30 Companies ALWAYS Hiring Home Workers

30 Companies ALWAYS Hiring Home Workers

Ok, maybe the word ‘always’ is a bit of a stretch. But the truth is, there really are companies hiring home workers on a regular basis.

Yep, looks like the remote work movement is catching on.

I happen to be one of those lucky souls who works for a company that is part of this movement.  And, to be completely honest, I don’t think I could go back to working for a “regular” company.  Ever.  I’ve gotten so used to working from home that my day DOESN’T begin with a shower.  Besides, all my work clothes are out of date.

As more and more companies get on board with having a remote team, your chances of snagging a real work at home job improves.  Here are 30 of them:

Companies hiring home workers

Here Are 30 Companies Who Hire Home Workers Regularly:

#1   ABC Financial
is a customer care service provider specializing in helping the fitness industry. They are located in Sherwood, Arkansas and have been around since 1981. The main position they hire for is Customer Care Representative working in a call center environment – from home. The pay is not readily available on their website, but I have learned from actual employees that you can earn between $10.00 and $11. 00 per hour, up to $13.00 if you are bilingual.

#2   Aetna is a well-known health insurance company, covering millions of people in the USA. They have multiple job openings that include professional careers and internships.  Including jobs in claims, telephonic nursing, behavioral health, sales,  IT, and case management, there are many options for anyone wanting to work remotely with this company.

#3  When you think of Amazon, you think “what can I buy?”, right? They also have a ton of jobs in what they call their “virtual locations” division. Some of the openings they have on a regular basis are Virtual Call Center Reps., Data Center Manager to HR Business Partner.  One catch, though: you have to live near a physical Amazon location.

#4   American Express, better known as Amex, is a huge financial services conglomerate based in Manhattan’s Three World Financial Center. They have many virtual career opportunities that span the areas of client management and sales, travel, technology, and customer care. The most common remote job with Amex is a Customer Care Professional, with pay potentially being over $15.00 per hour. Hint: type the words “work from home” (without the quotes) in the Search For Job field.

#5   Not only does Apple have great technology, they have great work from home employment opportunities. Apple At Home Advisor and Chat Agent jobs are available for people living throughout the USA. You do have to know about Apple products for these technical support jobs, though virtual training is provided.

#6   Articulate, a developer of e-learning software and tools, is always looking for smart, interesting, funny and nice people to add to their staff (as they put it). All their employees work from home, or wherever, and they reap the rewards of great benefits. Currently, they have openings for an E-Mail Marketing Specialist, Corporate Controller, and Software Engineer.

#7   Automattic is a popular 100% virtual company for anyone wishing to work with WordPress (blogging platform). The jobs they have are more technical in nature, which include Javascript Engineer, Data Wrangler, Theme Wrangler, and Happiness Wrangler (customer service). There is a 2-6 week trial period to see if you’re a good fit with the company but once you pass that, you’re in with a great company with great benefits.

#8   Helping companies with their social media sharing via their app, all of Buffer’s employees work wherever they want. What’s interesting about the jobs with this company is the fact you may be hired for one role but you expand into other areas of the company. Encompassing a variety of positions, such as Happiness Hero, Community Champion, Content Creator, Product Designer, and IOS Developer, this is a company with a ton of variety.

 #9  Clevertech is a company that custom designs web and mobile applications and they probably have a job for you. While mostly hiring in the design and development arena, they occasionally hire Customer Service Representatives to provide top-notch service.

#10   A computer software company based out of Santa Clara, California, DataStax is always looking for people who want to thrive and grow with a company. The bulk of their remote jobs are in the engineering and product management areas, so if this is your thing this company is worth checking out.

#11   Enterprise Holdings, aka Enterprise, is a family-owned portfolio of brands: Enterprise, National and Alamo. They frequently hire work from home Rental Reservation Representatives and Customer Service Representatives throughout the USA at a starting salary of $12.45 and $12.00 per hour respectively.

#12   When it comes to transcription jobs, GMR Transcription, stands out among the thousands of companies in this field. Based in the USA, and only taking resumes from applicants located in the USA, GMR frequently has jobs in transcription (medical and general), translation, interpretation, proofreading, editing and closed captioning transcription. If you’re interested, I wrote a review about GMR here.

#13   Hilton Worldwide is one of our favorite companies hiring home workers. A leading hospitality company since 1919, they always seem to have plenty of openings for Reservation Sales Specialists and Hhonors Specialists. In fact, their Job Search section of their website has an area of talent entitled Work From Home. How’s that for trying to lure you in?

 #14  HSN, a multi-billion dollar online and television retailer, is a well known company that hires plenty of home workers in sales and customer care. Part time and full time jobs always seem to be available but I have noticed that you do have to live in the area specified in the job posting.

