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20 Best Remote Companies To Work For (and they’re hiring !)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Today’s post is a special one that I hope you refer to time and time again.

In it, I’ll list 20 of the best remote companies to work for.  And by remote, I mean you can work anywhere because these companies support the remote work culture.

And this is important:

I’m not regurgitating the same-old ‘best work from home companies’ list.

In fact, I looked at 75 legitimate companies known for hiring home-based workers to see which ones are the best.

Let’s get to ’em

How I Determined These Top Remote Companies

Looking at 75 companies that are known for hiring people to work from home, this is what I discovered:

– Of those 75 companies, 52 are fully remote (69.33%), meaning all employees work from ‘anywhere’

– Of the remaining 23 companies, 17 of them had half remote employees and half on-site employees (22.7%) while the other 6 had only about 1 in 100 jobs that allowed remote work (8%).

Best Remote Companies

Narrowing it down to 69 companies – full remote and part remote job opportunities – I then considered these questions:

…How do they accept the remote work culture ?

…Do they have REAL jobs, not side gigs ?

…Are they currently hiring home workers or do they frequently hire ?

…Do they offer great benefits ?

Best Remote Companies To Work For

Here are the top remote-friendly companies that always have job openings and appreciate their employees.

#1  10Up

10Up is an encourage-driven company, helping employees to challenge themselves, build empathy for better customer relations, inspire and challenge other team members all while providing awesome benefits to make working easier.

Their Remote Culture:

10Up is a fully-distributed company, meaning their employees are spread all over the world.  They feel their gender, ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity offers an extremely broad perspective and a creative edge.

Notable Benefits:

  • Health, dental, life insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Equipment allowance
  • 401K with company match
  • Parental leave

The Jobs They Have:

Even though is is more of a high-tech company with a lot of web development and engineering positions, they do have remote jobs in the areas of Finance, Recruiting, Marketing, Audience Growth, and Revenue Strategy, like I show here:

#2  Aha!

A company that helps Product Managers build visual roadmaps, Aha! wants you to be really happy so you can pass that on to your customers – it’s the core of their business.

Their Remote Culture:

Aha! is an entirely distributed team, with their employees working anywhere withing the US and in a few international countries.  They hire people with great integrity who don’t promote drama and dysfunction. In fact, they say there is no wiggle room when it comes to being honest and having strong moral principles.

Notable Benefits:

This is what their website states:

…we know that hard work should be rewarded. That is why we offer meaningful benefits to the team: generous salary, equity, benefits, and profit sharing. Yep, we are profitable.
And keep in mind that you can work from anywhere in the U.S. and a few international locations too.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Glassdoor rates Aha! 4.7 out of 5 for their remote culture and balance (source).

The Jobs They Have:

Their list of work-from-anywhere careers includes:

  • Customer Success
  • Engineering
  • Marketing

#3  Animalz

A leading content marketing company,  Animalz strives help other companies grow by creating the best content on the web that their audience loves.

Their Remote Culture:

Animalz lets you work from anywhere as long as you have regular overlap with Eastern Time business hours and can schedule overlap with Pacific Time business hours when needed for customer calls.

Notable Benefits:

  • Career Advancement.  You’ll get regular feedback meetings with management.
  • Health insurance premiums paid at 80%
  • Vision and dental insurance covered at 100%
  • $50.00 each month for wellness (gym membership, yoga class, music lessons, painting class…)
  • $25.00 each month to enjoy lunch out with a friend.
  • 401K

The Jobs They Have:

Because they are a content marketing company, the majority of their remote job openings are Content Manager, Content Analysts, Content Creators, and Content Strategist.

#4  Automattic

If you know WordPress then you may have heard of Automattic.  Founded in 2005, this company is known for their open-source attitude products and making the web a better place.

Their Remote Culture:

Automattic is one of the original companies hiring a 100% remote work force, hiring all over the world in more than 75 countries.  They are strong believers in diversity and inclusion, and in fact, this is what their website tells us:

We believe that the more perspectives we embrace, the better we are at engaging our global community of users and developers. We want to build Automattic as an environment where people love their work and show respect and empathy to those with whom we interact.

Notable Benefits:

Working at Automattic has great benefits, including an open vacation policy; health, dental and vision insurance; and matching retirement funds.

But those aren’t the only perks that make this one of the best work from home companies. They offer an open parental leave, paid 2-3 month sabbatical every 5 years, home office set-up, and hardware/software reimbursement.

