How To Make More Money Doing Online Transcription

How To Make More Money Doing Online Transcription

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Howdy, all you transcribers – and wanna-be-transcribers – looking to make more money from home. Today, I want to talk about the best way to get a high-paying transcription job.

So, cutting right to it, what do you need to make more money doing online transcription ?

Training.  Really good training.

Oh sure, you can…

…find some online typing tests and practice, practice, practice until you can type no faster.

…read tips on how to amp up your listening ears and learn some vital keystrokes.

…even get suggestions on the “best” software, headset, and foot pedal.

But you’ll still be in entry-level status because transcription work is more than those few things. It’s using the right tools, knowing the little formatting idiosyncrasies, understanding transcription styles, dealing with clients and employers, being aware of your transcription weaknesses, and staying focused during those long files…just to touch on a few areas 🙂

But the thing is, I’m in no position to offer any training; I’ve only recently “graduated” to a more sustainable transcription career. I’d like to leave the real training for the pros.

So Where Is This Training ?

I don’t like to litter The Wary Worker with ads and promotions, but when an awesome opportunity is out there, I just HAVE to share it. After all, we’re all about making MORE money while working from home, right ?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Transcribe Anywhere is the brilliant online course for new transcribers that goes into great detail on moving up from beginner to pro.

Now, this is pretty awesome because I know first hand that Transcribe Anywhere is a really good online course. And really good courses to learn general transcription are few and far between.  I’ve looked. 

To give you a better idea, it’s a series of transcription courses that cover everything you need to know to make more money as a transcriptionist. And I’m not talking the piddly-paying beginner transcription jobs that I have realistically outlined before. I’m talking about a real career making real money…thousands a month …on your schedule.

To be honest, I cannot stand spending money on online courses. But I always want to learn new “jobs”, so I end up going to Udemy for easy-to-comprehend courses THAT ARE CHEAP.  But that’s the problem – because they’re cheap, they don’t share all the goods (but this one is pretty good as far as a cheapie one goes).

Janet Shaughnessy, the creator of Transcribe Anywhere, is a pro at transcription. She’s been doing it from home since 2007 and she knows all the little in’s and out’s. Which she’s willing to share in her courses.

Transcribe Anywhere: make more money doing online transcription

Now, I will say this: the courses are pretty thorough.

I learned the essentials, like:

  • I need a computer, which should be obvious. Desktop or laptop but no tablets. Personally, I like using a laptop for doing transcription because, well, you want to be able to transcribe anywhere, right?  I also learned that I need decent internet speeds.
  • Headphones and foot pedal and where to get the best deals. There are a ton of options out there but Janet turned me in the right direction for getting the best ones within my budget.
  • Transcription software. I had no idea that there were a lot of options here, too, but the one that is most preferred – and used by Janet in her training materials – is Express Scribe. There is a free version but the real pros use the Pro version that also includes a foot pedal and/or headphones. But if I didn’t want to spend the money, Janet went over some more free software options.

Then there are the training modules, which cover things like:

  • Shortcuts and simplified key strokes. Wow ! Talk about speeding up my typing !
  • Proper punctuation
  • Transcription style.  Yes, there really is a “style”

Plus, there are a TON of practice files (because practice really does make perfect).

And there is after-the-class care, too like:

  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Lifetime access to future updates, which means whenever Janet updates, or changes, some of the learning material, I don’t have to pay for it. A big win, if you ask me.
  • Lifetime access to the student support Facebook group which is awesome because people share their little mistakes so you can learn from them

The one thing that always stumps me whenever I take an online course is how to transfer what I learned into making money.

Transcribe Anywhere covers that.

Thank goodness !

I learned how to find transcription work as an employee. Which is pretty cool because if I really want to make more money doing online transcription, there are a lot of companies that pay MUCH more than these.

But because I wanted to go the Independent Contractor route, I devoured the transcription templates, sample client contracts, and lessons to calculate and establish rates. And the biggie: where to find clients.

My little side note: don’t be afraid to be an Independent Contractor. You’ll be surprised to learn who needs transcribers.

Like bloggers who do a lot of interviews and podcasts.

The guy at Pro does a lot of interviews on his blog, which all include a transcribed file for his fans who would rather read the interview, Check out one of his transcribed interviews here.

And Pat at Smart Passive Income. Same thing; he has his podcasts transcribed and included in his blog.

They’re not the only ones, either.

The Transcribe Anywhere course helped me get jobs transcribing stuff for a few lifestyle blogs.

Make More Money Doing Online Transcription


So, Is Transcription A Good Work From Home Job ?

Oh yes, I definitely think so. As long as you don’t settle for one of the entry-level transcription jobs and you realize that you cannot do transcription when your family needs you. This is the kind of job that requires concentration and a steady block of time.  For me, I can only work when the kids are in school. My friend Sammi can only work when baby Jo is napping. We both do it part-time and still bring in an average of $1,200.00 a month.

So yes, the flexibility of doing online transcription is definitely worth it.


Is The Course Worth It ?

Yes, I really think so. It’s on sale right now, Black Friday through Cyber Monday, at $150.00 off the regular price as long as you use the coupon code BESTSALE at checkout.  A pretty good deal for what all you get.  Otherwise, it’s expensive when not on sale; $597.00 expensive.  So if you can swing it, then go for it.

I decided to do transcription as an Independent Contractor and I found my first client within two weeks of finishing the course. Right now, I make about $1,200 each month. That’s doing it part-time and really helps with the family finances. I suppose if I was able to go full-time it would be really lucrative !

You can check some of what the course offers here.


Are You Ready To Get Into Transcription ?

What do you think, is this a career you’re ready to get into ? Hesitant to get started ? Well then, head on over to Transcribe Anywhere and check out the free (as in zero cost or commitment) intro courses – one for general transcription and one for legal transcription. Feel free to comment below on your decision – or indecision – of going forward as a well-learned transcriber.


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