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How To Work For Amazon From Home: 3 Ways To Do It

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How To Work For Amazon From Home

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In this post I’m going to show you three VERY effective ways to work for Amazon from home.

In fact, all of these online jobs with Amazon can turn into a lucrative remote career; one of them offering employment status and the other two giving you the ability to  work “whenever and wherever”.

In addition to telling you the three ways to work from home for Amazon, I’ll tell you:

  • How to get started 


  • How much you can make

So, if you’re ready to start a home-based job with a huge company, you’ll like this post.

Let’s dive right in.


How To Work For Amazon From Home


#1 Snag One Of Amazon’s Online Jobs: A.K.A. Virtual Locations

Amazon has a huge selection of work from home job openings throughout the world, however, most of them are for residents of the USA. Known as “Virtual Locations”, there are currently over 400 remote jobs available today.

Not only are there a ton of remote jobs, there’s a pretty big variety of them. 

And the pay ?  Your salary depends on the job so here are a few examples:

Amazon’s home-based Customer Service jobs encompass several service areas, including call center, account resolution, and customer care.  The salaries vary and, according to, they look like this:

Amazon Customer Service Jobs

And their current opening for a Software Development Engineer could pay $131,000.00 (even though they don’t specify the salary in the job description).

Remote Software Engineer Amazon

I should mention this:

The hiring process is the same as any other opportunity but depending on the position, you may be required to live in a certain location to be eligible for the job. For example, Amazon recently went through a Customer Service hiring blitz with the expectation of applicants living in one of 18 specific states.

But don’t let that deter you from getting a remote job with Amazon because they have plenty to choose from.

To check out their virtual jobs, first go to their Virtual Locations job page.

work for Amazon from home: get one of their virtual jobs

Then, scroll down a bit to see how you can filter down the jobs: by type, category, countries, even city.

Online Jobs With Amazon


Let’s go ahead and set some filters.

Scroll down to the CITIES section and select USA.


Amazon Work From Home Jobs


Then scroll down further to the last CATEGORY section and select Work From Home.


How To Get A Remote Job At Amazon


Now you have a selection of virtual jobs with Amazon.

If you want to narrow down the jobs even further, for instance by job type, you can do this in the JOB CATEGORY section.

Different Remote Jobs At Amazon


When filtered to your liking, browse the jobs to see which one(s) suit you.

What’s next ?

  • Read the job description
  • Make sure your skills and qualifications match
  • Apply for the job

Now let’s move on to the second way you can work for Amazon from home.


#2 Be One Of Their Package Deliverers

Have you heard of Amazon Flex ?

If not, it’s Amazon’s delivery service that let’s you earn $18.00 to $25.00 an hour delivering packages and food to their customers.

You get started by using the Amazon Flex app and clicking the big yellow GET STARTED button.

Deliver Job With Amazon Flex

Now, to be brutally honest, Amazon Flex is only available in a few cities. Right now, you have to be located in Cleveland, Ohio; or Novato and Santa Rosa, California. This sucks because I think there is great potential here for remote workers to make decent money. However, you can join the wait list to see if a city near you becomes available, which I have seen happen often.

Amazon Delivery Job

After you select your “preferred region”, you wait around for a day or two while Amazon checks out your background.  If all’s good, you’re approved to be a Driver.

Then, you set your shift (aka “block”). In other words, you let Amazon know when you’re able and willing to make deliveries.  Essentially, you’ll pick up items from the local warehouse and deliver them to the addresses in your area within your “block”.  According to, your earnings depends on how many “blocks” you sign up for.

Now, on to the third Amazon online job option.


#3 Be An Amazon Seller

This, in my opinion, has the most potential to be extremely profitable for anyone seeking a remote job with Amazon. 

As long as you have something people want and you price it right and the ability to get your hands on that ‘thing’.

But before we get into that, let’s briefly go over the difference between just selling stuff on Amazon and becoming an Amazon FBA seller (FBA meaning Fulfillment By Amazon):

What is ‘Selling on Amazon’ ?

An Amazon seller account works similar to ebay.  You list your stuff, make a sale, ship the item to your customer, get paid. Done.  But there are three major downsides to selling this way:

  1. You have to house your inventory yourself
  2. You won’t have the advantage of being featured on the front page of Amazon’s listings  
  3. Your items won’t be Prime available. 

What is Amazon FBA ?

The FBA program (Fulfilment By Amazon) has some major perks the “regular” Amazon selling program doesn’t have, like these:

  • You ship your inventory to Amazon, not to your customers
  • Amazon takes care of shipping your orders
  • You have access to Prime shoppers

Here’s what I mean:

Do a search for something on Amazon. As an example, I searched for women’s surf shoes.

