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Online Writing Jobs: Some You Can Start Today

Did you know that online writing jobs can be found in just about every niche ? It’s true. But most people looking for a writing gig think they’re stuck with freelance boards and hustling for jobs.

Today, you’re going to see that there are a whole bunch of writing jobs you can do from home AND GET PAID. In fact, many of them can be started today.

-Some are employee based jobs.

-Some are freelance ideas.

-Some don’t require experience.

-All are legitimate.

Here they are:

Online Writing Jobs & Opportunities

Here are 31 websites, platforms and blogs that offer online writing jobs for all types of writers. Specifically, we’ll go over these writing options:

Companies That Hire Writers


Aha! is a remote-first company that has a pretty extensive marketing department, and part of their marketing strategy is writing about business, software development, innovation, and /or leadership topics.

To find their remote writing jobs, go to their careers page and look through the open Marketing positions.

The Search Guru

The Search Guru is a remote-friendly company that frequently hires content writers to be part of their exciting team. And as part of their team, you’ll produce professional-level content for their clients.

Job Boards For Writers

Blogging Pro

Updated daily with fresh writing gigs, Blogging Pro is a well-known job board that pulls writing opportunities from other sites and non-writing-specific boards, saving you many hours of searching for the right job.

You can sort the writing jobs to view those that are contract or freelance based as well as part or full time.

How much you earn depends on the company that posted the job, which is sometimes indicated within the original job posting. To get there, when looking through Blogging Pro, click a job that interests you. Then, click the blue “Apply To Job” button under the job description. Finally, if prompted to do so, click the link that takes you to the original job posting.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is a job board that is updated daily, listing writing /blogging jobs that are not always made public.

Similar to Blogging Pro, when you see a job you like, click it to read a summary of the job. Then, if interested, hit the “Apply For Job” button and then follow the link to the specific job.


The Problogger job board is one that I hope sticks around forever. Run by a world-renowned blogger, ProBlogger is picky about what online writing jobs are listed.

This job board is easy to navigate:

First, click a writing job that interests you.

Then, read the job description. You’ll also see the job type…contract, full-time, employee, freelance.

Finally, apply for the job. Do this by following the application instructions within the job description or by clicking the little “Apply” button located at the end of the job description.

It’s important that you read the job description carefully and in its entirety because over the years I have seen several jobs that have specific instructions, such as including a keyword in your online application.

Freelance Writing Job Bid Sites


Upwork is a popular freelance platform that offers thousands of opportunities for writers – beginners and pros.

The first thing you want to do (after going to the Upwork website) is hover over the ‘Find Work” link and then click on the ‘Writing & Translation” link. This will take you to all the available writing gigs.

The next thing you want to do is browse through the writing categories and see what interests you.

Blog Content Writing Jobs

Places To Write for Women, Parenting and Mommy Blogs


YMC (Yummy Mummy Club) is an Canadian online magazine that covers all things mummy (mommy if you’re in the USA) from pregnancy, to family, to style, and accepts both original unpublished as well as previously published content for syndication. In fact, they particularly like articles based on parenting humor and personal stories focused around family and home life.

Be sure to follow the submission instructions exactly as they indicate and understand that it may take a few weeks to hear from them.

PTO Today

PTO Today is a magazine that’s published 5 times a year providing resources for leaders of Parent-Teacher Organizations.

According to PTO Today, content focuses on helping the volunteer leaders run their organizations more efficiently and support their schools more effectively.

Some of the topics they cover are:

-Parent involvement



-Group management

-Working with school staff



It’s strongly recommended you familiarize yourself with the magazine and writing style before submitting your article.

Payment depends on the difficulty of the topic and your writing experience. You’re paid by the assignment, not by the word; with the pay scale ranging from $125 to $500.

Her View From Home

“Stories from the heart of every home” is the tagline of this blog, and they are currently welcoming new writers.

Her View From Home pays for original articles of 600-800 words in length to post on their blog

The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy is a popular online magazine that focuses on Mums (Moms in the USA) who transformed their body, mind and soul through better health and fitness.

They guarantee $100.00 if they publish your article.

The Healthy Mommy Pays You To Write

Military Families

If you have a personal experience or informative tips with military life, Military Families may consider publishing your writing.

Your articles can cover different perspectives, including key tips of advice, profile interviews, narratives around timely subjects, and unique military-related listacles.

Military Families will pay around $75.00 to $200.00 per article.

Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent is an award-winning magazine with an emphasis on content about parenting.

