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Work From Home Exercises To Kick ‘Desk Hunch’ In The Butt

Thank you for sharing !

Work from home exercises taht are easy and quick to do.

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Working from home can be painful !

Sitting in front of the computer ALL DAY and parts of your body really start to hate you.  Shoulders hunched forward, legs curled up under you, hand propping up your head as you navigate your computer mouse.

I call it the ‘desk hunch’ and it comes with a big price tag.

– Headaches.

– Pain in the neck and shoulders.

– Achy back.

– Even pain in weird places like jaw and hips.

So today I wanted to share some quick and easy work from home exercises you can do without having to go to a gym.

Here they are:

Quick Exercises You Can Do When Working From Home

Exercise is so good for our bodies, we all know that.  Weight loss, stretching and strengthening our muscles, even contributing to general good health and therefore a healthy immune system are all benefits of exercising.

Now, I’m not a fitness expert, but I do exercise almost every day.  Usually in short bursts, but I get it done.

The first thing I do is a quick yoga workout (and no, I’m not a yoga guru).  Then, throughout the day, I do some of the other stretching / area-specific exercises in the following videos.

Quick Yoga Exercises

This 10 minute yoga routine.  I love it because I feel pretty good afterwards.

This routine is pretty easy to do and can be done in a small space, too.  I like the energy of this instructor – makes exercise fun.


And here’s another good 10 minute yoga video.

What I really like about this routine is the emphasis on breathing – no better way to relieve stress than slow, deep breathing.

This is a beginner level exercise routine that’s easy to follow, going over some basic neck / shoulder/back relaxation techniques.


Head, Neck, Jaw Exercises For Pain Relief

This chin tuck exercise really works for me ! It’s a little painful at first, but it’s an oddly good feeling pain. I do it several times a day, even while typing out this blog post.


Another good neck pain reliever is this one presented by the docs. on the show The Doctors.

The Physical Therapist shows us how to stretch the neck muscles by pulling the head back. You want to make an “L” shape with your thumb and index finger, placing the “L” with your thumb on your chest and index finger on your chin and slowly pull your head back a few inches Ahhh…relief !


TMJ and the surrounding jaw muscles are pain points that a lot of people don’t associate with bad posture while sitting at the computer. I recently realized this, which is why I added this video to the list.

Now I will say this, these two Physical Therapists are a little annoying, talking over one another, but the exercises do help me.


Upper Back and Shoulder Exercises

Typing on the computer affects the Trapezius (shoulder) muscles, which then affects the neck and head.  The stretches in this video concentrate on these upper muscles.


Tension in our upper back can creep up on us.  Using a rolled-up towel, these simple, no-impact exercises gently stretch the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and chest.


Quick AT-Your-Desk Exercises

Have 2 minutes to spare ?

These quick exercises are great ways to get your blood flowing while standing at your desk.

There’s a lot of moving going on here, so you might want to put on some loose fitting clothes 🙂 The instructor is pretty energized but very easy to follow. All you have to do is stand up, move your legs


The simple exercises and stretches in this video are a bit more slower paced than the previous one but they’ll make you feel just as good. Just stand in front of your desk and get moving. Simple as that.


Quick All Over Body Exercises

Before you start your day, loosen up your muscles. You’ll be glad you did.

These balance and stretch exercises not only reduce fat (Yaaa !), they help you improve blood flow and relieve muscle aches.

I like doing some of these stretches before I start working…sitting in front of a computer really does a number on my neck and shoulders so stretching out beforehand prepares me for a long stint of computer work.

Exercising While Working From Home Is Easy

It’s easy to sneak in a quick exercise routine at any time of the day, you just need to get moving.

I know, easier said than done, but I hope these videos encourage you to do it.

Boost your metabolism, energize your work day, relieve your aches and pains are just some of the benefits of daily exercises…aren’t those reasons enough ?

Work from home exercises that are easy and quick to do.



Thank you for sharing !

Author: Kat Lewis

Kat Lewis is the person behind The Wary Worker, the blog that shows you how to work from home and live life in the meantime. Kat is a former Accounting Specialist turned Human Resource Generalist who found her niche in the work-at-home world. With an analytical background, Kat looks at every opportunity with a skeptical eye so she can bring the truth to anyone wanting to work from home.

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