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Virtual Assistant Training (Best Courses Ranked & Reviewed for 2022)

In this guide, I rank the best Virtual Assistant courses based on learning material, skills training, job leads, ongoing support and more. If you’re stuck on which Virtual Assistant training program is best for you, this post will help you figure that out.

Being a Virtual Assistant continues to be one of the most popular ways to work from home as more companies realize the value in hiring VAs.

Flexibility, variety, and pay are the leading reasons to become a Virtual Assistant while Efficiency, productivity, and cost savings continue to be at the top of the list for employers.

Today, we’ll dive deeply into the 5 best Virtual Assistant training courses out there right now, going over everything you need to know to start your online VA business.

Is Virtual Assistant Training Worth It ?

Yes, Virtual Assistant training is worth it if you want to learn the legit. business structure specifically for VA’s.

No, if you’re not willing to put in the hard work.

The best virtual assistant training programs walk you through all the necessary steps to start a VA career, supporting you along the way and even after training is complete. Packed with hands-on learning material, skills training, job options, and often followed by certification, online courses are created by people who have already gone through the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Even if you know how to do some specialized skills, like content writing and graphic design, learning from a pro. and getting the step-by-step guidance to starting a successful VA business is something most people don’t regret.

So yes, Virtual Assistant training is absolutely worth it if you want to save time and start a successful VA career sooner than later and without spending hours trying to figure out your next step.

What To Look For When Picking A Course

There are 4 main things to look for when selecting a Virtual Assistant training program:

Quality of lessons – Training to become a Virtual Assistant can be time consuming, especially if you’re going through the lessons a few hours at a time. Because of that, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of your training, and that can only be done if the lessons are top-notch.

The overall quality must be interesting and interactive to keep you engaged so you get the most out of the program.

And if you’re a visual learner, a VA training course that has a lot of video content might be a better option than one that is mostly text-based.

Actionable training material – Just like in school, being able to learn the material then do the lessons is important. Quizzes, tests, exams, reviews and templates are part of a great learning experience, and ensure you’re getting quality instruction.

You also want access to contract templates and deals on the best programs Virtual Assistants use.

Relevance – The course has to teach exactly what you need to start a thriving Virtual Assistant business, whether you’re a total beginner, have skills you’re happy with, or want to advance your expertise.

For example, if you know know how to write blog posts, do search engine optimization, and source images, then you probably don’t need a course that teaches how to do content creation as a Virtual Assistant. In this case, a training program that covers starting and running a VA business, finding clients, and the cover-your-fanny topics should be all you need.

If you’re happy with the skills you already have, then you don’t need a course that goes into niche-specific skills.

On the other hand, if you want to scale your new VA business, and learn how to specialize in the most in-demand virtual assistant tasks, then a course that offers advanced skills training and niche-service training is what you want.

A Virtual Assistant course for beginners is ideal if you have no experience and want to know how to get started from scratch, from beginning to end.

Price – You know your budget. The training program you select should be within your budget while offering the level of training you want. Which is why I’m reviewing Virtual Assistant training programs at different price ranges. 🙂

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses

These are the 5 best Virtual Assistant training courses you can do completely online, each of them tapping into the in-depth knowledge of pros., teaching you how to become a successful VA on your time.

Let’s go over each training course in detail.

#1 $10K VA

Best Well-Rounded Virtual Assistant Training at a Reasonable Price

10K VA online training course

$10K VA is a well-rounded Virtual Assistant course that goes into the exact process used to earn up to $10,000 a month. It’s a leading training program where you can copy the methods outlined and possibly be as successful as the creator, Kayla Sloan, a VA having been in “the business” for several years.

Key Features:

✔ You’ll learn the EXACT process to earn a high income.

✔ You’ll learn where to get paying clients.

✔ You’ll learn how to create systems to work faster.

✔ The private Facebook group often has leads for VA jobs.

✔ The course creator gives you direct access to her overflow of clients.

✔ Often, there’s a discount code for $200.00 off. Try BIZBESTIE in the coupon code box.


