Make Money Doing Online Surveys: Here Are The Simple Secrets

Make Money Doing Online Surveys: Here Are The Simple Secrets

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There are a couple secrets to making money with online surveys.  Honestly.  And today I’m going to share them with you.

In fact:

These are the secrets I use to pull in over $300 a month.

And the best part ?  These little secrets are so easy to do, you’ll be turning to online surveys for extra cash more then ever before.

So, if you’re ready to see how you can make money doing online surveys, let’s jump right in.


Making money doing online surveys


Here’s How You Can Make Money Doing Surveys


The First Secret:

Only do surveys that actually pay you MONEY.

Sounds simple.

But it can be hard to figure out which survey sites are legitimate, so here are the best ones that pay:

Inbox Dollars

Pinecone Research

Point Club

Prize Rebel

Resolution Research


Vindale Research

When it comes to online surveys that pay cash, there are two pitfalls that we have to consider:

  1. It won’t be long before these survey sites quit paying cash.
  2. Most of these survey sites send you an invitation to do their surveys.  These invitations are based on the demographics you entered when you signed up, so there aren’t many surveys to go around.

And here’s something else to know: even some of the cash-paying survey sites will typically payout in points that you later redeem for cash.

So how do you combat these pitfalls ?

First, If a survey company quits paying cash, still use them for secret #2

And second, set up an email account ONLY FOR SURVEYS.  Really.  That way you can check it every day and respond to the survey invitations. And hey, even if you have to wait for an invitation to do a survey, the only thing it’ll cost you is your time. So I want to encourage you to sign up with as many of them as you want to.

I Think The Best Survey Site Is…

Amazon Mechanical Turk, aka Mturk.

There are a lot of surveys to do.

Most surveys are non-invitational (you can just do them).

They consistently pay without changing the rules.

Here is a snapshot of what I earned from Mturk in January, 2019:

Mturk Online Surveys Payment

Mturk isn’t exclusively a survey site, it’s Amazon’s answer to a crowdsourcing marketplace.  People post little tasks they need to have done in exchange for a little bit of pay to people who do those tasks. Including surveys of any kind.

You can sign up with Mturk here, just look for the Sign In As A Worker link at the upper right corner.


Secret To Makeing More Money Doing Online Surverys


The Second Secret:

A LOT of survey sites pay in gift cards.  Kind of sucky when you want cash.  But that’s OK because you can still win.

Here’s how to make money when the survey site pays in gift cards:

Ok, here are some well-known and reputable survey sites that “pay” in the form of gift cards:

Branded Surveys

Global Test Market

iPoll (also pays cash)

My Points (more than just surveys)

My Survey

Swagbucks (also pays cash)


But now you’re stuck with gift cards.

So you have a couple choices:

  1. use the gift cards (but you really want cash, right?), or
  2. you can swap them for cash.

Swapping your gift cards for cash is the secret.

You can sell your gift cards for cash through buyback companies like:

Card Cash

Card Pool

Gift Card Granny


As much as you want to easily earn money, millions of people want to easily save money. These gift card buyback companies are online platforms that let people shop for discounted gift cards. You make money by listing your gift card – the one you earned from doing those non-cash-paying surveys – setting the selling price, and getting paid by PayPall, direct deposit, or check when someone buys your card.


So…Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys?

Whether you’re hoping for cash or are willing to sell your earned gift cards, you really can make money doing surveys.  Surveys are fine when you have a few minutes to spare; keep in mind, though, that you won’t make much.

And remember, sign up with more than one of these survey sites so you have better odds of being invited to do some of the surveys.  And don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit…do some of the cash-payers and some of the card-payers.

Making money doing online surveys


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