Make Money WIth Amazon


Now, take a look under the Add To Cart / Buy Now buttons located on the right.

See how it says Sold By (merchant’s name) and Fulfilled By Amazon ?

That means Amazon is taking care of sending out your order for you. Pretty cool, huh ?

So which selling option do I recommend?

Amazon FBA.

Here’s how to get started as an Amazon FBA seller:

You need a product.

This is where Retail Arbitrage comes in.  Basically, it’s finding things that are deeply discounted – in stores like Target and Walgreen – and selling them on Amazon at a higher price.  The bonus: you make a nice profit.

But what if you’re not sure what are the best things to to sell are.

So here’s what I suggest:

First, Take this free 7-day “selling on Amazon” email course.  It’s an awesome, well written primer that goes into A LOT OF DETAIL for a freebie.  If fact, I was actually surprised at how much they share…for free !  They share tips on where to get items, how to prep the items and .how to send them to Amazon

Besides sharing some good info, it’ll help you decide if selling on Amazon is right for you and teaches you how to do it successfully.  I promise, it’s worth your time.

Then, take a look at this video. it’ll give you some ideas on how to find good products worthy of selling. And by that, I mean something that’ll make you money.

Next, now that you have something to sell, you can move on to these 4 steps:

Step #1

Go to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon site and read through the How It Works section

Sell On Amazon

Step #2

Click the big yellow GET STARTED button and register as a seller. TIP: signing into your Amazon account is not the same as being a registered seller. You actually have to set yourself up as a seller. But don’t worry, Amazon lets you do this when you click the GET STARTED button.

Step #3

Prepare your items to be sent to Amazon’s warehouse and create your product listings.  This step actually has a bunch of smaller steps, like these:

  1. Make sure your items are clean, unused, don’t have price tags on them, and are packaged properly.
  2. List your items on Amazon.
  3. Create a shipping plan; Amazon walks you through this.
  4. Purchase shipping labels – at deeply discounted rates, by the way.
  5. Ship your stuff to Amazon.

Step #4

Start making money.  Well, this may take a few days because Amazon has to receive your items and then they have to be added to the inventory.

But once your items are checked in, your listings are live. And that means money can be made.

When an order is received, Amazon ships it out and takes care of the customer service. All you have to do, besides supplying the products, is be OK with Amazon’s fees.

Speaking of fees, according to Jungle Scout (an amazon product finder and research tool):

Amazon takes a 15% referral fee on all sales for most categories.

If you use Amazon’s FBA service, they take out fees to cover the 
shipping and handling costs for your products. However, these tend 
 to be less than what it would cost to ship it yourself.

Some categories, like books and DVDs, have an additional flat fee.

If you sell on an individual seller plan (no subscription fee), Amazon
 charges an additional $1.00 flat fee. Hence why we recommend going
 professional if you’re going to sell 40 or more products per month.

Keeping your inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers too long can result in long term storage fees.


Now, I know this is all a bit intimidating.  So I hope you did the FREE 7-day email course I mentioned above.  Then, when you’re convinced this is right for you, go ahead and take the online Amazon Bootcamp course.  It’s so awesome. 

How much can you make selling on Amazon ?

OK, now that you have some awesome information on how to sell on Amazon, how much can you make ?

It depends. 

You can make nothing, or thousands a month, depending on your product.  But here are some success stories:

Zach tells us he has made over $23,000.00 in 5 months

And ‘Garlic Press Seller’ claims a 2018 Q4 profit of $10,000.00

Pretty cool !

Is Amazon FBA worth your time ?

We went over the basics of Amazon FBA, covered some ideas on getting items, even talked about how much you can make. 

But is Amazon FBA worth it ? 

To be honest, it’s not for everyone.  In fact, there are so many little things that you won’t discover until you get started.  So here are a few tips I gleaned from Kim Rowley’s article on the honest truth about starting an Amazon FBA business.

  • Once you get the inventory, you have to prep the packages.
  • Your inventory will take up a lot of space.
  • Amazon’s fees can exceed your inventory costs and lower any potential profit.
  • You still have to find boxes and pay to ship your inventory to Amazon.

So, to answer the question of Amazon being worth it…

…I’d give it a yes. 

As long as you have the deal-hunting personality. 

And you’re willing to spend some time learning the FBA structure. 

You don’t have to invest money in an online course – there’s a lot of free info. out there – but it can get a little overwhelming so I’m going to mention a well-done course:  The Selling Family are pro’s on Amazon FBA and they tell their secrets on where to source items and how to determine your prices. 

Are You Ready To Start An Amazon Online Job ?

There you have it:

A few options to work from home for Amazon.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Do any of these jobs interest you ?

Have I missed anything ?

Either way, let me know by leaving a message below.

Work For Amazon From Home






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