attach your resume so be sure it is up to snuff (here’s how you can beef up your resume).

job application to be a remote Chat Agent with Hotel Tonight

There are 8 questions that you have to fill in, four of which reveal who you really are and what you expect from the job. This is where you get to sell yourself and prove you are the right person.

Here are my tips to help you get a bit closer to snapping-up this job:

Application question #1: “What are your hourly wage expectations? Please provide a number or a range.”

My advice: Chat agent jobs typically pay between $10.00 and $18.00 an hour. If you have at least one year experience it’s not too out of line to expect to get at least $12.00 an hour. Have more experience? Then $15.00-$18.00 an hour is within reach if you can show you’ll be good for the company.


Application question #2: “What is your favorite part of the HotelTonight app? What was surprising to you?”

My advice: Download and get to know the app before you start the application. Simple as that.


Application question #3: “Do you have at least 6 months experience working in hotel, live chat or concierge services? What was your biggest accomplishment? What is the most challenging part of the role?”

My advice: Be honest about your past experience. They will find out.

If you’ve never worked in the hotel industry before, or don’t have any chat service experience, don’t worry. You can still answer this question, just put a different spin on it.

Start out by thinking like this:

  • Do you have any customer service experience (even a cashier at Mugg and Bopps qualifies)?
  • You’ve been a guest at a hotel before, right? Was the front desk clerk helpful? Think of how you could have made your experience more pleasant if you worked the front desk.
  • Think of times when you opened a chat session to resolve an issue you’ve had. How did that go? What would you have done to improve that exchange?

If I was to answer this question – with NO experience under my belt – I would answer it like this:

Having worked 3 years as a Customer Service Associate at Meijer, I communicated with over 300 people on any given day.  Not only did I assist my customers with product issues, exchanges and returns, I gave them specific instructions on how to complete certain tasks (such as using the proprietary online product rewards program).  My biggest accomplishment was being part of the team that tested new equipment and documenting any issues that came up.


Application question #4: “You are chatting with multiple customers at once. You are currently working on a high priority issue and another guest messages you asking somewhat impatiently what is taking so long. How do you respond? “

My advice: Your main responsibility is the quick, courteous, and accurate resolution of your customer’s concerns. When I participated in chat sessions I appreciated the chat agent letting me know they were “still looking into my concern…just need a few minutes”. Even if they had to tell me that a few times. It made me feel like they were actually doing something.


Be The Best You can be

HotelTonight says they look forward to “hearing about your passion to provide best-in-class support”. So, if being a work at home chat agent with HotelTonight is what you’re looking for, apply here.  Just know that you are not alone so you have to be the best out there.  Hopefully, the information I outlined above will get you this job.

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