Some of the ‘types’ of articles they accept include personal parent related essays, practical parenting issues and solutions, and feature articles covering wider-ranged issues such as childcare, education, and motherhood.

According to Atlanta Parent, this is their pay structure:

  • Short articles are 300-600 words in length, and payment is $25-$50, depending on the reporting.
  • The average feature story is 800 to 1,200 words in length.
  • Payment varies depending on the writer’s experience and the relationship with Atlanta Parent, but begins at $100 for feature stories.
  • We pay upon publication. The editors have unrestricted editing rights.

Metro Parent

Metro Parent is a site that pays for fun stories and articles for patents in the state of Michigan. According to their website, there are four levels of potential payment:

  1. Features 1,000-2,500 words: $150-$350, depending on complexity of topic and number of sources required to do the story justice
  2. Department columns: $50-75
  3. Parent Pipeline pieces: $35-50
  4. Reprints: $35

Places To Write About Religion

Busted Halo

Busted Halo is a resource that shares the Catholic faith in a fun, interactive and creative way.

They are looking for contributors who can engage their readers while learning about the Catholic faith, with content falling into these categories:

  • General article writing in the form of interviews, research, theology, or other in-depth knowledge. As an article writer, you’ll focus on explaining the topic in a way that people who might be new to the Catholic faith would understand.
  • Reflection writing from a personal perspective about a scripture passage, struggle, or spiritual practice.
  • Seasonal writing for a general audience about a topic related to a Church season or holiday.
  • Resource writer where you help readers utilize a specific spiritual practice or faith tradition.

The Forward

The Forward is an independent news organization delivering issues, ideas and institutions that matter to American Jews. They’re taking pitches related to trending stories, multimedia, and video content written in news format, not analysis or interpretation.

According to The Forward, you’ll be highly compensated:

Compensation will be highly competitive for the right pitch. The Forward is an equal opportunity employer.

The Forward


Guideposts publishes true stories about hope and inspiration and they might be interested in your story. If you’ve surmounted an obstacle or learned a helpful lesson through your faith, send them your story.

Guideposts has pretty strict guidelines in what they want to publish and how they want their writers to write, so be sure to review their website to get an idea of their style.

Payment for 1,500 word full-length stories is made when the story is accepted for publication.

Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse

Clubhouse is tailored to children ages 8-12 and is designed to inspire, entertain, and teach Christian values.

Here’s what Clubhouse is looking for:

  • Contemporary stories with multicultural or ethnic settings (1,800 words)
  • Fantasy or science-fiction stories, avoiding graphic descriptions of evil creatures and sorcery (1,800 words)
  • Historical fiction featuring great Christians or Christians who lived during great times (900 or 1,800 words, depending on the story)
  • Choose-your-own adventure stories (1,800-2,000 words)
  • Humor with a point (500 words)

And this is how they pay writers:

We generally pay between 15 and 25 cents per word, depending on the amount of editing required. Feature-length fiction stories are usually bought for $200 and up. Nonfiction pieces are purchased for $150 and up. Authors sign a contract and are paid upon acceptance of the story and sent complimentary copies when the piece is published. We do not consider reprinted stories. We purchase a non-exclusive license, and simultaneous submissions are not accepted.


Places To Write About Anything


Listverse is a site that has “top 10 lists of everything under the sun”, will pay you up to $100.00 to write a list on any topic – as long as you write at least 1500 words.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoardermay pay you up to $75.00 if you write 700-900 words about saving or making money…but… this must be pre-arranged with the editor, who can be emailed at: editor(at)thepennyhoarder(dot)com


Cracked has been around for more than 50 years and they look for writers who are funny, smart and/or creative to create articles, photoshops, infographics, and videos.

They say experience isn’t necessary – you just have to be good.

Review Geek

Review Geek will pay you to write product reviews about…just about anything.

You don’t need not be an expert in all subjects, but you must have experience using and writing about products of different types.

As a freelancer, you’re paid on a per-article basis, and Review Geek is looking for people who can contribute four or five articles per week of about 800-1600 words each.

Compensation starts at $100 per article

Review Geek Pays You To Write

Places To Write About Money-Saving and Personal Finance

Elite Personal Finance

If you know a lot about finance, business, money, credit reporting, credit cards, and loans, take a look at Elite Personal Finance.

Here are the rules:

  • Aim for 1,000 to 3,000 words per post.
  • Avoid including any promotional links.
  • Include original artwork if possible.
  • Send as a .doc attachment.