  • Easy to follow.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Lots of support
  • Reasonable price.


  • Mostly text-based.
  • Does not include specialized niche training (but can be purchased separately).
  • No refunds.


$497.00 one-time payment for the VA training

Separate specialty-niche training:

Course Launch VA Academy, which goes into the profitable niche of helping clients launch online courses. Price: $297.00.

Podcast VA Acadamy, which teaches you how to become a Virtual Assistant specializing in creating podcasts. Price: $297.00.

Training Material and Quality of Lessons:

Laid out well, the 10K VA course walks you through the main topics, like:

▶ Figuring out which services to offer

▶ Finding jobs

▶ Pitching to clients and getting referrals

▶ Setting your rates and getting paid

▶ Building client relationships

▶ Creating contracts

▶ Setting up an efficient work schedule

▶ Marketing your service

 ▶ An introduction to taxes

▶ Outsourcing and creating a VA agency

What Is Included In 10K VA

You’ll also have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own. As future content is added to $10K VA, you’ll have access to all the new updates without having to pay another dime.

PLUS you’ll get several usable templates and have access to the “$10K VA Mastermind” Facebook group and video interviews with successful VAs so you can learn from their mistakes.

$10K VA is pretty thorough, covering everything you need to know to get up an running. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that it covered how to find VA, where to look for jobs, how to make a great pitch, and how to get more clients.

The price for the this VA training program isn’t too bad, considering how much it covers. And, if you’re not sure if being a Virtual Assistant is for you, sign up for the FREE workshop, “5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant”.

Check out $10K VA here.

#2 Fully Booked VA

Best All-Inclusive Virtual Assistant Training Program

Virtual Assistant Program: Fully Booked VA

Fully Booked VA is an all-inclusive Virtual Assistant course that gives you LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL THE TRAINING you need to learn to be a VA PLUS 12 months of legitimate VA job leads. This training program guides you through the entire process, taking you from knowing nothing about being a Virtual Assistant to being a success from the ground up.

So, what does “everything is included in this course” mean ?

It means that not only will you learn how to start, run, and manage a Virtual Assistant business, you’ll also learn specific in-demand skills that companies pay highly for.

The training course is very thorough and it will take you some time to get through it all. At least a month, maybe two. But, if you go through all the steps as suggested – and do the homework, you should have the confidence to get your first client before or right after you complete the training.

Key Features:

✔ A nice mix of video and text-based training material.

✔ You have immediate access to VA Foundations training course, covering everything to start, function, and get your first few clients.

✔ You get unlimited support via Live Weekly Group Coaching & the Fully Booked VA community.

✔ Virtual Assistant certification.

✔ Dozens of templates.

✔ 6 skills-specific courses: social media virtual assisting, project management, real-estate virtual assisting, content marketing / freelance writing, email marketing, starting a virtual assistant agency.

✔ Access to legitimate job leads for 12 months (as long as you complete certification).

✔ Option to continue access to the job leads after the first 12 months.

✔ Annual listing on the client-facing Certified VA directory.


  • Money-back guarantee (but you have to follow the course for 90 days)
  • Lost of support
  • Includes specific niche training
  • Job leads
  • Very thorough


  • The 12-month access to the job leads begins when you initially sigh-up to Fully Booked VA.
  • More text than video (but more video coming soon)
  • Pricey


$1,000.00 for lifetime access to the VA training course, support, templates, and advanced specialized niche training.

$500.00 to extend access to job leads and directory listing after the initial 12 months.

$100.00 for the 2-hour-long jump-start course “5 Quick Steps to Your VA Business”

Training Material and Quality of Lessons:

Fully Booked VA is so sure you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to book your first paying client in 90 days or less, they guarantee it !

Fully Booked VA Guarantee

The program consists of two phases, each with specific lessons to help you get the best knowledge to start a Virtual Assistant business – the training goes into great detail to try to make that happen.

