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Where To Get Online Data Entry Jobs: The Only Ones Worth Your Time

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Data entry is an easy online job that doesn’t require experience or a lot of commitment. But there are only a few legitimate places to get one. Today, you’ll learn where to find data entry jobs you can do from home, how to get started, and how much they pay.

You’re done wasting time searching for data entry jobs. You’ve checked out all those other places that claim to have legitimate opportunities, only to find they don’t. So today, you’ll see where to get data entry jobs from home that are not complete time sucks.

Specifically, I’ll show you the 3 best sites to get an online data entry job, as well as:

  • how to get started with each one
  • how to locate the data entry jobs
  • how to finalize your job and get paid


  • I’ll go over a few legit companies that sometimes hire people to do data entry
  • tell you how much you can make doing data entry

Let’s get to ’em.

Data Entry Jobs From Home

These are the only legitimate data entry jobs that are worth your time. You can you can do them from home – or anywhere – without waiting to be hired.

#1 Amazon Work From Home Data Enty Jobs

Amazon has legitimate data entry jobs you can do from home through their online task marketplace known as MTurk. MTurk connects people who want to work virtually to individuals and businesses who have tasks they need completed.

And data entry happens to be one of the most abundant tasks available.

Here’s how to get a data entry jobs with Amazon:

To get started doing data entry on Amazon, you need to follow two simple steps: #1, Get on MTurk and #2, select data entry gigs. Here are the details.

Step #1: Get on MTurk

First, go to the Amazon MTurk Worker set-up page and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Make money from home with MTurk

Then, click on the ‘Create A Worker Account’ button.

Data entry jobs from home

You’ll then be taken to the sign-in screen where you have two choices:

#1, if you already have an Amazon account, just enter your email (or cell phone #) and password and click the sign in button.

#2, if you don’t have an Amazon account, click on the ‘Create Your Amazon Account’ button. Once you click that button, you’ll need to enter some general registration information such as your name, email, and password.

You should now be logged into Amazon MTurk and ready to do some data entry.

Note: You may have to set your payment preferences. If instructed to do so, click the ‘Manage Payment Preferences’ button and select your preferences from the options.

Step #2: Get MTurk Data Entry Gigs

First, you’ll see your MTurk dashboard where you select a HIT. A HIT is Amazon’s acronym for Human Intelligence Task and represents tasks other people or companies need to have done and what you can work on.

Take a look at this dashboard; on it you’ll see:

  • who requested the job
  • a brief description of the job
  • how many of the specific jobs are available (HITs)
  • how much you’ll be paid (Reward)
  • when the requester posted the job
  • the ability to preview the job before working on it, and any actions you need to take
Amazon MTurk Tasks

Now, when it comes to the ‘Actions’ column on your dashboard, some of the jobs are marked as ‘Accept and Work’, which you can do now, and some are marked as ‘Qualify’, which you must meet certain qualifications to do the job.

We’re only going to look at the ‘Accept and Work’ jobs, which brings us to the next step.

Next, Looking at your Dashboard, type the words Data Entry in the search box and click the magnifying glass or hit enter. You should now see all the available data entry jobs you can do.

In this example, you can see the jobs I can Accept and Work on now. You can also see, for the first one listed, there are 2073 HITS available at the reward of $0.15 per HIT. In other words, you can do 2073 data entry jobs for this requester and make $310.95. However, other people may be doing some of these HITS, too, so you may not be able to corner the market on this particular job.

remote data entry jobs with MTurk

You can preview each job before accepting it. And if you think you want to do the job just click the ‘Accept and Work’ button to be taken to the actual task.

And this is important: Before you start the job, click the ‘Accept’ button – located at the bottom right corner. If you don’t want to do the task shown, click the ‘Skip’ button.

When you’re done doing the job, click the ‘Submit’ button and either go on to the next HIT, do one from a different requester, or close out your session.

Here’s How You Get Paid With Amazon MTurk

There are 3 steps to getting paid on MTurk:

#1, The task Requester has to approve your submitted HIT. This typically takes less than 48 hours.

#2, Your earnings are displayed on your dashboard.

#3, You’ll receive your payment via US dollars or gift card, whatever you set your payment preferences to.

Sign up with Amazon MTurk Here

Check out MTurk’s Worker’s FAQs here

#2 Clickworker’s Online Data Entry Jobs

Clickworker is a platform where you can work wherever, whenever, and how much. You get paid to help individuals and business owners with small tasks they’re not able to do themselves.

Here’s How To Get Started On Clickworker:

The first thing you want to do is go to the Clickworker website and take a look at the types of jobs they have. Clickworker has several different tasks you can do, which they list on the login page, and the one called Categorization is data entry.

Click the ‘More’ link…

Data entry jobs with Clickworkers

…Then, hit the ‘Register’ button.

Registration is pretty typical, just enter some basic information about yourself, like your name and address, then create a login name and password and click the Sign Up button. Registration complete !

Now, before you can access any jobs, you need to go to the email sent by Clickworker and activate your account. Then, you’ll receive your How To Get Working email with instructions on how to do assessments and how to select jobs.

It’s important to know that you will have to demonstrate sufficient English language skills. The better your skills, the more jobs you can do. To do an assessment, sign into Clickworker and click the ‘Assessments’ link.

Data entry assessment with Clickworkers

Finally, once you’ve completed your English evaluation and you’re approved to work, check your Clickworker user account for available jobs.

You don’t have to do all the projects that are displayed within your dashboard and when you do select a project, you can work on it for as long as you want and stop at any time…as long as the job is completed within the specified time frame.