If your writing is accepted, they’ll pay you $300.00.

The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a HUGE online and printed publication that takes articles on how-to and money saving tips. T

According to The Dollar Stretcher:

We’re looking for in depth articles with practical ideas that people can employ to help them stretch their dollars and live better for less.

the dollar stretcher

They’re currently paying writers who are published in their monthly print version (not their online/web version) at $0.10 cents per published word, with payment made in 2 to 3 weeks by check or Paypal.

Money Crashers is a popular personal finance site, that takes written peices from people who have a passion for investing, money management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle.

Articles should be at least 3,000 words in length, accurate, and informative. And if your article is published, Money Crashers pays a competitive base rate per article with additional monthly performance incentives based on traffic. Monthly payments are through PayPal or direct deposit.

Places To Write About Travel and Food

Cultures and Cuisines

Cultures and Cuisines is a website where food and travel meet, pays their writers a set rate of $200 per article. They seek writers who provide well-written narratives from their own point of view and in their own voice.

International Living

International Living is a website that shares stories from Expats living their dream lives around the world. They’re looking for people to share their traveling experiences and life in other countries through tips, advice, hacks, and how-to’s.

Here are their pay rates:

If they publish your article, you’ll be paid a one-time rate based on word count:

  • $100 for 1,000 words,
  • $150 for 1,500 words
  • $200 for 2,000 words, etc.

If they publish your video, the pay rates are as follows:

  • $75 for a 5-minute camera video.
  • $100 for a 5-minute video featuring different locations.
  • $150 for a 10-minute video.
  • $175 for a 15+ minute video.

Nomadic Matt

Probably one of the most well-known travel blogs, Nomadic Matt recently started accepting writers.

They have strict guidelines, and only interested in the following topics:

  • LGBT content: stories by transgender people, queer couples, and solo gay, lesbian, or bi travelers
  • Africa-related content (bonus points if it’s East or Central Africa)
  • Middle East–related content
  • Central Asia–related content
  • India-related content
  • China-related content
  • Technology- or gear-related content
  • Senior/Older travel
  • Family travel
  • Solo female travel travel

Additionally, you must follow their article sumission guidelines exactly, including the following in your pitch:

  • Your travel history
  • Your blog or channel
  • A link to two other guest posts you’ve done
  • Your topic idea(s), with suggested title(s) and description(s) of the article(s)

Each post published is paid $250.00

Young Adventuress

The goal of Young Adventuress is to connect people with the world through stories told from fresh angles and perspectives.

Currently, they’re looking for articles related to these topics:

  • Solo female focus
  • Expat and moving abroad
  • Adventure
  • Personal Growth
  • Wildlife
  • Local food stories
  • Photo guides

You can earn $50.00 to $150.00 for an 800-2,000 word feature article

Places To Write About Web and Tech


ProxyRack looks for high-quality content related to VPN, data mining, proxy and web scraping and they’re willing to pay $100.00 per 1,000 word article.


If you can write a well written piece about web development – complete with images, headings, and technically correct – take a look at Sochace.

To get started, choose a broad subject you’d like to cover (like JavaScript) then narrow it down so it’s as specific as possible. You want to ensure your article is targeted toward developers (preferably), designers, data scientists, or software engineers.

Smashing Magazine

Based in Germany, Smashing Magazine is for the web development and design community.

They pay writers, who are located all over the world, to write their tips, techniques, and ideas regarding all things web. Although their site does not state the pay, it is based on the quality and length of the article.


WpHub will pay you $100-$200 if you can write 800-1200 words (with visuals) about web design trends and WordPress related topics.


Linode pays freelance contributors to add to their libraby of guides and tutorials about open-source cloud computing technoligies. So, if you know about DevOps tools, server infrastructure, storage, programming languages, and Linux, consider submitting an article.

According to Linode, you’ll will be paid a minimum of $300 for original guides. Updates to existing guides start at $100 each.

Tips To Help You Get An Online Writing Job

  • Once you decide on a place you’d like to write for, make sure you read their guidelines and expectations.  They have strict rules.
  • There is a lot of competition. Some of the companies / blogs on this lis get thousands of submissions so you may not get a response for several weeks. In some cases, several months.
  • You should have a fresh view of the topic you are writing about.
  • Any writing you do MUST be your own work.  These places will check for copying and plagiarism.
  • Be prepared for rejection. Some of these sites are very picky in the ideas you pitch.
  • Put your best work forward, some of these places pay based on length and caliber of article.

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