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Want To Be A Blogger Without Writing? Check Out These 10 Companies

jobs for non-writersWe’ve all heard you can make money with a blog. Heck, many of us have even tried it. Some win, some lose.

But did you know you can earn a living from home working on blogs without ever owning one ? And I’m not referring to the oft-mentioned job of writing for other blogs.

That’s right.

I’m talking about companies that hire people to actually be part of the blogging and website community in capacities other that writing articles and posts.

From managing to servicing to hosting to designing, developing and creating, there are many aspects to running a blog. Many jobs that need to be done. And for those of us who want to work remotely, many companies hiring people to do these jobs.

In some cases, such as the jobs in design and development, a great deal of experience may be required. In other roles, such as digital content management or customer support for blog platform companies, only a High School diploma (or equivalent) may be all that is necessary.

Here are 10 Companies That Hire Remote Workers to Work on Blogs


A fully remote company, 10up provides consulting services, tools and products to make managing website and blog content easier. Their employees are spread all over the USA performing web strategy services, designing websites, and building clean code. Some of the open positions are: Web and Design Engineer, System Administrator, Project Manager, and Ad Ops Specialist

A Small Orange

A web hosting company that offers great benefits, they hire remote employees as well as local personnel who occasionally work in-office. A Small Orange currently has openings in Customer Service, Technical Support, and Sales. Although their Customer Service and Technical Support job descriptions have short lists of desired knowledge and experience, they do provide on-the-job training.


Well known for their attitude of allowing all their employees to work from anywhere, Automattic always seems to be hiring Engineers, Designers, Developers and “Wranglers”. Their most popular position, a Happiness Engineer, does not have too many requirements as far as previous experience is concerned.

Elegant Themes

A leading developer of WordPress themes and plugins, this is a company that looks for people with a deep understanding of WordPress to join their team of full-time employees. Even though they have an office in San Francisco, CA, their employees are distributed across the USA.


With a focus on web and mobile development, Intridea hires remote Engineers with strong experience working with APIs, HTML, CSS and JS applications. In addition to the advantage of being able to work from home, each job includes a full line of benefits and a great deal of flexibility.


A WordPress plugin development company, onTheGoSystems hires full-time work from home employees who have good internet connections. Some of the jobs they currently have include Site Builders, Supporters, Development Testers, and Front-End Developers. The application process is unique in that you just fill out a simple online form telling them about your background, achievements and work history, and indicating the position you’re interested in and they promise they’ll get back with you.

Origin Eight

Focusing a great deal of their proise on Drupal CMS, this consulting company is a full-service digital agency that provides marketing, SEO, web services, mobile app development and re-branding efforts. They have virtual job openings in the areas of Graphic Design for Web, User Experience Strategist and Drupal Developers. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Origin Eight claims to be full of smart, fun, and easy to work with employees.


Vortala specializes in the design, development, and management of websites for the healthcare industry. This is a company that believes employees should enjoy a great work/life balance, setting their own work hours and performing their job from anywhere. Client Support Specialist and Website Success Managers are the most sought after positions with this company because little knowledge or experience is needed. In addition to these two roles, Vortala sometimes hires Content Writers, SEO Specialists, and Paid Search Specialists.


A free website building platform, Weebly sometimes hires people to do Chat and Email Support from home (I wrote about the job here ). Even if this particular job is not currently available, it is well worth your time to check out the other openings this company has to offer – some of them are remote jobs.

Woo Themes

Similar to Elegant Themes listed above, Woo Themes is a popular blog theme and plugin development company. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, this is a company with a full distributed work force that spreads out over 16 countries. At the time of this writing they indicate no open positions, but as recently as a few weeks ago they had openings for Theme Developers, and Support.


Readers: If you’re a developer with a ton of experience, a knowledgeable content creator, or someone interested in assisting others with blog issues, some of these companies may have a job that is a good fit for you. Are you going to apply for any of them?

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