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10 Cute DIY Memo Boards To Spruce Up Your Home Office

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The other day, I spent hours looking at the abundance of ideas for DIY memo boards and I came to two definitive conclusions:
  1. I think every home office and work space deserves a cute one hanging on the wall, and
  2. I now love memo boards.

This new love came out of frustration when I could not find a stupid piece of paper where I scratched down my favorite cornbread recipe. I was really craving cornbread.  Not just any cornbread, because I typically don’t like cornbread, but this cornbread is YUMMY.

So there I was, rifling through my little desk like a frantic fool.

As I flipped and flopped through all those pieces of paper, two things came to mind:

Where is that recipe ???
-and –
I really should do something about this mess !!!

A few minutes later, those thoughts were followed with:

Found it !!!
-and –
Yep…gotta straighten up this mess.

I usually stash all those little bits of paper, pictures, and notes in my desk drawers, but you know how dangerous that is, right ?

Out of sight = out of mind and things get forgotten.

Which is why I now have a love affair with memo boards. Stylish, cute, easy, DIY memo boards that can be made to match any office décor on the cheap. And in some cases, free.

So today, I’m showing you 10 of what I think are the easiest, yet stylish, DIY memo boards that will instantly spruce up your work space.

Here they are…


10 DIY Memo Boards: Easy, Cute, Stylish


Picture Frame Cork Memo Board

Picture Frame Memo Board

This Picture Frame Cork Memo Board is so easy to make, all you need is an old picture frame and a cork board. Just pop the picture out of the frame, paint the frame to compliment your office, cut the cork board down to size and glue it in place.

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Clothespin Memo Rack

Clothes Pin Memo Rack

If wall space is at a minimum, this clothespin memo rack is the perfect solution. The instructions calls for a 24” x 2” piece of lattice but I would use any size block of wood I had hanging around. Glue clothespins to a block of wood, spray paint the block/clothespins, mount to wall. Voila !

Found at


Minimalist Memo Board

Minimalist Memo BoardThis is a cool DIY memo board idea that can be used either vertically or horizontally. If you have a flat board of any size, nails, and some sort of twine or string, this minimalist memo board will go together quickly and look great.

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Chicken Wire Memo Board

chicken wire memo board

Never in a million years would I think of making a chicken wire memo board.  How cute is this ?  Who knew chicken wire and an old picture frame could be turned into something so useful ?

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Chicken Wire Memo Board With Back Board

Chicken Wire Memo Board With Board Back

Dress up the chicken wire memo board by adding a back board. Paint the back board any color to blend in, or stand out, with your office walls. Such a cute idea.

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Simple Garden Wire Memo Board

Simple Garden Wire Memo Board

What I like best about this simple garden wire memo board – besides the simplicity – is the fact I can make it any size I need it to be. And what’s even better, I probably have a leftover piece of garden wire in my garage.

Found at


Garden Memo Board With File Holder

Garden wire memo borad with file holder
Taking the simple garden wire memo board up a notch, you can create a “pocket” by bending up the bottom of the garden wire.

Found at


Stylish Cardboard and Fabric Memo Board

Now this is a super easy and super cheap way to make a stylish memo board. All you need is a piece of cardboard, a piece of fabric, tape, and a stapler. I can whip this out in a few minutes using an cut-down cardboard box and a section of a curtain I no longer use.


Fabric Covered Magnetic Memo Board

For a sleek, modern look to your home office, a fabric covered galvanized metal memo board is an easy DIY way to sort your notes. Don’t you just love the look of these en-masse ?

Found at


Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Don’t throw out your old cookie sheets because they can be made into cure memo boards. Watch this video to see how easy it is to do. Note: all my cookie sheets are aluminum, which are not magnetic., so I can’t use them. Darn. BUT…I found some steel cookie sheets at Dollar General so now I can make a cute magnetic board.


doy memo boards



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