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How I Conquered My Deepest Fear Of Working From Home

“Well, here goes nothing” I mutter to myself as I switch into my computer glasses.

Any second now I plan on hitting the “apply” button, then there’s no turning back.

So many negatives run through my mind: What if my resume sucks? Who the hell am I kidding? This job isn’t for me! Do I have enough skills?

I go through this every time I apply for a job. Nit-picking every little thing, lowering my confidence to a level equal to that of toilet scum. I have come across so many online jobs that I thought I was perfect for, only to tell myself “there’s no way I’ll get it”.

Still, I carry on. Finding a job, filling in the online application, hitting the button to shoot my resume down the throat of whoever is sitting at the other end of the internet tunnel. I do this time and time again. Then exasperation sets in and I almost give up.

And in doing so I find myself facing the storm of one of my deepest fears of working from home.

The fear of NOT getting a work at home job.


Do You Fear You Won’t Get A Job?

I’ve always considered myself to be a person of confidence. Solid in knowing what I am capable of. In fact, in my 9-5 out-of-the-home career I had no problem getting interviews and the ensuing jobs. It was all so simple back then.

But ever since I decided I wanted to work from home, I’ve been tripped-up with the obstacle of getting the job. Seems like an irrational fear, really. I mean, how different is it from getting a non-home based job?

But it is different.

I’m willing to bet that anyone who has applied for a work at home job – no matter if it’s part-time, full-time, or seasonal – knows how hard it is to get through the process.

The fear of not getting a home-based job is so much worse than a tradition job. Because the application process expects us to spill our guts in just a few swift clicks of the keyboard, we provide so much more information about our personality and work capabilities all at once. By exposing our social profiles and answering a set of canned questions within the online application, we open ourselves up to a lot of scrutiny.  Unlike the traditional method where our resume and cover letter speaks for themselves.

And the biggest obstacle of all ? Believe it or not, it’s NOT finding the job.  It’s hoping it’s not filled before we complete the application.

And that sucks.

Face The Storm And Conquer Your Fear

Face The Storm

I finally hit the “apply” button and in no time my resume swooshes through the internet. It, and my exposed personality traits that come through in my essay answers (yes, most online job applications have essay questions).

In that moment, it hit me: Hmmm. That was easy. Why was I so scared?

And as I contemplate applying for another job, I feel the twinge of nervousness well up all over again. But I have to admit, when done right the whole process is nothing to fear. Even when my skeptical self tells me I don’t stand a chance of getting the job.

The truth is, I am slowly overcoming this silly fear. I now know that the cure is to understand the nature of this coveted way to work and just face the storm.

And after many fails, I’ve come to realize a few things about trying to get a remote job:

  1. They have just as much of a fill-rate as non-home jobs. When a job opens, it is is quickly filled so I have to keep checking back.
  2. Because working from home is an online world, blogs that are geared towards people who want to work remotely rarely delete old job postings.  The information quickly becomes outdated  so it seems there are never any job openings.
  3. I should not apply for every job. That would be an exercise in stupidity, not to mention a waste of time. I want to apply to jobs where I have at least the necessary skills.
  4. Sending my credentials via email is just as nerve-racking as hitting the “APPLY” button because I still have to prove my skills in writing before they even consider me.

Apply for remote job

Some positions want us to fill-in an online form, some want our cover letter/resume sent by email.

Send email for remote job


How I Conquered My Fear Of Working From Home

Tackling this fear by facing the storm is liberating. Seeing the process for what it is opens up more opportunities I thought were out of reach. I still get frustrated when I find “the perfect job” only to discover it has been filled (thanks all you other blogs out there for leading me on), but at least I don’t totally give up.

Because I know it’s not all me. It’s the job, too.

And through my trials of applying for jobs, I have picked up a few pointers:

  • Rejection is OK
  • The more online applications I complete, the better I get at it. Even if I’m not 100% a perfect fit.
  • I read through the job description thoroughly. I get to know what the company does.
  • I get a sense of the company. Based on the job description AND their website, I try to feel their vibe.  This lets me craft my application responses to match their style.
  • I commit to applying. No half-assing it.

Conquering these things and knowing the real reason why it seems remote jobs are rare gives me the courage to apply for any position that feels right. Even if it results in rejection. Just knowing that I have the cojones to go through the process releases my fear of not getting the job.

You too can get through the process and realize you CAN get a work at home job.

Let me know in the comments what fear plagues you when it comes to working from home.


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