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Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners And Pros (In-Demand For 2021 )

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Today we’re breaking down the most requested and best freelance jobs for beginners and pros. From video editing, writing blog posts and creating web content, customizing e-commerce shops, doing email marketing and scaling social media promotion – we’ll show you what’s in demand right now and how much you can earn.

A Freelancer is someone who works for themself; a self-employed individual who provides a skill or service to other individuals or businesses (clients). Freelancers do not have a “boss” nor are they employed by a company.

And what makes freelancing even more attractive ?

You can pick what work you what to do, when to do it, and where you work.

But what kind of freelance work should you do ?

In this guide you’re going to see what the best freelance jobs are, based on the most popular freelance sites and the demand of people seeking freelancers.

Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners

Video Editor


Video content is quickly becoming a popular type of content used by individuals and businesses of all sizes. And because of this, it is one of the most requested freelance gigs.

Your main job is to make an interesting and engaging video from raw, choppy, video clips. Some examples of work you may do are YouTube videos, training material, even corporate events.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$40.00 an hour is the going rate charged by freelance Video Editors.

Recommended Resources:

Adobe Premier Pro CC For Beginners

Adobe Premier Pro editing software (free trial available)

Logo Designer


Designing logos is one of the best freelance jobs you can do from home that lets you show off your graphic design skills.

In fact, according to Fiverr, logo design is one of the top-requested jobs people pay for.

courtesy of Fiverr

But there’s more to creating a logo than just making a design. It’s about brand recognition and turning visions into visuals.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

Logo Designers charge, on average, $47.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Image Editor


Images are used everywhere, online and offline, on print, websites, even social media.

Bloggers, marketers, writers, businesses of all sizes use images to promote their items and pieces of work.

I’m going to share a little story:

A while ago I did a freelance web design gig, using WordPress and the free Neve theme.  Everything went smoothly...except the images.  You see, the website was for a model and great images were super important.  The images I got from the photographer were not good enough (I don't know why the photographer didn't touch them up) so I hired a freelancer to do the touch-ups for me.  She did great work, and earned $200.00 for a few hours of work.

Photoshop is the most well known, and used, photo editing software out there, BUT it’s not free. In fact, once you’ve exhausted the 7-day free trial, it costs at least $20.99 a month.

So here’s what you can do: Use Gimp. It’s free and very similar to Photoshop and no one will know you used Gimp instead of Photoshop.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average rate for freelance Image Editors is $50.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Canva free (and paid version) online photo editor

Gimp free image editing /creating software

Photo Shop For Beginners

Web Designer


Not to be confused with a Web Developer (which we’ll talk about later), a Web Designer has more of a creative side to them. But where web design and web development overlap is knowing HTML and CSS – the two website coding languages needed to design awesome websites.

Using design programs such as Adobe and Canva, Web Designers create the layout and visual elements of a website. Most designers are familiar with WordPress and those who are just starting out simplify the process by working with clients who want simple websites and blogs. In these cases, often a WordPress-ready theme (the design) is used…no coding for the designer.

The cool thing about web design is every blog needs to be re-designed at some point in its life, making Web Designing a hot freelance job.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$85.00 an hour is the average rate freelance Web Designers are currently charging.

Recommended Resources:

Web Design For Beginners

SEO Specialist


Ranking high in search engines is a must for any business that has an online presence, making SEO Specialists an in-demand freelance job and a great one for beginners.

To be a successful SEO Specialist, you need to know what’s needed to rank in search engines. Unfortunately, you’ll never know the inside secrets how search engines rate websites and blogs, but if you know how to do keyword research and optimize a website’s content properly, chances are pretty good you’ll get good rankings.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average rate charged by Freelance SEOs is just over $62.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Beginners Guide To SEO free resource provided by MOZ (top-rated SEO community)

Social Media Manager


Social Media Managers implement and often execute strategies that help a business engage with their target audience via social media.

A day in the life of a Social Media Manager may consist of:

  • Monitoring, moderating, and responding to social media comments
  • Managing partnerships with other brands
  • Creating / posting sharable content
  • Creating social media profiles

According to

A social media manager can be a marketer, a strategist, a copywriter, a designer, an analyst and a customer service rep—sometimes all in one day. As someone who loves a challenge, that variety is one of the things that first drew me to working in social.


