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18 Work-From-Home Office Gadgets to Make Work Less Sucky

We all know the benefits and advantages of working from home, but let’s be honest here.

Sometimes it can suck.

At the “office”, we seem to stretch our legs more. We get free range of the company’s goodies. We even tend to get a few company-offered perks like a sweet office chair and a door we can close.

Working from home, on the other hand, we often have to deal with what we have, like creating a DIY home-office desk.

So, to help you create the perfect work environment, here are some pretty cool home office gadgets that will make working a little easier, and a lot less sucky.

Room Divider


When you need your own work space, but don’t have a dedicated office, this room divider solves that problem. Use it anywhere you need to define your “office”…and it looks nice, too !

ComfiLife Foot Rest


Align your back and ease your feet with this adjustable foot rest. Covered with a plush fabric, this memory foam foot rest conforms to your feet. Plus, you can flip it over and use it like a foot rocker.

Posture Corrector


You’re hunched over your computer, reading this right now, aren’t you ? You don’t have to sit there with that uncomfortable, but often unnoticed hunch. Strap on this posture corrector and you’ll be sitting tall and feeling better.

Dual-Sided Desk Pad


Color coordinate your desk with this dual-sided desk pad & protector. With many colors to choose from and 3 different sizes, this pad is waterproof, easy to clean, and reversible.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


One of my personal favorite home office gadgets, this full-size keyboard and mouse will let you work just about anywhere you have a screen. The long battery life and distance capability make this combo a great addition to any home office set-up.

Adjustable Cell Phone Holder


Instead of fumbling with your cell phone, attach it to your laptop. This adjustable cell phone holder magnetically attaches to your laptop and holds your phone – no more pinching your fingers. Plus, it adjusts and expands to fit your needs.

USB Mouse Jiggler


Even when working from home you might have someone watching your every move, making sure you’re working. This USB Mouse Jiggler simulates mouse movement, making it appear you’re working even when you step away from your computer. Genius !

Foot Warmer


Keep you feet nice and toasty with this foot warmer. It’s made of a soft, cozy flannel that has an auto shut-off so you don’t have to worry about overheating. Plus, it can be thrown in the washing machine.

Eye Strain Reducing Glasses


Extended periods of time staring at your computer puts a lot of strain on your eyes, which is why strain-reducing glasses is a work from home essential. Keep those peepers from aching with these blue light blocking computer glasses, featuring a slight amber tint. They’re cute, too.

Wood Desk Organizer


De-clutter your desk with this stylishly made wood desk organizer. It comes with several compartments to hold a variety of items, keeping everything you need right at your fingertips.

Temperature Control Smart Mug


Nothing worse than a cold cup of coffee, am I right ? Ember’s Temperature Control Smart Mug will keep your coffee – or coco – the perfect temperature through the last drop.

Wireless Charging Pad


Simplicity is what it’s all about with this wireless charging pad. Keep your phone, smart watch, wireless earbuds, and any other electronics charged up quickly and easily.

Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist Air Humidifier


With the Winter months comes dry indoor air, making you feel stuffed-up and dried-out. Feel better with this Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Air Humidifier. It runs up to 20 hours, humidifying the air as you breathe it.

Noise Canceling Headhones


Some jobs may require you to have noise canceling headphones, some jobs are just better with them. Whatever job you have, these headphones are nicely padded to ensure comfort while blocking out ambient noise.

Laptop Stand


Align your head, neck, and back by using this laptop stand. Compatible with most 10-18″ laptops, this stand is adjustable, sturdy, and portable.

Rapid Egg Cooker


When you need a quick protein-packed breakfast, this Rapid Egg Cooker is for you. In just a few minutes you can cook up to 6 eggs to your liking. With an auto shut-off, all you have to do is put the egg in, add a little water, set the timer and listen for the musical ‘ready’ chime.

Purple Gel Seat Cushion


This large-sized cushion lets you sit for long periods of time before you start to ache in the nether regions. Reducing strain on your fanny and hips, the Purple Gel Seat Cushion is non-slip and 1.45″ thick, and nice and wide to cover your entire back side.

Air Cleaning Plant


Clean air makes for better concentration. And what better way to freshen your environment than with a NASA recommended air cleaning plant ? It looks good, requires little care.

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