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Looking For A Data Entry Job You Can Do From Home ? Here You Go

data entry job from homeIt’s the question you think you already know the answer to:

“Are there any legitimate data entry jobs I can do from home?”

You keep looking, keep hoping, keep thinking there has to be data entry jobs out there. You’re close to giving up.

As hard as they seem to be to find, they do exist.  After all, so many companies outsource this type of work.  It doesn’t require a ton of proise.  Often, you don’t even need a phone.  And we all can type, even if we’re not the fastest one out there.

What it Takes to Get a Data Entry Job From Home

First, though, you should know that the term “data entry” has many meanings: clerical, typing, coding, and even transcription. A little bit of out-of-the-box thinking has to be done here. Although there are different meanings, the basics are the same. – you are doing some sort of typing and entering bits of data.

Some data entry jobs require you’re able to type at least 30 words per minute, some require more. Some companies will even have you take a typing test.

And you need the basic computer skills along with a decent, working high speed internet connection.

Because you’re here looking for legitimate data entry job from home, I’ll share with you my list of companies who hire in this field.


Data Entry and Typing Jobs From Home

The most common form of data entry jobs include typing and clerical duties, so for this reason I am going to mainly focus on data entry/virtual assistant companies. This will open the door to more opportunities. The pay is typically between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour, you are normally working as a contractor (not an employee of the company), and the tasks may change from hour to hour. Because this is a popular choice for quick and easy money, there is a lot of competition for the jobs and many of the companies quickly fill and then eventually re-post the positions as they become available.

Where to Find ’em:

Encompassing more than just data entry, you will work with a variety of clients on a variety of tasks. From research to booking reservations, your skills are a bit more advanced than simple data entry. You will be an employee starting out at $11.00 per hour with full benefits.

According to their website:

Zirtual is currently hiring from the following states: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CO, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY .


Lionbridge (formerly Virtual Bee)
This is a company that offers crowdsourcing data entry opportunities, meaning you don’t have to make any commitments to work – you are “on-demand” labor. You will do data entry work whenever the mood strikes you. To get started, you have to sign into the Virtual Bee website and proceed on to the test to see if you have the data entry skills they want.


A US based virtual /executive assistant company, eaHelp looks for people who have experience in social media, relationship building, and executive assisting. You have the ability to enter data into a spreadsheet and then switch over to entering data into Google Docs on your smart phone. You can Skype, use Twitter, and you are comfortable with technology to help make your job easier.


Axion Data Entry Services
This is a company that specializes in data entry services. All data entry operators are independent contractors who work from home. Axion doesn’t hire too often and there is a long waiting list.


Boldly (formerly Worldwide 101)
Another virtual assistance company, Worldwide101 is ideal for those who have the skills but not the resources to advertise and start their own business. The type of work you do depends on what you want to do – not what you are expected to do. You are an independent contractor who is able to work on your own flexible schedule as long as the client you are doing work for is ok with that. Keep in mind that Worldwide101 has clients throughout the world, so your work hours can vary. Pay is between $15.00 and $20.00 per hour worked.


A company that is well-known for their Virtual Workforce Program, Xerox sometimes has legitimate data entry jobs. You have to be patient and check their website often – their data entry jobs go fast.


Kelly Services
Known for their temporary work assignments of years past, Kelly Services has grown into a global outsourcing and consulting group. They have their own work at home site, which posts a variety of administrative jobs. You are considered an employee of Kelly, receiving a pay of $10.00 to $12.00 per hour doing anything from traditional data entry to customer service functions.


Time Etc.
Founded in 2007, Time Etc. has a ton of data entry and virtual assistance jobs you can do from home. Depending on the needs of the clients you provide work to, your duties will vary. You might schedule appointments, fill out electronic forms, or perform a bit of research. No matter what you do, your job is flexible as long as you can commit to at least 5 hours per week.


Fancy Hands
Doing data entry from home is one of the many jobs you might do. You can earn $2.50 to $7.00 per TASK – and you can do many tasks in a day. You can work whenever you want to, picking whatever tasks suits you.


Data Entry And Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are often poo-poo’d as legitimate date entry, with the thought you have to have a ton of experience to pull it off. That’s true if you want to get into medical or legal transcription, but if you’re looking for data entry that offers flexibility then you will want to consider general transcription.

General transcription is essentially data entry: you listen to audio files and type what you hear. Or, you re-write excerpts into a specific format. Whatever they case, you have to have a knack for being very specific and exact in your work. This may be easy work for you, but you should know that it can be extremely repetitive. Not only that, but in the case of audio transcription you may come upon broken English and accents you can not understand. Be prepared for a bit of frustration.

As far as equipment needed, most of the companies that hire newbies require you have a new-ish computer with a decent high speed internet connection and working sound. I recommend using headphones so you are not distracted by other noises.

The pay varies by company and task, but the average amount you can make is about $12.00 per hour. Beginners make less, more experienced transcriptionists make more. That said, most companies pay per audio hour or per page transcribed, not an actual hourly fee The $12.00 per hour mentioned…well, that’s the accumulated audio hour or page rate for an hour worked.

Who’s Hiring ?

This is a company that claims you will earn up to $10.00 per audio hour listening to short files of 6 minutes of less. This is home-based work where you select what jobs you want to work on.


Doing online audio transcriptions, you are a freelancer who can earn up to $.65 per audio minute. You’ll work at home, with very flexible hours. Want more info.? Read my review of Rev here.


Casting Words
You work online, setting your own schedule and pace, transcribing audio files. The pay varies, from under $1.00 per audio minute to over $1.00 per audio minute. Although no prior experience is required, you do have to pass some skills tests.


Transcribe Me
Transcribing voice to text, you are part of the crowdsource team earning $20.00 for an audio hour listening to short 8-10 second files. They quickly fill any open positions, but it’s worth keeping this company on your radar.


After passing a skills test, you will be hired as a general transcriptionist working on short voicemail messages. According to their website:

Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files.

You are an independent contractor working whenever you want.


GMR Transcriotion
A US based company, GMR hires work at home transcriptionists, interpreters, and translators. As an interpreter or translator, you need to be certified or trained and you get to pick and choose your jobs. Most of the transcription work does not require previous experience but you are expected to type and read daily, consistent work (at least 60 minutes of audio per day). Here are more details about jobs with GMR Transcription.


Date Entry And Miscellaneous Tasks


This is a very popular freelance platform with a lot of competition but it is possible to make upwards of $15.00 per hour for your skills. I haven’t found a way to browse open job projects that people need to have done without having to sign up so If you’re serious about making money with Upwork, I strongly suggest you set up an account and a catchy profile.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

A popular “short task” site, there are literally thousands of little jobs you can do from home. In my experience, the majority of tasks are data entry such as typing the information found on a business card into the correct fields or typing a string of numbers – in date format – into the respected fields. The pay varies, and is according to the task and what the requester is willing to pay. Personally, I only work about an hour or two a day and make only a few bucks but most of my time is spent searching for the task that interests me (because I’m not a fast typist).


You have options when it comes to getting a data entry job from home.  Not only is there a variety of “types” of work, this is a very telecommute-friendly job. 

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