The Jobs They Have:

They have a huge variety of open positions in Customer Service, Human Resources, Business and Marketing, and Engineering.

#5  Aetna

You’ve probably heard of Aetna but did you know they have a lot of work from home jobs ?

Their Remote Culture:

Aetna has remote employees all over the USA, which they feel gives them a broader and deeper view of the people within the communities where they live and work.

Notable Benefits:

  • Medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage
  • Company contribution to a health savings account (HSA)
  • Stock purchase plan
  • Adoption benefits
  • Life, accident and disability insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Performance-based compensation incentives and stock options for eligible colleagues.

The Jobs They Have:

They hire Client Services Managers, Tele-Medecine Assistants, Remote Case Managers, Remote Registered Nurses.

To find the perfect job for you, type the words WORK FROM HOME or REMOTE or VIRTUAL in the search field and voila !

#6  Clerky

What does this company do?  They build software to help startups get legal paperwork done easily and correctly.

Their Remote Culture:

This is what they tell us:

We work with the best, wherever they’re located. Some of us are co-located, but we believe that optimizing for distributed work results in a stronger team.

Notable Benefits:

In addition to 100% paid health, dental and vision insurance, Clerky lets you set your own hours and they encourage advancing your education.

The Jobs They Have:

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Business Development
  • Engineering

#7  Clevertech

Clevertech, a digital innovation and software company, solves their clients toughest problems through creative problem solving, bespoke engineering and stunning design.

To be honest, I don’t know what that means.  But I do know they are a one of the best remote companies to work for because they have a fully remote staff.

Their Remote Culture:

Clevertech has been a remote-first company for more than a decade and they know how to make it work.  They believe that letting employees work anywhere in the world lets them focus on thier core skills…not attending meetings about scheduling meetings.

Notable Benefits:

They believe in measuring results, not hours worked so there are no time sheets to fill out.  They also give you a month of paid time off, $1,200.00 a year for personal development, leadership building, month-long sabbaticals if you’ve been with Clevertech long enough.

The Jobs They Have:

  • Backend Engineer
  • Mobile Develoepr
  • Software Design
  • Quality Engineer
  • Tech Lead
  • Recruiter

#8  CROMetrics

A company that has employees spread out all over the world, CroMetrics’s end goal is client happiness.  And to reach that goal they believe in treating their employees right.

Their Remote Culture:

This is what they say:

We are spread out all over the US and enjoy the flexibility remote working affords. Want to go on a mountain bike ride in the middle of the day? Cool, don’t forget your helmet! Need to pick the kids up from school? Nice, you’ve got parent of the year in the bag. We stay connected through Slack and all-hands trips.

Notable Benefits:

  • Matching 401k on the first 4% of income subject to a 3 month waiting period.
  • 100% remote.
  • Liberal vacation policy.
  • All the professional gear you need to be successful (e.g. MacBook, monitor, and noise-canceling blackwire headset)

The Jobs They Have:

  • Optimization
  • Growth product Manager
  • Engineer
  • QA Analyst

#9  Doist

A creator of productivity apps, Doist has created a workplace that both challenges and supports everyone within their organization, as they put it –  one that lets us live extraordinary lives.

Their Remote Culture:

Doist is a remote-first company with employees in more than 20 countries.  They operate with the belief you should work without distractions on things you’re passionate about and then unplug at the end of the day.

In fact, Glassdoor has given this company 5 out of 5 stars for their overall remote work environment.

Best Remote Companies To Work For: Doist

Notable Benefits:

Doist really wants you to thrive so they generously give you plenty of benefits…the main one: working from home (or anywhere).

40 paid vacation days every year, any hardware and software you need to do your job, high speed internet reimbursement, and paid parental leave are some of the other attractive benefits Doist offers.

Benefits at Doist
Courtesy of Doist

The Jobs They Have:

Today, they’re looking for a Front End Developer and some of their other remote jobs include Support Specialist, Translator, Android Developer, and Marketer,.

#10  Groove

A help desk software development company, Groove is a 100% distributed company and one of my favorites because their culture really adapts to the remote lifestyle.

Although Groove doesn’t always have job openings, I wanted to add it to this list because it is such a work/life friendly company.  In the past, some of the jobs have been in the Design and Engineering areas and some non-technical service and marketing positions.

#11  Help Scout

Their Remote Culture:

As a remote-first company, Help Scout can invest in the best people without geographical limitations.  In fact, they go to great lengths to set you up for success.

