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14 Easy and Fast Dinner Ideas (because you still have work to do)

This is you:

You’re on a roll, hitting that self-imposed deadline to meet your income goal.

All of a sudden it’s dinner time.

You don’t want to stop working but you know you have to whip up some kind of dinner for tonight.

I know the feeling; I go through this at least three times a week.

So today I thought I would share 14 of my favorite super quick dinner ideas that will have you back to work in no time.  A dinner idea for each night for two weeks…more nights if you have leftovers.

Here they are:

14 Easy And Fast Dinner Recipes For Busy Home Workers

#1  Cheesy Creamy Baked Ziti

Fast Dinner Idea #1: Cheesy Creamy Baked Ziti

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One of my new favorite easy dinner recipes, this baked ziti calls for only 6 ingredients.  I like to add a 7th…italian sausage.  Not only is this easy to put together, when you pop it into the oven just set the timer and get back to working.

#2 Easy Baked Frittata

Quick And Easy Dinner #2: Easy Baked Frittata

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Got Eggs, milk or half and half, veggies and maybe even some kind of meat ?  Whip up this hearty frittata, pop it in the oven, and you can be eating within 15 minutes.

Plus, it’s full of energy-loving protein.

#3  4 Ingredient Caesar Chicken

Simple Dinner #3: 4 Ingredient Caesar Chicken

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If you’re looking for quick dinner ideas for 2 – or more – try this tasty caesar chicken.

Chicken, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and sour cream are the only ingredients to this yummy meal.  Bake for 30 minutes and enjoy.  I like to add a salad whenever I make this, rounding off a nice filling dinner.

#4 Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Fast Dinner Idea Kids Love: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

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This is a great recipe for any size family because it can be scaled down to fit your needs.  Plus, this is one of those quick dinner ideas for kids !  Mine love these fajitas.

#5  4 Ingredient Meatloaf

Super Easy Dinner Idea: 4 Ingredient Meatloaf

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Another yummy “4 ingredient” recipe that I love.  I used to make my meatloaf with breadcrumbs but I think the Stove Top dressing mix adds more flavor.

The funny thing about meatloaf:  those who say they hate it actually turn out liking it !

#6  Sweet And Sour Meatballs

For a Fast Dinner, Try These Easy Sweet And Sour Meatball Recipe

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This sweet and sour meatball recipe is one of those easy weeknight dinners for a family but I simplify it even more.

Here’s how:

Skip the first three steps in the “HOW TO MAKE MEATBALLS” part and go to the store and pick up some pre-made meatballs. Meijer has them.  I bet Walmart and Publix do too.

Then, bake the balls and make the sweet and sour sauce.  Enjoy !

#7 Pizza Quesadillas

Quick Dinner Ideas For Kids: Pizza Quesadillas

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Marinara sauce, tortillas, pepperoni, cheese and 15 minutes later you have these pizza quesadillas.  Kids love them.  So do husbands.  So will you because they are so quick to make.

#8 Chicken Tacos

Easy Weeknight Dinner For Family: Chicken Tacos

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You know those little rotisserie chickens you can get at the grocery store ?  They can be converted into so many other dinners, like these chicken tacos.

Tortillas, chicken, a few spices, sheese, and toppings…simple.

#9  Super Easy Lasagna

Easy Lasagna Recipe

This is how I make my lasagna.  Not only is it simple to prepare, it’s really good.

The biggest time saver for this recipe: use those oven-ready lasagna noodles because they don’t have to be cooked (and one less post to clean).  And they come gluten free, too.

#10  So Simple Parmesan Chicken

Fast Chicken Parmesan Recipe

From my personal recipe archive, this parmesan chicken dinner is a winner.

Here’s how I make it:

First, Pick up some of those pre-cooked breaded chicken breasts.  I find them at the deli counter at Meijer.  If your store doesn’t have them at the deli counter, check the frozen food section.

Next, cook up some spaghetti noodles – not all the way, al dente is perfect. They will cook more in the oven.

Meanwhile, pour a little bit of marinara sauce (or spaghetti sauce) in the bottom of a baking dish.

Add cooked (and drained) spaghetti noodles.

Top with more marinara sauce

Sprinkle on some parmesan cheese.

Then, place the pre-cooked, breaded chicken breasts on top of the noodles.

Cover the chicken breasts and noodles with marinara sauce.

Sprinkle some parmesan cheese all over the chicken.

Place a slice of provolone or mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken.

Finally, bake at 375 degrees for about 15-20 minutes so the cheese gets bubbly and the chicken is heated through.

#11  Easy Sausage And Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Super Quick Dinner Idea: Veggie Sausage Sheet Pan Recipe

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This is a filling dinner idea that is not only quick to put together, is easy to clean up afterwards.  Just about any vegetables will work with this recipe…I like asparagus mushrooms and corn.  But the star is the polish sausage.

#12  Easy Pasta Carbonara

Quick Dinner #12: Easy Pasta Carbonara

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This is a great recipe if you already have some cooked bacon sitting in the fridge.  It’s garlicy, cheesey, and yummy.  And the leftovers are great, too.

#13  Turkey Swiss Sliders

Easy Turkey Swiss Sliders

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Turn a comfort lunch into dinner with this simple recipe.  Add a side dish and voila !  Near instant gratification.

There are only 5 ingredients to these sliders:

  • Hawaiian rolls
  • Mustard
  • Butter
  • Roasted turkey
  • Swiss cheese

#14  White Chicken Chili

Weeknight Dinner Idea: Chicken Chili

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I’ve heard of chicken chili but never tried it before last week.  This recipe calls for 10 ingredients but I left out a few of them for personal preference – the chilies and cilantro.  It still came out pretty darn good.  And filling.

Go Ahead – Try These Fast Dinner Ideas

There you go, a nice selection of easy, quick and tasty recipes to get you through a few busy weeks.

If you try any of these, feel free to leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you !

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