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5 Companies With A Variety Of Remote Jobs, Open Today (in case you don’t know what you really want to do)

Variety is a good thing. Especially when it comes to chocolate.

And just like trying to decide which hunk of scrumptious delight to devour, picking out a remote job can sometimes be tough.  When you don’t know what kind of job you want; variety is just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s face it, sometimes you think you know what kind of job you’re after but when it comes right down to it…you often change our mind. But you know one thing for sure: what you DO want is a remote job. A job that lets you work from home, or wherever.

So today’s work from home job leads are all about variety. I found a variety of jobs, with 5 different companies, for all you undecided job seekers. From Customer Success Agents to Brand Illustrators and even Engineers, Marketers, and Content Writers, there’s bound to be something that interests you.

Let’s get to ’em.

Variety of remote jobs open today, Jan 9 2017

Companies With A Variety Of Remote Jobs (in case you can’t make up your mind)

#1  Pressable

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting company and, because I am a bit ignorant when it comes to explaining techie things, I won’t go any further into what they actually do. I just know that they host websites that are built on WordPress and offer support and nightly backups for their customers. All their jobs are remote and benefits consist of a flexible schedule; medical, dental, vision and life insurance, and 401(k) matching.

Right now, these are their open positions (from their website):

  • Director of Sales – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for a seasoned sales leader to build a high-performance sales and account management team.
  • Systems Engineer – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for someone to manage the systems and security of Pressable’s growing WordPress hosting platform. We’re using Ansible, so you must have experience working with it and managing a large environment of web-related services.
  • Software Engineer – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for a talented developer to help us build the world’s best WordPress hosting service.
  • Concierge WordPress Engineer – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for talented web developers and designers who are interested in working with a small Concierge team to build custom WordPress sites for a wide range of influential partners.
  • Customer Success Agent – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for WordPress pros who love to support our customers.
  • Sales Specialist – San Antonio/Remote
    We’re looking for proven individuals to join our technical sales team.

You can learn more about these jobs here.

#2  Doist

Doist says they are a “Doist is a remote-first company with employees from all around the world. Our mission is to help people do more and stress less.”.

We like that. And here are their jobs that they are advertising today:

  • Freelance English to Brazilian/Portuguese Translator
  • Freelance English to Dutch Translator
  • Freelance English to Polish Translator
  • Swift Developer
  • Full-Time Brand Illustrator
  • Full-Time Finance Intern
  • Developer Advocate
  • Senior Android Developer
  • Freelance English to Swedish Translator
  • Support Specialist (Bilingual Korean/English)
  • Support Specialist (Bilingual Chinese/English)
  • Front-end Developer

What else do we like about Doist ? Their benefits. How does flexible schedules, 25 paid vacation days, and $3,000.00 a year for self improvement sound to you ?
You can learn more about these jobs here.


#3  InVision

InVision is a digital product design platform used by companies that want to create context around their projects. What’s in it for you ? A bunch of remote jobs in business, design, engineering, finance, IT, marketing, people operations, product, recruiting, sales, and user enablement.

Phew…so many openings, so little time. You can learn more about these jobs here.


#4  Automattic

Automattic is probably one of the original biggies that promoted the remote work environment, expecting that all their employees work from where they are the most comfortable. They want to hire people who want to make the web a better place so ALL their employees will spend time doing customer support for a week, regardless of your position.

Here are the remote jobs they have available today:

  • Code Wrangler
  • Happiness Engineer
  • VIP Happiness Engineer
  • JavaScript Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Accounting Wrangler
  • Director of Business Development
  • Creative Director, Messaging
  • Customer Marketing Wrangler
  • Enterprise Growth Engineer
  • Events Wrangler
  • Excellence Wrangler
  • Finance Wrangler
  • Hiring Experience Wrangler
  • Human (Resources) Wrangler
  • Marketing Designer
  • Mobile Infrastructure Engineer
  • Systems Wrangler
  • Technical Account Engineer

You can learn more about these jobs here.

#5  Pagely

Pagely is a company that provides managed WordPress hosting but as far as you are concerned, they have several 100% remote jobs that include healthcare coverage, 401(k) matching, paid vacations, and paid parental leave. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

So what kind of job variety do they have today? Let’s see…a Freelance Writer, Devops Engineer, Customer Support Platform Engineer, and (sometimes) a Content Marketer. You can learn more about these jobs here.


Variety Is A Good Thing For Job Seekers

When it comes to variety, it’s a good thing if you’re looking for a new job.  Are you ready to start a new one today ?  Hopefully one of these companies has the perfect position for you. And if you do get one of these jobs, I would love to hear about it.


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