Notable Benefits:

They offer a ton of benefits, including:

– 100% health and dental insurance

– Flexible vacation

– Long and short term disability as well as life insurance

– Paid parental leave

The Jobs They Have:

  • Content Manager
  • Customer Champion
  • Marketing/ Growth Analyst
  • Sales

The hiring process is pretty tough, though.  Probably because they want to hire the best employees.  It goes like this:

  1. You’ll have a “get to know you” video call with the hiring manager.
  2. Then there’s a video call with a potential teammate to see if you vibe.
  3. There’s another video call with a People Ops teammate to discuss some of the possible benefits of the job.
  4. If all’s well, you’ll receive a take-home test project.
  5. An then another video call from someone in a leadership role.
  6. Help Scout will chat with some of your references.
  7. Finally…a job offer.

#12  Hubstaff

Hubstaff creates staff monitoring and time-tracking software used by top companies all over the world.  With a 100% remote team, Hubstaff was started in 2012 when the co-founders wanted a better way to manage their team of freelancers.

Their Remote Culture:

This is what the Hubstaff jobs page tells us:

Why work at Hubstaff? Two words: no cubicles. As part of the international Hubstaff team, you work when and where you’re most productive. Home office, co-working space, beach, train, plane, you name it…

The Jobs They Have:

Right now, they have openings in Customer Support, Product Development, and User Experience.

#13  Knack

Knack builds applications and tools for companies who want to manage, share, and empower data and they trust their employees to do their best work to ensure those companies can do that.

Their Remote Culture:

Knack has been a totally remote company since they began and they want to keep it that way.  They understand the benefits of a remote culture and have overcome a lot of the challenges that impede some companies from going remote.

From their site:

We’ve been 100% remote from the beginning. Every decision we’ve made has been around how to best grow a team, do amazing work, and build a lasting culture in a 100% remote environment.

Notable Benefits:

Knack gives unlimited days off, two paid corporate retreats to amazing locations, health/dental/vision benefits, and the drive to continue learning.

The Jobs They Have:

Marketing, Customer Success, Engineering just to name a few.

#14  Modern Tribe

A software & design company, Modern Tribe develops solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations.

They have a smooth remote work environment, encouraging all their employees to stay connected through various communication tools.

Their Remote Culture:

A mix of independent contractors and traditional employees, Modern Tribe is 100% remote.  They want you to strive and be an pro in what you do while also being happy and having the freedom to do your job.

Notable Benefits:

According to Modern Tribe:

We believe that distributed working is a way of life. We understand what it means to work remotely. We offer consistency in expectations, payment, and support. We believe in learning from each other and fostering personal growth. You can expect to learn a lot while working with us. Also, if you work enough hours, we will invite you to go an adventure to attend our annual team trip.

The Jobs They Have:

  • QA Analyst
  • Content Marketing Strategist
  • Design Lead
  • WordPress Engineer
  • Digital Strategist

#15  ReCharge

ReCharge helps online store owners solve their technical challenges of recurring billings. They want to hire the best people, which is why they have expanded their horizons from the Andes to the Rockies.  They have found that broadening their reach to build a remote team enables them to discover outstanding talent they otherwise may not have.

Remote Culture:

This is what their website states:

Our culture is remote-first and we stay connected every day using Slack and video chat.

Notable Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • 100% paid for health benefits for you and your family
  • 401(k) offering (US)
  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)
  • Company and team retreats
  • Equipment so you can do your job well

The Jobs They Have:

  • Technical customer service
  • Engineering
  • Technical sales
  • Growth
  • People operations (talent acquisition, payroll…)

#16  Sticker Mule

They say they are the Internet’s best printing company because they hire the best people in the world.  It’s true, they do hire from all of the globe and they claim to pay above market compensation and give signing bonuses. Not to mention the health and dental insurance, flexible hours, and supplied office furniture.

Their Remote Culture:

Sticker Mule looks for people who are humble, thoughtful, independent, autodidactic, and logical…all qualities that mesh well together and make for an awesome work environment.

Notable Benefits:

  • Above market compensation
  • Signing bonuses
  • Hardware, software, office furniture provided

The Jobs They Have:

Although some of their jobs expect you to live in the general area of the office the job is out of, they frequently look for customer support agents, production staff and full-stack software engineer.

#17  [A] (formerly Simple A)

[A] is a content intelligence service that is dedicated to ensure content stays relevant, making the relationships with customers, members, and constituents more personalized and more conversational.

And to reach this goal, [A] has become one of the best remote companies to work for because of their fully distributed team..