So you need to be a good communicator, a top-notch writer, be creative and know a lot about digital marketing.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$70.00 per hour is the going rate of Freelance Social Media Managers.

Recommended Resources:

Social Media Marketing Mastery Course

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Blog and Website Content Creator


One of the most commonly requested freelance gigs is creating content for blogs, and websites. This is primarily in the form of writing articles and blog posts, but you may need to source and possibly edit images to go along with that content.

And the best thing about this kind of job is you can pick and choose the types of websites or blogs you want to create content for. In other words, if you know a lot about a certain topic, you can be the content creator for sites and blogs specific to that topic.

Blogs, training resources, online magazines, and other publications are always looking for writers to contribute on a by-project or full-time basis.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The top-rated article/blog/website content writers average $48.00 per project

Recommended Resources:

How to Write a Blog Post by…one of the best blogging blogs out there.

Best Content Writing Tools, by TheWaryWorker



Copywriting is a marketing technique where you write something that engages the reader and motivates them to take the next step. Often, that next step is making a purchase or responding to an email.

You don’t need advanced education or special training to be a Copywriter. You just need to be a persuasive writer.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

Copywriters charge an average of $46.00 an hour.

Recommended Resources:

Copywriting 101 by Hubspot

Proofreader / Editor


An eye for detail is the prominent skill needed in this line of work. And as long as the written word exists, there will be a demand for Proofreaders and Editors.

Let’s quickly go over the difference between a Proofreader and an Editor:

-A Proofreader is the last person to review a document to make sure there are no more errors and is the last step before a document is published, after all the editing is done.

-An Editor does some proofreading, makes changes to sentence structure and re-arranges paragraphs to make the document flow.

Pay of Top-Rated Proofreader/Editor Freelancers:

Top-rated Proofreaders and Editors average a rate of $36.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

How To Find And Correct Writing Errors

Ultimate Writing Editing Masterclass



With more businesses expanding their global reach, freelance translation is one of the most in-demand services requested.

What makes translation a good freelance opportunity ?

Well, not only can you find jobs on freelance platforms, there are several reputable companies that seek translators to join their team, like these:

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$27.00 is the average going rate charged by top-rated freelance Translators.

Recommended Resources:

Work From Home Translation

Resume Writer


Everybody knows that a resume is the main component to getting a job. But with so many companies utilizing online platforms and applicant tracking systems (ATS), a lot of people don’t know how to write one that gets past the automated screening process.

This opens up a great opportunity for freelancers who know a thing or two about writing resumes. But you don’t have to do it all from scratch. Zety and Resume Genius are online resume builders that will save you a bunch of time and effort, allowing you to create amazing resumes for your clients.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The leading Resume Writers on the popular freelance platforms charge an average of $56.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

How to Write a Resume For a Job by Zety

eBook Creator


One of the biggest trends in small business owners, as well as bloggers, is selling an ebook. Heck, just about every blog I read hocks their ebook…whatever the topic.

And this opens a great opportunity for you to become an eBook Creator.

It’s pretty easy to do:

  • Know the common ebook formats
  • Outline the topic into digestible sections
  • Creatively design the ebook

I probably missed a few details, but don’t worry because this article goes over the steps to create an ebook.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$50.00 an hour is the going average rate.

Recommended Resources:

How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish by Hubspot

Customer Support


Customer Support is the process of assisting customers – current and potential – make decisions and navigate their way around products and services.

And companies / individuals who seek the expertise of Customer Support specialists often look for these kind of freelancers:

  • live chat agents
  • technical support specialists
  • customer service management

If you have knowledge in helpdesk software, such as Zendesk, you can earn more money freelancing.

But if you don’t have any experience, a good starting point is with one of these companies that have Customer Service jobs for beginners. Most of those companies will train you – including training on common software platforms – then, after you can confidently say you’re good at customer service, start freelancing.

Pay of top-rated Freelancers:

Freelance Customer Service jobs pay anywhere from $15.00 to over $20.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Customer Service: Soft Skills Fundamentals

Virtual Assistant


According to hiring a Virtual Assistant can save a company quite a bit of money while increasing efficiency and allowing for more strategic operating of the business. And for these reasons, being a freelance Virtual Assistant is a great opportunity to make serious money.

Some of the things a Virtual Assistant might do include:

  • General office administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Blog and website management
  • Calendar management (coordinate and confirm appointments)
  • Email and contact management
  • Business development (gather leads, create presentations)

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average rate is $20.00 per hour but if you go through specialized training and know where to find the right clients, you can make at least $30.00 an hour as a Virtual Assistant.