Here’s a breakdown of the phases:

Phase 1, VA Foundations, Training and Support:

The first phase of the Fully Booked VA training program is the roadmap to becoming a Virtual Assistant. It consists of 80 lessons contained in 12 modules, each lesson broken-down into specific topics. This phase also includes additional perks that I’ll go into in a minute.

Topics breakdown:

▶ Where and how to get clients including the right job boards and active social groups where people request VA services.

▶ How to make money as a VA, including how to set your prices and offer services.

▶ Uncovering your ideal niche (with examples).

▶ Discovering your target market, choosing you specialty, and writing your VA resume.

▶ Putting yourself “out there” and create an online presence.

▶ Cold pitching know-how including templates and best practice tips.

▶ How to work with clients….the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And, after each lesson, there’s a set of checklists and quizzes, making it easy to follow and understand what you are taught.

There are plenty of templates that’ll eliminate a lot of the guesswork. Templates you can use to write contracts, pitch your services, and onboard new clients.

The platform is well organized, displaying all the modules and lessons at-a-glance so you can keep track of your progress and go back into previous lessons. In fact, when you open a module and start a lesson, the left side of your computer screen will have all the modules listed out for you.

Added perks:

  • You’ll get immediate and lifetime access to the private Fully Booked VA community.
  • Immediate access to the team that created the Fully Booked VA course.
  • Weekly group coaching with the coaching team.
  • Online resume templates.
  • Exclusive niche-specific interviews with other VA who are doing extremely well in their niche.
  • 90-day Marketing Planner to help you create a sustainable marketing rhythm.
  • Scripts and calculators to help you reach-out to clients and determine your rates.

Phase 2, Virtual Assistant Certification, Job Leads, and More:

As soon as you’ve completed Phase 1, VA Foundations, Training and Support, you automatically move into Phase 2.

This phase covers more of the niche-down aspects of being a Virtual Assistant:

▶ Certification

When you complete the VA Foundations course and finish your final exam, you’ll become certified.

Certification isn’t a requirement to become a Virtual Assistant but it does show clients that you went through extensive training and know how to manage your business while providing top-notch services.

▶ Job Leads

After completing phase 1 you’ll unlock access to the proprietary job leads for 12 months.

The job leads include people actively seeking to hire graduates of the Fully Booked VA training course as well as a roundup of the best online job postings from around the web. In fact, there’s a steady roll of 10-20 high quality client leads that are available daily, from business owners hiring brand new VAs, at an average rate of $30 per hour.

▶ In-Demand Specialization Tracks

This is where you’ll unlock lifetime access to 4 Specialization Tracks, which provide in-depth trainings, tutorials and additional resources to build deep knowledge in some of the most in-demand skills.

The 4 Specialization Tracks are:

  1. Social media and community management
  2. Customer service and admin.
  3. Content marketing
  4. Technology and automation

Each Specialization Track gives you unrestricted access to all the Virtual Assistant skills course training, including:

  • Freelance writing
  • Real estate for Virtual Assistants
  • Email management
  • Social media management
  • Project management
  • Starting a Virtual Assistant agency

Mentors and communities are assigned to each Specialization Track, giving you plenty of opportunities to get assistance geared towards your specialty.

Check out Fully Booked VA here.

#3 Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant

Best Virtual Assistant Course For Total Beginners

Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant

This online VA training course is geared towards total beginners and was created by a virtual assistant who has been instructing successful VA’s since 2011. Updated earlier this year, it includes more tips to get you going.

Key Features:

✔ The course is short – 3 hours of video and 1 hour of audio.

✔ It was created with total beginners in mind.

✔ Costs under $50.00 and frequently goes on sale for less than $20.00

✔ You’ll receive certificate of completion.


  • Easy to follow
  • Good for total beginners
  • Very inexpensive


  • May be too basic for people who already have some VA experience.
  • Barely touches on niche ideas and how to target clients in those niches.
  • Doesn’t go into much detail on getting clients.