#15   Another big healthcare and health insurance company, Humana is no stranger to hiring virtual employees. The openings consist of Nurse Liaison, RN or Disease Case Managers, Community Health Educator, Computer Operations Specialist, Proposal Analyst and Provider Contracting Representative.

#16   ICUC, a company that provides social media management services, hires multi-lingual specialists who are located all over the world. Hiring Community Managers, Content Specialists, and QA Specialists, iCUC employees manage and moderate millions of online comments, photos, videos, and social media conversations for their clients.

#17   Mayo Clinic, who needs no introduction, is always hiring teleworkers to join their staff. Although Coders are their main home-based career option, they do hire Regional Service Reps. and Clinical Specialty Reps. And, to top it off, their benefits package include professional growth opportunities and an emphasis on work/life balance.

#18   Always hiring home workers, Metaverse Mod Squad hires people to help their customers protect and grow their online communities and social channels with top-notch moderation and customer support jobs. Some positions are for those whose native language is something other than English.

#19   Rev Transcription is a great company to consider if you want to get into transcription but don’t have much experience. They are an online-only company, providing virtual training with a constant flow of transcription and translation work. I should mention the jobs are freelance, meaning no benefits (with the exception of working from home), but they do hire worldwide. Here’s my review on Rev.

#20   Shutterstock might be best known for their stock photography but did you know they hire remote freelance workers to be Image Reviewers? This is a job that is available to people living in many cities across the USA as well as world wide. Although the job is part-time, 25-30 hours per week including5-8 hours during the weekend, you can work on your schedule.

#21   Referred to as Sutherland CloudSource, the work at home division of Sutherland Global has positions in the customer service area on a regular basis. Hiring across the country, this is a business outsourcing company that strives to maximize their client’s customer satisfaction by hiring representatives who are knowledgeable in the financial, gaming, insurance, mortgage, retail, and travel industries. You can find my write-up of them here.

#22   Toptal hires the best software developers and programmers to serve the needs of other companies seeking the best talent for their work. You are a freelancer with Toptal, with a ton of benefits including health insurance, working fully remotely, and the ability to travel. Some of the open jobs are Front End Developer, Illustrator, Head of Digital Marketing, QA Automation Engineer, and Sales Engineer.

#23   Tutor.com takes on independent contractors in the USA and Canada who are able to work at least 5 hours per week. The tutoring subjects include algebra, finance, foreign language, chemistry, business, statistics and test preparation. There are specific requirements, such as college accreditation or a degree.

#24   Uhaul’s contact center jobs are extremely popular choices for home workers because openings are always available. Part-time and flexible work schedules are the norm with this company, with jobs including Sales and Reservations Agents, Cuctomer Service Agent, and U-Box (storage unit) Agents.

#25   A leader in hiring virtual workers in the managed care industry, UnitedHealth Group hires Provider Data Strategists, Tricare Prior Authorization Nurses, Field Service Coordinators, Field Care Advocates, and Relationship Management Leaders. Every once in a while they have jobs in claims processing, which are primarily data entry. Jobs with UnitedHealth Group are location specific but with the number of remote opportunities given you’re bound to find a position in your area.

#26   Transcribers and Translators who are part of the Verbal Ink team of contractors have a strong command of the English language and have a knack for finishing work ahead of schedule. This is a company who is always looking for good people to join their team and receive a fair pay for their work.

#27   Vortala is a web design, development, and management company specializing in helping healthcare professionals with their websites. A completely virtual company, they always seem to have a need for Website Managers, SEO Specialists, Client Support Specialists, Content Marketing Specialists, and Copywriters.

#28   According to Way With Words, they are always looking for transcribers with an excellent understanding of language and communications. As a contractor with Way With Words, your experience level can be from beginner to advanced and the work is ongoing.

#29   World Wide Web Hosting is made up of web hosting experts who strive to make the best web solutions that help customers build and manage their sites. This is a company that believes in “people, not policies” and takes a generous stand on giving their employees plenty of benefits. All of the positions are centered around their customers so having a passion for helping others is a must.

 #30  Xerox is a strong supporter of military workers as well as those wanting to work from home. Known as their virtual workforce program, Xerox has jobs in many areas including data entry, customer support and human resources. This is a company that always seems to have plenty of options. Some of the job titles include Graphic Designer, Production Sales Specialist, Service Desk Representative, Business Analysis, and Client Services Specialist.


Next Steps:

Armed with a bunch of companies who hire home workers on a regular basis, you’re on your way to getting a remote job.  Take these steps to get closer to working from home.

  1. Which companies interest you?
  2. Go to their site and check out their openings.  Chances are they have even more than what I have listed above.
  3. Follow the company’s directions – to a “T” – they will not consider you unless you follow their application specifications.
  4. Review your resume and spruce it up if need be.  You can read my tips here
  5. Are you ready for your interview?


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