Recommended Resources:

Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses by The Wary Worker

Additionally, Facebook is a great resource to find freelance jobs for Virtual Assistant. Check out these groups:

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Savvies

Virtual Assistant Remote Jobs



One of the most in-demand freelance gigs, transcription is also one of the most popular ways to work from home.

And here’s a little secret a lot of beginner-Transcribers don’t know:

A lot of blog owners and Podcasters have their work transcribed and post their gigs on freelance platforms.

It’s easy start transcribing without experience and you can start working almost immediately. In fact, here’s my article that shows you the detailed steps to become a Transcriptionist.

But, if you want to earn the coveted salary of $50.00 an hour, you really have to know your stuff. And know it well.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$22.00 an hour is what freelance Transcribers currently charge on the Upwork platform, but freelancers who go through training and take advantage of the resources provided in the course make around $50.00 an hour.

Recommended Resources:

Transcription Training

Best Transcription Jobs

Web Researcher


Web Researchers are hired by students, businesses, and bloggers who need data and information but don’t have the time to do the work themself.

So, what does a Web Researcher do ? Simply put, a Web Researcher uses the internet to find answers related to a specific topic. A Web Researcher will scour online forums, social media, and hundreds of blog posts and articles to get the exact answers requested.

Pay of Top Rated Web Researchers:

The average pay among freelance Web Researchers is $40.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Wonder frequently hires Internet Researchers

Best Freelance Jobs For Pros

Mobile Developer


Mobile Developers specialize in developing mobile technology, creating and designing applications for a specific mobile platform – iOS or Android.

This is a freelance job that is in high-demand, however it’s programmer heavy. In other words, you need a lot of framework and program skills.

You also need the ability to perform app. testing and have good communication skills because you’ll discuss your client’s needs.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average pay for freelance Mobile Developers is $250.00 per project with a 5-day turnaround time.

Recommended Resources:

Complete iOS App. Development Bootcamp

React Native + Hooks Guide

Flutter & Dart Framework Guide

E-Commerce Developer


With over 7.9 million online stores worldwide, e-commerce isn’t slowing down any time soon. And e-commerce development plays a vital role in getting those stores up and running.

Freelance developers who specialize in e-commerce needs to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, backend development and frontend functionality. In other words, you’re going to be building a shopping experience from the ground up.

The biggest trend in e-commerce right now is the use of the Shopify and businesses wanting to enhance their online presence often turn to freelancers who are well-versed in this platform.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average rate charged by freelance e-commerce developers specializing in Shopify is $195.00 per project.

Recommended Courses:

E-Commerce Website From Scratch

WordPress Developer


WordPress is one of – if not THE – most popular and easy to use blog platforms out there today. In fact, WordPress powers 41% of all websites on the internet and over 2/3 of all websites that use a content management system (which is the easy way for website and blog owners to get their data on the internet).

With those impressive stats, it’s easy to see why freelance WordPress Developers are in high-demand.

There are several segments of WordPress development, giving freelancers the option to specialize in one or more of them.

For instance:

  • WordPress virus and malware removal, bug fixes, and security enhancements
  • WordPress domain/hosting migration
  • WordPress installation and theme set-up
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress optimization and mobile responsiveness

Pretty much anything related to WordPress can be an in-demand freelance opportunity.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

The average rate charged by WordPress Freelance Developers is $85.00 per project with $48.00 as the average rate for malware removal specialists, $82.00 average rate for optimizers, and $73.00 average for set-up and theme installers.

Recommended Resources:

WordPress Theme Development

Learn Elementor – WordPress Front End Development Class

Android / IOS Developer


An Android or iOS developer specializes in creating apps for Android or Apple mobile devises.

Some of the requirements for this kind of work are:

  • UI and UX design experience
  • Understanding of design guidelines
  • Database knowledge

Specifically for Android Development, you should know:

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio

And for iOS Developers, you need these skills:

  • Knowledge of Swift programming language
  • Xcode IDE
  • An understanding of Apple guidelines

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

Android and iOS developers charge an average rate of $80.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Android Development Masterclass

The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Web Developer


Web Developers will always be in demand because they offer valuable skills that make a website function. Skills most people don’t have the time to learn.

