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9 Small Office Organization Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you were just using something, put it down for a second, and it disappears ?

And if your home office is small, like mine…if I can even call it an office…, it can be so frustrating when things vanish because it usually means a lack of storage space.  Lack of storage can easily amount to clutter.  And a cluttered work space is a visual reminder of more work that needs to be done.

I don’t know about you, but clutter is a stressor that intensifies my level of frustration and makes me feel overwhelmed. I am so ready to be over that. So now it’s time to come up with some clever organizing ideas that are inexpensive – as in cheap – easy to do, and most importantly, save my sanity.

Turning to Pinterest, I found a lot of home office organization solutions.  Unfortunately, many of those ideas are kind of blah and not too appealing.  Broadening my horizon, I found some cool kitchen/bathroom/general organization ideas that can easily be adopted to your home office.

If you, too, are having trouble keeping things organized in your small office, check out the organization ideas I discovered.  I’m definitely going to try them.


9 Small Office Organization Hacks


#1  Wire Fruit Baskets Aren’t Just For Apples

Small office organization with wire fruit baskets

I like the look of the wire and chains of hanging fruit baskets, so why not use them to store books and magazines? This is a classy way to get them off your desk.  Wire fruit baskets can hold a lot of stuff and they can be hung just about anywhere. Imagine it hanging in the corner with some nice plants underneath.

Get It Here


#2  Modular Storage Crates One The Wall

Modular storage crates

Storage creates are the go-to organization tool for just about anything.  Every time I see them being used, they’re stacked on the floor.  That’s cool, but they can also be lined up and screwed into the wall to act as awesome storage cubbies AND as a shelf.

A large selection of crates can be found here.

Idea from:


#3  Layered Look Basket Storage

Layered hanging baskets

This is a cool idea I’m dying to try out. To get this to work, hang one basket below another by attaching string, chain, or jute at the corners.

Idea from: Be Different Act Normal


#4  Baskets On The Wall


Baskets on wall for extra storage and small office organizing

Don’t let the bath towels fool you, this idea translates well to your home office.  You can use just about any sturdy basket to give your work space a vertical storage option.  Try mixing the sizes and shapes for a more interesting look.

Get Baskets Here

Idea from:


#5  Spice Rack For Small Items

Spice rack to store small office items

No drawer space for those little things you use every day?  A spice rack is a smart way to keep your paper clips, rubber bands, labels and push pins separated but handy.  Darn.  I wish I didn’t sell mine at my garage sale.

Tip: Muffin tins work well too

Get It Here
Idea from: Motherhood On A Dime


#6  Cereal Box File Sorter

Cereal box storage idea

Here’s a cute cereal box idea for small office organizing of all your files. Huh, and all I ever did was throw them in the recycle can. The instructions at One Good Thing use the decorative washi tape, but you can use wrapping paper, contact paper, or even note cards to decorate the cereal boxes.

TIP: Slip a toilet paper tube into your cereal box organizer and you have an all-in-one document /pen holder.


#7  TP Tube Pen And Pencil Organizer

Toilet paper tube pen storage idea

And if you have a few toilet paper tubes and a shoe box, you can make a pen and pencil organizer like this one.  Cut toilet paper tubes to whatever height you want – varied, even, taller than the box, shorter than the box – line them up in a shoebox and wrap the box with wrapping paper.

Idea from: Clutter-Free Classroom


#8  Hidden Tension Rod Storage Solution

Tension rod storage idea

Just like in this picture, my friend stores her kid’s bath toys in little baskets hanging from a shower rod. So I got to thinking, “hey, I can do this with a tension rod and “stick it” under my desk to store all those ugly things like cords, adapters and those kind of things”. What a cool idea!  All you need is a tension rod that will span the area between the vertical supports of your desk, a few s-hooks, and some little plastic or wire baskets.

Get Tension Rods Here

Idea from:


#9  Chic Memo Frame

Frame and string memo board

Now this is my favorite.  It’s simple, cheap, and nice looking.  Create a chic memo board with some string, any kind of frame you have laying around, and a few clothes pins.  This is such a simple idea and it looks so much neater than post-its stuck all over the place.

Idea from: Shanty 2 Chic


Ready To Organize Your Small Office?

Just because your work space is a bit cramped that doesn’t mean you can’t tuck things away in an orderly fashion.  These creative ideas can be done cheaply, easily, and quickly give you that sense of organization and order you need.

Are you ready to get your small office in shape?

Small office organization hacks


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