20 Seldom Mentioned Companies With Remote Jobs (updated for 2019)

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Companies With Remote Jobs
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Today’s post is a special one that I hope you refer to time and time again.

In it, I’ll list 20 seldom talked about companies that hire people to work remotely.  And by remote, I mean you can work anywhere. Being location-independent is now easier than ever.

Except the sewer.  Probably no internet connection in the sewer.

And this is important:

These companies are not the ‘same-old-same-old’ ones that get circulated on every other blog that spews information on companies that let you work from home.

In fact: I consider these to be some of the best remote companies to work for because not only are they currently hiring, they are often looking for home workers.

That’s right, jobs with great companies that fully support the remote culture are out there !

Let’s get to ’em

20 Companies That Let You Work Remotely

(some you may not have heard of)

Be location0independent

#1  10-Up

According to them:

We make a better web with finely crafted websites and tools for content creators…With teamwork as our foundation, we inspire and challenge each other over Slack, video calls, and even good old-fashioned phone calls…Gender, ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity affords us an uncommonly broad perspective and a creative edge.

Even though is is more of a high-tech company with a lot of web development and engineering positions, they do have jobs in the areas of Marketing, Audience Growth, and Revenue Strategy, like I show here:

Remote jobs at 10up
courtesy of 10up’s careers page

#2  Aha!

A company that helps Product Managers build visual roadmaps, Aha! wants you to be really happy so you can pass that on to your customers – it’s the core of their business

This is what their website states:

…we know that hard work should be rewarded. That is why we offer meaningful benefits to the team: generous salary, equity, benefits, and profit sharing. Yep, we are profitable.
And keep in mind that you can work from anywhere in the U.S. and a few international locations too.

Their list of work-from-anywhere careers include Customer Service, Marketing, and Engineering.

#3  Animalz

This is a leading “work from anywhere” content marketing agency strives to create the best content on the web. And this is where your writing skills come in, as a Content Manager or Creator. This company doesn’t always have job openings, but when they do they can be done remotely, just like their website tells us:

Work from anywhere you like, as long as you have regular overlap with Eastern Time business hours and can schedule overlap with Pacific Time business hours when needed for customer calls.

#4  Automattic

If you know WordPress then Automattic is the company for you. This 100% remote web development company has been around since 2005 and is probably one of the original companies that let people work from home. They have a huge variety of open positions in Customer Service, Human Resources, Business and Marketing, and of course Engineering.

This is what their careers page says:

Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the world in more than 50 countries…

#5  Aetna

You’ve probably heard of Aetna but did you know they have a lot of work from home jobs ?  Yep, they hire Client Services Managers, Tele-Medecine Assistants, Remote Case Managers, Remote Registered Nurses. So many jobs to choose from, right ?

To find the perfect job for you, type the words WORK FROM HOME or REMOTE or VIRTUAL in the search field and voila !

Aetna work from home jobs
courtesy of Aetna’s jobs page

#6  Clerky

This is a remote first company, meaning “We work with the best, wherever they’re located. Some of us are co-located, but we believe that optimizing for distributed work results in a stronger team. “ At least that’s what their website tells us.

What does this company do? They build software to help startups get legal paperwork done easily and correctly. And that is where you come in, snagging one of their remote jobs.

#7  Clevertech

From their website:

Remote native. We have been doing it for over a decade, and know how to make it work. For real…Work from where you want, whenever you want. Make standup daily, and have your work schedule approved, and you are good to go!

How can you top that? By checking their cool jobs, that’s how.

#8  CROMetrics

Looking for a remote job that helps companies understand their customers better? How about getting one with CROMetrics as a Growth Manager or A/B Tester?

This is what they say:

We’re a remote company. We are spread out all over the country and enjoy the flexibility remote working affords.

#9  Doist

From their website:

We’re a remote-first team that collaborates across 18 time zones and over 20 different countries. We build tools for the future we want to work in.