Most Web Developers start their freelance career by knowing how to code…HTML, Ruby, Python, CSS… and offering to create blogs for small businesses and individuals as a side business. Then, as they gain more experience and build their client base, they become a full-time Freelance Web Developer, either working on freelance sites or with reputable companies that hire freelancers.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

Freelance Web Developers fetch around $75.00 an hour.

Recommended Resources:

Technical Writer


I wanted to separate Technical Writing from the Blog and Website Content Creator category I wrote about earlier because this kind of freelance job requires a level of expertise in the technical field.

According to, Technical Writers work in a variety of industries, concentrating in the computer and management, scientific, and technical industries. They prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

Because Technical Writing is a specialized form of writing, freelancers can charge more. The average freelancer gets $83.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

How To Become A Technical Writer free tips provided by The Write Life

Accountant / Bookkeeper


One of the best freelance jobs – even for beginners – is Accounting and Bookkeeping.

I have noticed that a lot of individuals and small businesses who seek Accountants and Bookkeepers need someone who can do the basics like paying bills, managing accounts, and simple tax prep.

The nice thing about being a freelance Bookkeeper is the fact you don’t need a ton of education and experience. As long as you can demonstrate you have some level of Bookkeeping or Accounting knowledge, you should be able to find some work.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

According to what freelance Accountants and Bookkeepers charge, the average rate is $74.00 per hour.

Recommended Resources:

Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation

Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

Tax Consultant


If you have a love of numbers, and the ability to solve potentially complex tax issues, then a freelance job as a Tax Consultant is perfect for you.

Every business, and a lot of individuals, needs help when it comes to taxes. And during tax season – which can last from January through September, peaking in April – people panick when it comes to figuring out their taxes.

Pay of Top-Rated Freelancers:

$85.00 is the average going rate for freelance Tax Consultants

Recommended Courses:

Tax Prep. and Law

Where to Find Freelance Jobs Online ?

With so many freelance options, you’re probably wondering where to start.

Here’s a list of some of the best freelance websites to help you get started on your journey even if you’re a beginner. Some of them specialize in a specific niche or group.

  • Storetasker is a top-rated place to find freelance jobs for Shopify experts.
  • Fiverr is a great option if you’re just starting out as a freelancer and want to get a feel of how to market your service.
  • Upwork has a huge database of individuals and businesses seeking freelancers in every category imaginable.
  • Freelancer has been around for many years and is a trusted source for freelancers
  • Guru has also been around for many years and is used by many reputible companies to hire freelancers.
  • College Recruiter is a job board used by college and university students to find enty-level jobs and internships.
  • ProBlogger is a well-respected freelance job board used by companies seeking content creators.
  • Toptal is a database of the top 3% talented freelancers used by start-ups, businesses, and orginazations.

How to get Freelance Work…Easily

Besides being able to work anywhere, freelancing is an awesome option anyone can get started in.

Here’s how a beginner can start freelancing:

#1 Think About Your End Goal

What is your working goal ? Do you want to work full time, part time or just do a few side gigs ?

#2 Pinpoint Your Area of Focus

Do you have a specialty ? A niche you know a lot about, like graphic design or organizing emails ?

What skills did you learn from previous jobs ?

Are you willing to learn new skills ?

Narrow-down your skills and see which one you like best and start offering that service. You can always add to your offering later on.

#3 Pick the Best Freelance Platform for You

Now that you know your specialty, go back through the list of freelance sites I wrote about earlier and pick one to start out on.

Then, do these:

  • Create your profile, which is like a resume of your skills. Often, people will contact you before you have a chance of picking their gig if your profile matches their needs.
  • Look through the jobs and pick one that you’ll be able to do. Start out with one you know you can do easily.
  • Submit your proposal for the job you want to do.
  • Wait to see if your proposal is accepted by the client.
  • “Meet” with your new client to go over their needs. This may be done via video call or through the freelance platform’s software.
  • Accept the job and complete a contract.


So how do I know these are the top freelance jobs ?

First, I checked out Upwork’s extensive list of freelance gigs and scoured through all the service categories to determine which ones were the most requested. I also looked at Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru.

Then, I did a lot of web research and found the best freelance jobs for beginners are the ones that don’t require a ton of education and are pretty easy to accomplish.

Finally, I narrowed my list down to the ones that pay a decent wage.

All these things combined resulted in this list of best freelance jobs.

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