In fact, this is what Clickworker FAQ states about completing a task:

The amount of time you have to complete a task varies from project to project. However, a countdown timer displays the “Remaining Time” on the work page. You must complete the job before the time runs out, i.e. reaches zero. If this happens the job will be cancelled and will be lost for you.

Here’s How You Get Paid With Clickworkers

You’ll be paid for all the jobs that you have successfully processed and submitted, which are subject to a quality check at a later date if necessary.

You’re paid weekly or monthly payment via SEPA or PayPal, depending on your payment requirements within your profile.

#3 Microworkers Data Entry Jobs

Microworkers is another well-known online platform that pays you to do micro-jobs. You can work from home or from any remote location where you have internet access.

Here’s How To Get Started On Microworkers:

There are a lot of tasks you can do on Microworkers but the Image Tagging, Image Transcription and Data Mining categories are data entry.

To get started on Microworkers, click the blue ‘Register‘ button located at the top right corner.

How to register to work on Microworkers

Then, enter the typical registration information like your name, address, user name and password.

And then open the account activation email Microworkers just sent you.

Login to your Microworkers account by entering your email and password.

You’re now presented with all the available tasks and how much each task pays. You can scroll through to see what you feel like doing or use the filters to see just the tasks for a specific category.

Legit Work From Home Data Entry Jobs With Microworkers

Finally, pick a task, click the ‘I Accept This Job’ link at the bottom, start working on it, then click the “I Confirm That I Completed This Task.

Microworkers jobs

Here’s How To Get Paid With Microworkers

If the task requester is satisfied with your completion of the job, you’ll be paid the rate indicated. To cash out your earnings, click the ‘Withdrawal button’ at the top of your Microworkers dashboard and payment is sent to you according to the payment preferences you entered when you signed up.

Make money doing data entry with Microworkers

Companies With Remote Data Entry Jobs Worth Checking Out

Here are some companies that sometimes have work from home data entry jobs available.


Go to the Xerox careers page and scroll down to the Featured Programs and Opportunities section. Click on the Virtual Office Program section.

Virtual jobs at Xerox

See how Data Entry is listed as one of the possible remote job openings ?

Now, click the ‘Search For Xerox Jobs’ link located at the right.

Xerox data entry jobs

Scroll through the jobs and apply for whichever one interests you.


Axion is a company that specializes in data entry and they sometimes have work from home data entry jobs. However, because there is not much turnover, they don’t hire very often.

And here’s a big turn-off, straight from Axion’s employment page:

…To be considered for a data entry contractor position, you must register in our database, for which there is a nominal charge of $5, $7 or $10 depending on how long you want your name retained in the database…

They claim this is to discourage people who don’t have data entry experience from adding their name to the potential hires database. Personally: I don’t like it and I would not do it.

Dion Data Solutions

This is a respected company that hires independent contractors to do data entry from home as long as you can type at least 60 words per minute and have basic computer skills.

They provide training…when they do hire. Which isn’t too often.

Data entry FAQs.

Is a Data Entry job easy ?

Data entry is a very easy job if you can type fast and accurately. Data entry can mean different things to different companies, but the main concept is taking raw data and entering it into a computer system.

Data entry isn’t a very exciting job, with most of the work being repetitive, but it is an online job that doesn’t require experience.

How much do data entry jobs pay ?

The pay for doing data entry is usually pretty low, often just a few dollars per job. And because there is so much competition, individuals and business owners know someone out there will take the pay they offer. tells us that Data Entry Clerks earn over $13.00 per hour on average, but I think that rate pertains to the few reputable companies I wrote about earlier…if you’re one of the lucky ones to snag one of their jobs.

Work from home data entry jobs salary

Realistically, your earnings from a remote data entry job will probably be based on a piece-by-piece basis and the exact amount you can make from a data entry job depends on two factors: your performance and the type of data entry you’re doing.

The data entry tasks from the micro jobs I wrote about average less than $6.00 per hour when you total your earnings and the time spent doing them. On the other hand, places like Axion pay around $15.00 per hour – that’s if they’re actively hiring…which is seldom.

What skills are needed for data entry ?

Before you can start doing data entry – as simple a job as it is – you have to show you can actually do data entry. This may be in the form of passing assessment tests in typing and the English language as well as exhibiting proper grammar skills.

And because the more data entry you do, the more you can earn, so being a fast typist is key.

To check your typing abilities, go to and perform one of their mock tests. Start typing and see your results.

Some data entry companies require you use their software but you should have knowledge and skills in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, Quickbooks, or Google Docs.

What equipment is needed to do data entry from home ?

At a minimum, an up-to-date computer and internet access are the pieces of equipment you need to do a work from home data entry job.

You can use a laptop or desktop. You can use a mobile hotspot for your internet as well as WiFi. You can even use the internet at a library or coffee shop.

Some companies may require you have a dual monitor setup to speed-up the transfer of information from one document to another. It’s easier to look at side-by-side monitors than clicking back and forth between items on one computer/monitor.

One Last Thing: Beware Of Scams

It’s no secret that there are a lot of scams out there, and virtual jobs are no exception. Here are a few tips:

  • Watch out for companies that charge fees. Even though Axion charges a fee, they are a legitimate company BUT I would not work for them because they charge a fee.
  • Watch out for data entry job ads that only require you to type 25 words per minute. You really have to be a fast typist to do data entry…that’s if you want to make more than a few pennies.
  • Watch out for jobs that claim they’ll pay a whole lot of money. It’s rare to find a company that pays more than the equivelant of $9.00 an hour. Most will pay closer to $6.00 / hour.

Over To You

Still interested in doing remote data entry ?

Want to try something else that doesn’t require much experience like an entry level transcription job ? Another option is a Virtual Assistant job for beginners.

Whatever work from home job you choose remember this: You’re doing it for the freedom from the 9-5.

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