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9 Things You Can Do Today To Be More Productive (Especially If You Work At Home)

I don’t think I’ve hidden the fact that I’m lazy.

Do I try to be productive while working at home?  Yes, I do.

Do I sometimes show a complete lack of regard to my laptop, letting it wither on the counter while I suck up a Golden Girls mini-marathon?  Heck yeah I do !

And what’s worse than that except, of course, a day of reading the endless tripe that spews forth from the internet machine.

I’m a full-time blogger, I take care of the house, and I love my vices. So, when I stumbled upon this time use table, my eyes were opened to how much time I actually spend doing the everyday things that are not work related.

And if I add in the time I spend making a living, well, I seriously have to cut back on the time spent on everything if I want to enjoy a little down time.

So I set a goal for myself:  Be insanely productive while working from home and meet ALL my goals. 

How do I pull it off, and how can you do the same ?

Like this:

How To Be More Productive While Working At Home

Here are some awesome tips that will help you be more productive while working from home.


This is a little trick I learned during my 9-5 office jobs (all of which I hated, by the way). Delegate. Back in the day it was called “passing the buck”, but I call it “letting someone else do the crap”.

I can list off a dozen crappy things that I have to do every day – things I’d rather pawn off to someone else.

Like an intern.

Or my kids. Yep, they’re great little worker bees when I need some paper-sorting and label-sticking sort of things done.

And if the “crap” is a bit too advanced for my kids, I turn to the freelance-finding platform known as Upwork.  I’ve found some great – and cheap – freelancers who have saved my fanny on more than one occasion.

Cut The Clutter

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep things simple. And when it comes to work, the less hassle the better. Unfortunately for me, this lesson took a lot of heartaches, stress and secret anger before it sank in.

This is what I learned NOT to do:

  • Take on any tasks or projects if I know the job and I are not a good match
  • Accept work if I sense a problem – like a scam
  • Waste my time if I know – deep down – the project or job will be a pain in my rump
  • Sweat the small stuff


Ahhh, the Kaboom toilet cleaning system…where have you been all my life? Even when I’m at my laziest I can clean my toilets without cleaning my toilets.

I  have made it my mission to seek out tools that make all my jobs easier.

Like scrubbing the pot.

And sweeping the floor.

If only I had a robot to take out the garbage.

Not only do I automate my everyday house cleaning chores, I use an assortment of productivity tools to get my work-work done.

For instance, when I need to do an online chat with a client I always use Skype.

And to track my time usage, Everhour is a life saver.

For jotting down notes, I use the Simplenote app on my phone.

But my all-time best productivity “tool” is this: Setting up my browser’s start page to go directly to my blog so I get straight to work.


Is procrastination a fancy word for lazy? Well, if pulling out all of my delay tactics is kin to my slothiness, then yes.

A study on procrastination tells us that it doesn’t matter when a task gets done as long as it eventually gets finished.  And I couldn’t agree more because I do get all my work done…eventually.

Procrastinating as a good thing – it forces me to get off my butt and do what needs to be done.

Looming deadline ?  No problem !  I just look at my to-do list, figure out what I have to do NOW, what can wait til later, and get cracking. Surprisingly, the things I shove down the “wait” list get done…eventually.


Another little tid-bit I learned from my stint in the 9-5 world was to split-up projects into several smaller segments and do each piece when I was able to.  I always seemed to have a deadline, but that only ensured the entire job would get done.

Now, Because I am a Golden Girls-aholic, I employ this work-in-short-bursts strategy so I never miss the slutatious antics of Blanche Devereaux.

Truth is, working like this makes every job seem as though the entire project is smaller than it really is. I just have to be sure the end result is to the satisfaction of my client – even if my client is my family.


I love nap time !  Sometimes, a ten minute re-charge of my brain is all I need.

A while ago I read about sleeping less to do more and I took on some of those little challenges.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I could make sleep work for me.  But sometimes I need a teeny-weeny bit more because it’s not always possible to wind-down and get a good night’s sleep (especially when hot flashes are raging !).

So I nap.

Keep Notes

Trying to remember everything that goes through my mind can be a little challenging.

Things like:

New blog post ideas.

Remembering to make a new Pinterest Pin.

The occasional non-staple grocery item.

So I keep notes.  A lot of notes.  I scribble things down on a notepad I have in my office (and one in the kitchen), but my favorite note-taking device is my phone.  It’s always handy.

Turn Off All Notifications

This is a new one for me: turning off all notifications…at least while I’m working.

I don’t need to be distracted with the stupid little “someone liked your post” or “here’s a new email”.  Nope.  Don’t want to check my phone, email, anything every time I get a notification so I turn them off.  Simple as that.

Have A True Work Environment

For years, my preferred way to work was sitting on my bed, laptop propped on my…lap…TV on.

But this turned out to be bad for two reasons:

  1. My neck started to HATE me.
  2. I was often distracted by what was on TV

Know what I did ?  I carved out a little space in my tiny guest room and built a makeshift desk.  I re-seated a $15.00 chair I bought from Habitat For Humanity Restore, bought an $8.00 shelf, and used a couple existing furniture pieces for the “legs”.  When the weather warms up, my husband will create real legs and storage for my desk BUT, in the meantime, this works perfectly !

No more TV distractions, my neck is feeling better, and I get a lot more work done.

Hack Your Way To Goal Smashing

When I started working from home, I learned how unproductive I really was.  The days slipped by so fast and I hardly got anything done. I HAD to make changes.  Which is exactly what I did. and I hope these tips help you become more productive and smash your goals.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which of these tips help you become more productive ?

Do you have any productivity tips to share?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

How to be more productive working at home

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