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Best Part-Time Online Jobs You Can Life Off

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Not everyone can work from home full-time, I get that, so finding an online part-time job that pays well becomes priority.

So today I’m going to show you:

  • The best part-time jobs you can do online
  • How much you can earn
  • Where and how to get one of these jobs

If you’re looking for a good paying part-time job you can do from home, you’ll love this post.


Best Part-Time Online Jobs

Business Support

Data entry and online research aren’t the only things you can do when working for Konsus, you can do Powerpoint presentations and graphic design and…well, whatever the client wants.  As on on-demand freelancer, you have the ability to work as many hours as you want and they claim there is a steady flow of work.  How much money can you make?  It totally depends on you: how much you want to work.

Online Moderation

Be an online moderator with eModeration and make at least $15.00 an hour working part time. (according to They have a growing list of global-brand clients who seek talented community and social media moderators.


Online Office Assistant

Time Etc. and Worldwide101 hire Online Office Assistants to to do a variety of office-related tasks.  Can you write? Do you like doing customer service? Do you think social media is fun? Working for either of these companies is a great career choice because you have a ton of flexibility.  Work when you want and select the assignments that interest you.

Online Stylist

You can be an online stylist with Stitch Fix. They frequently look for Stylists to express their creativity helping clients discover their style. Although they don’t come right out and mention the pay, Glassdoor reports the salary is right around $15.00 an hour.


Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal Jobs are great if you want to work a lot of hours for a short period of time. Even though you may work up to 40 hours a week, the fact the job is seasonal still gives you the flexibility you want. Places like Nordstrom, HSN and Williams Sonoma hire during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season while Blooms Today and Teleflora hire during all the holidays, including Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.



Teach math online with Reasoning Minds, be part of the educational marketplace at Teachers Pay Teachers, help people learn another language with Rosetta Stone or help students with their homework with Chegg and work on your schedule. Not only is this line of work rewarding, you can really make good money.  I have read that Rosetta Stone will pay up to $17.00 an hour and Chegg, tutors earn $20.00 an hour and can make up to $1,000 each month.


Nursing and Medical

A great career with a rewarding benefits, nursing jobs are always available. But are there any that can be done at home…and on a part-time basis?  McKesson, Anthem, Cigna, and United HealthGroup always seem to have openings, including positions like Telephone Triage, Case Management, and Patient Care.  Although most are full-time, they do occasionally have part-time positions that can be done virtually.


Resume Crafting

If you have a way with words and can whip out a professional resume or cover letter, ResumeEdge will pay you. This is a freelance platform where you are paid a flat rate for writing resumes and cover letters. How much do you get paid? Well, Resume Edge is pretty tight-lipped but if their prices are any indication, you can make some decent money writing resumes on your schedule. For example, ResumeEdge charges $249.00 for a professional resume. If they pay you 50% per resume, you get $124.50. Don’t quote me on this though…I’m just speculating.


Create Online Courses

“Transform your knowledge from expert to instructor”.  How? You create online courses using Udemy  and “earn serious money” (according to Udemy). To make serious money, Udemy recommends creating courses based on their high-demand topics here:


Mobile Auto Technician

While we’re at it, I want to mention You Mechanic. If you’re an automotive technician, you can make $40-$60 an hour as a mobile mechanic. This is an interesting concept: A customer books a service online with the You Mechanic app. and you will go to their home or business to service their vehicle. You have complete control on how often you work.


So Now What ?

To be completely honest, the search for the perfect work-at-home job never ends.

But by carving out a few hours of your day you can un-tap the enormous potential to make a nice living working part time.

Things will fall into place.



Thank you for sharing !

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