Their Remote Culture:

[A] has a 5-out-of-5 star rating on Glassdoor, citing the overall culture and environment of the company for being the top reasons for being a top remote-job company.

And it’s no wonder; [A] expects their employees to work from home with little guidance from managers while not limiting themselves to a a single set of responsibilities.

Simple A Remote Jobs

Notable Benefits:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Career advancement
  • Profit sharing (after you’ve been there a while)
  • The ability to work without constant supervision

The Jobs They Have:

  • Content Engineer
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Strategist
  • Developer

And these roles frequently become available:

  • Content Management Technologist
  • CMS Content Administrator
  • Market Intelligence Analyst
  • Google Analytics Analyst
  • User Experience Designer

#18  Toggl

This is a company that develops easy to use time-tracking software so other companies can get a handle on their time allocations for different projects.

They hire people from all over the world and (despite what their main project is) they don’t micro-manage their staff.

Their Remote Culture:

What makes Toggl special ?  Well, the remarks on Glassdoor tell us the company is a good one to work for, offering awesome work/life balance.  And this is what the company has to say:

We believe great people will make awesome stuff anywhere. New York, São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence.

No need to move for your dream job. We hire globally. You work locally…

The Jobs They Have:

If you’re savvy in developing desktop applications, sales or want to work as part of the backend team, take a look at Toggl.

#19  Remote Year

Remote Year is an interesting company – facilitating travel and accommodations for other remote workers.

Their Remote Culture:

Remote Year has an interesting culture:

Remote Year brings together communities of interesting professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. Spending one month in each location, communities connect with local cultures and business ecosystems, forming lifelong, borderless personal and professional relationships along the way. Together we will shape the future of work.

Notable Benefits:

Not only does Remote Year have a selection of insurance benefits, they expect you to take at least 3 weeks paid time off and attend fun in-person events.

The Jobs They Have:

And they have some remote, or ‘work from anywhere’ jobs available, in marketing and sales.

#20  UnitedHealth Group

Another biggie in the health insurance industry, UnitedHealth Group always seems to have some jobs that let you work from home.

The Jobs They Have:

Enter the word TELECOMMUTE, REMOTE or VIRTUAL in the “job title/keyword/or number field” and you will get a slew of jobs like Telephonic Case Manager, Oncology Case Manager, Practice Performance Manager, and Telephonic Nurse.

UnitedHealth Group Telecommute Jobs

Ready For A Location-Independent Job?

As you can see, there are plenty of companies that hire remote workers, making it easy to become location independent. And you don’t have to work only from home, you can travel around the world and still pull in a great income.

Do any of these companies interest you ?

If so, and if you’ve applied for a job, please leave a comment below and let me know.

20 companies that let you work remotely

4 thoughts on “20 Best Remote Companies To Work For (and they’re hiring !)”

  1. Hello! I have 20 years experience in administrative support, in a manufacturing facility, a construction office, and most recently in higher education. I can no longer physically work in an office but need to work a few more years before retiring. In the last 6 months I have submitted over 30 applications for work from home roles, and had 4 interviews, but no offers. What advice can you give to break into working from home?

    1. Hi Dana,

      Well, you certainly have a lot of valuable work experience ! What kinds of positions are you applying for ?

      My two main tips I have are these:
      1) Apply to jobs for which you are suited. With your experience, you qualify for more positions other than the typical Virtual Assistant. Take a look at my Current Remote Jobs page – I try to list a variety of remote jobs that are available today.
      2) Most resumes submitted for online roles are scanned through an applicant tracking system. To make it past the system, make sure your resume is written for the job you are applying to. And be sure to enter some of the key words and phrases regarding the job within your resume. For example, if you’re applying for a Customer Onboarding position with company A and the job description has words/phrases like ‘strong communicator’, ‘hands-on experience developing email strategies’, make sure to include those words/phrases in your resume.

      Best of luck to you !

  2. I’m very interested in Transcription. Is there a cost assiciared with this type of job?

    Thank you
    Lesia Trotter

    1. Hi Lesia,

      There potentially are some costs associated with transcription, such as for any equipment you don’t already have like a computer, earbuds or headset.

      Some companies will charge you for a background check…but if that’s the case, I’d move on to a different company.

      If you’ve never done transcription before, here’s my guide on how to get started:

      Another potential cost – if you want to make a career of transcribing – is training (see step #10 of the article I referenced).

      I’d love to hear how it goes if you start transcribing.

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