Their remote jobs include Support Specialist, Translator, Android Developer, Marketer, just to name a few of the recent openings.

Annnddd…They have great benefits !

Benefits at Doist
Courtesy of Doist

#10  Groove

This is one of my favorite remote-job companies because they ALWAYS have open positions.  A help desk software development company, Groove is a 100% distributed company. That’s right,they don’t have a physical office so all their employees work from wherever they are most comfortable.

The jobs with Groove are in the Design and Engineering areas but some non-technical openings do pop up once in a while.

#11  Help Scout

A “remote first” company, Help Scout tells us they go to great lengths to set you up for success. Customer Champion, Growth Analyst, and Account Executive are just some of the remote jobs you’ll find here.

#12  Hubstaff

This is what the Hubstaff jobs page tells us:

Why work at Hubstaff? Two words: no cubicles. As part of the international Hubstaff team, you work when and where you’re most productive. Home office, co-working space, beach, train, plane, you name it…

Right now, they have openings in Customer Support, Product Development, and User Experience.

remote job openings at Hubstaff
Courtesy of Hubstaff’s jobs page

#13  Knack

From their site:

We’ve been 100% remote from the beginning. Every decision we’ve made has been around how to best grow a team, do amazing work, and build a lasting culture in a 100% remote environment.

What kind of jobs do they have? Marketing, Customer Success, Engineering just to name a few.

#14  Modern Tribe

This is what their website tells us:

Modern Tribe is a unique hybrid of independent contractors and traditional employees, with the added distinction of being 100% remote.

And what kind of jobs do they have? Bookkeeping Assistant, Virtual Administrative Assistant, Content Marketing Strategist, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Digital Strategist..,phew…so many remote jobs.

#15  ReCharge

ReCharge helps online store owners solve their technical challenges of recurring billings. Some of the jobs they fill are in customer service, development and growth.

This is what their website states:

Our culture is remote-first and we stay connected every day using Slack and video chat.

#16  Sticker Mule

They say they are the best place to work remotely, but you should know that some of their jobs expect you to live in the general area of the office the job is out of. They do have a nice selection of jobs, though, like email customer service, production staff and full-stack software engineer.

#17  Student Loan Hero, aka Lending Tree

This is a company that has a selection of the best remote jobs !  Helping student loan borrowers master their financial life (their words), they are fully remote and offer a nice selection of benefits to go with your job. Some of the remote jobs at Student Loan Hero include Content Strategist, Customer Experience Associate, Product Development, and Research Editor.

Work at the company that thrives on the entrepreneur spirit, work life balance, collaborative environments, fantastic team offsites and product innovation…all with the kindest, most brilliant people on the planet.

Lending Tree Remote Jobs
courtesy of Lending Tree’s career page

#18  Toggl

This is a company that develops time-tracking software and they frequently have remote job openings.
According to Toggl, great people make awesome stuff wherever they are. If you’re savvy in developing desktop applications or want to work as part of the backend team, take a look at Toggl.

#19  Trello

Headquartered in NYC and spread throughout the world, Trello has embraced the remote environment. If you have the chops in development, you may want to take a look at some of their iOS Developer, Program Manager, and Mobile Product Manager openings.

#20  UnitedHealth Group

Another biggie in the health insurance industry, UnitedHealth Group always seems to have some jobs that let you work from home. Enter the word REMOTE or VIRTUAL in the “job title/keyword/or number field” and you will get a slew of jobs like Sr. Applications Engineer, Oncology Case Manager, Practice Performance Manager, and Telephonic Nurse.

Remote Job Companies: Ready For A Location-Independent Job?

As you can see, there are plenty of companies that hire remote workers, making it easy to become location independent. And you don’t have to work only from home, you can travel around the world and still pull in a great income.

Do any of these companies interest you ?

If so, and if you’ve applied for a job, please leave a comment below and let me know.

20 companies that let you work remotely

Thank you for sharing !

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