$49.99; often goes on sale for under $20.00

Training Material and Quality of Lessons:

Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant is relatively short self-paced course – about 3 hours long and consists of 59 lectures. Because it is short, I was able to use what I learned quicker. Despite its briefness, it goes into quite a bit of detail to help you get a clearer vision of what kind of virtual assistant you’ll be.

Things like:

▶ What equipment you need in your home office

▶ How to structure your business

▶ Setting yourself up online

▶ Setting your policies and creating contracts

▶ How to set your rates

▶ Negotiating prices with clients

Also, there are a few sections that help you figure out your niche and prepare winning profiles that’ll get you paying jobs.

Check out Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant here.

#4 Savvy Vault

Best Virtual Assistant training courses in specialized niches (if you already know how to be a VA)

Savvy Vault Dashboard

Believe it of not, as a Virtual Assistant you need to know a lot of technical things. From setting up social media to doing mass-emailing and even setting up a WordPress blog, The Savvy Vault has a lot of options for you.

The Savvy Vault is a pretty cool concept: You pay a monthly membership fee and get access to all the tech-related training courses in the library (currently, more than 70 courses) – even newly ones.

You can take as many courses as you want, at any time you want, enhancing your Virtual Assistant career.

Key Features:

✔ There are currently more than 70 courses in the most in-demand niches

✔ Many courses about the most commonly used software and programs and e-commerce platforms

✔ Membership-based course enrollment giving you access to all current and future courses

✔ You’ll have instant access to the active online community, “ask the course creator anything” tech calls, and monthly interviews with experts in the field.

✔ Exclusive job opportunities available only to SavvyVault memebes and the main VA course, The Virtual Savvy.


  • Access to job opportunities
  • Many in-demand niche courses to choose from
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel membership any time


  • Not the best option if you have no idea how to start a VA business.
  • Some of the courses are short-ish, introductory in nature.


$47.00 per month or $497.00 annually

Training Material and Quality of Lessons:

Each training course is different; some are introductory courses with enough information for you to understand the platform and how it works, while other courses go more in-depth with advanced techniques & strategies.

Once you sign-up for the Savvy Vault, the platform is pretty easy to navigate. All the courses are laid out front-and-center, ready for you to click on whichever course you want to start.

The currently available courses include:

▶ Amazon store set-up and maintenance

▶ Branding and Design

▶ Buffer

▶ Calandly

▶ Copywriting 101

▶ Facebook Management

▶ Honeybook

▶ Mailchimp

▶ Podcast Management

and many more…

New courses are added all the time, offering plenty of options to expand your VA career and offer the most needed technical services to your clients.

Check out Savvy Vault here.

#5 The Techie Mentor

Best FREE Virtual Assistant Training

Best Free Virtual Assistant Training Course: Techie Mentor

The Techie Mentor is the best FREE Virtual Assistant training course I have come across, with over 7 hours of video-based training, covering all topics to start and run a successful Virtual Assistant business.

Key Features:

✔ Over 7 hours of video training

✔ You’ll learn how to develop an action plan.

✔ Goes over what to charge, how to set your rates and how to increase your rate.

✔ Tips on marketing, sales, and delivering your service.

✔ Offers suggestions for tools and programs to use for your business.

✔ Q&A after each video.


  • Video based lessons
  • Very easy to follow
  • Goes over everything to start a VA business
  • Free
  • Options for niche training


  • Specialized niche training not included.
  • No job leads.
  • no downloadable templates or worksheets.
  • No certification



There are several paid courses:

VA Success Systems, a thorough training program that takes a deep dive into starting a VA business: $997.00 or $99.00 for 11 months.

VA Biz Action Plan Bundle, a step-by-step business blueprint, with templates, to set up and launch your Virtual Assistant business: $98.00, currently on sale for $58.00.

Techie VA Training Vault, a series of courses that teach you in-demand technical skills: 5-day trial for $5.00; $59.00 monthly membership.

Product Creation System, contains lessons to create, market and sell digital printables and information: $298.00 or $99.50 for 4 months.

Training Material and Quality of Lessons:

The Techie Mentor is loaded with usable information, getting you on your way to starting and running a successful VA business. In this free training program, you have access to over 7 hours of video-based material.

Getting started is simple.

First, enter your name and email. As soon as you do, a sales page will come up in a second browser window. I would read through it and leave it up. You might want to re-visit it when you’re done with the training.

Next, open the email sent from Techie Mentor. This email has your login and password so you can access the free VA training vault.

Then, click the link in the email, login, and check out the training portal.

The portal is broken up into 5 sections, BUT THE ONLY SECTIONS YOU REALLY NEED TO ARE THE FIRST 2. The other 3 are not relevant to VA training…Frequently Asked Questions, Legal Stuff about the course, and Get Help. But if you want, go ahead and read through them anyway.

Here’s a review of the 2 main VA training sections:

  1. WELCOME section that gives you an overview of the course. This video is just under 7 minutes long.
  2. FREE VA TRAINING AND RESOURCES section, which has 6 lessons, in video-format:
    • Things you must know and do: What a VA is and what they do, tips and tricks for success, and developing action plans. This video is a little over an hour long.
    • Getting Started: A 36 minute video showing you how to Pick a name, what to charge, which service to offer and more.
    • VA Key Business Systems: In this 31 minutes-long video, you’ll learn the day-to-day business operations, marketing, sales, and delivering your service.
    • Virtual Assistant Must-Have Tools: This video takes 26 minutes and you’ll learn what you need to know about the tools you’ll need to run your business.
    • Know Your VA Business Numbers: This lesson is 25 minutes-long and goes over the business numbers to help you determine how many clients you need to meet your goals, keeping track of your budget and expenses, figuring out your billable hours, and more.
    • Set Your VA Rates: This lesson goes into setting your baseline billable rate, how much you need to earn, and the difference between retainers and packages. 26 minutes of valuable information.

Here’s a look at The Techie Mentor’s free VA training portal:

Techie Mentor Portal

The only negatives I can come up with is there aren’t any downloadable worksheets, templates, or tests. And there is no certification. But, for a free training course, this one is pretty good.

Check out The Techie Mentor here

Which Virtual Assistant Training Course is Best For You ?

Choosing the right Virtual Assistant course when you’re just starting out can be a tough decision...but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a review of the VA programs to help you pick the best one for you.

$10K VA: Best well-rounded and thorough Virtual Assistant training course at a reasonable price.

The lessons are thorough, and you learn where and how to get paying jobs / clients. The online classes go over everything you need to know to become a VA who makes good money and is perfect if you’re ready to get going as a virtual assistant and have a general idea of what kind of service you want to offer.

Fully Booked VA: Best all-inclusive Virtual Assistant training that ALSO covers specific niches.

The training includes more than just guidance on how to become a VA because it includes training for specific skills and niches as well as client leads. This is the ideal Virtual Assistant training program if you’re serious about getting started and want a lot more than step-by-step guidance. It literally includes everything you need know to become a successful VA in just a few months.

Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant: Best online VA training that covers the basics plus.

If you’re a beginner and want training that covers the basics, this is a good course. And it’s super cheap. It’s the best option for all of you who are leaning towards starting a career as a VA from the ground up.

Savvy Vault: Best Virtual Assistant training in specialized niches.

If you already know how to be a VA but not sure how to get started in a money-making niche, The Savvy Vault is a great option. You’ll have instant access to many in-demand technical virtual assistant skills at your fingertips.

The Techie Mentor: Best free Virtual Assistant training course.

If you don’t have money to spend but want VA training that goes into detail on the most important aspects of starting and running a VA business, this course is a great starting point. You’ll have instant access to just about everything you need to know – much more than any other freebie out there. Plus, there are additional training material options your can purchase.

Additional VA Courses

To round-off this post, I want to give you some extra resources to scale your VA business. These inexpensive courses are highly-rated and provide the extra boost to make your career a success.

Must Have Virtual Assistant Tools

Double your VA Rate With A Specific Skill

Social Media Marketing Master Course

Facebook Ads Marketing

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