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Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs You Won’t Get Everywhere Else

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Updated with new companies and jobs July 9, 2018

When you search for non-phone work at home jobs, do you get tired of seeing the same old regurgitated stuff ? You’ve seen all those lists out there so you know what I’m talking about.

You know, like:

  • Search Engine Evaluation with Leapforce and Lionbridge
  • Freelancing with Upwork
  • Virtual Assistant tasks with places like Time etc. and Virtual
  • Transcription jobs with Rev, Scribit and Casting Words
  • Online Writing with low payers like Scripted and Textbroker
  • Tutoring with Brainfuse and Smart Thinking
  • Start a blog

And let’s not forget the often mentioned Q&A panels known as online surveys.

Yeah, the jobs are all tried, true, and legitimate.  But chances are, either the pay is way too low or everyone else has seen those lists and now the work is diminishing.

Or they just aren’t your thing.

And that’s why it’s time to look at a FRESH LIST of non phone work at home jobs.

Ready to dig in ?

Work From Home – No Phones Required For These Jobs

Taking a look at a fresh list of non phone work at home jobs opens more opportunities.  And because of that, you stand a better chance of finding something that suits you.

I browse and update these companies often, so I know they have jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone. And even if they don’t have openings right this second, they will again soon.

No phone required work at home jobs


Amazon Flex

What jobs do they have ?  Delivery Drivers for Amazon

Do you like to drive ?  You can make $18.00 to $25.00 an hour delivering packages for Amazon, setting your own schedule 7 days a week.  This is a great opportunity for retirees or someone who just like to get out and about.  You can learn more about Amazon Flex here.



What jobs do they have? Customer Marketing Wrangler, Happiness Engineer, Enterprise Growth Engineer, Marketing Designer, and Theme Wrangler. All their jobs are listed here.

Automattic, the #1 WordPress development company, is well-known for letting their employees work remotely. They have plenty of jobs that you can choose from but understand that their hiring process is pretty involved. If they think you’re a good fit, you’ll be given a project to work on, as a contractor, before you’re hired on.



What jobs do they have ? Medical Coders

If you have medical coding experience, check out the remote openings with Aviacode.  They always seem to have openings.



What jobs do they have ? Bookkeepers, Administrative Assistants, Webmasters, Content Writers.

If you’re interested in taking your administrative and management skills to the next level, Belay is a reputable company that always seems to have openings. Be ready for a large variety of duties in this role, which you can read more about on their website here.



What jobs do they have? Bookminders always seems to be looking for Accountants and Bookkeepers.  They do want you to have a 4 year degree, preferably in accounting or business and you will be working up to 20 hours a week on YOUR TIME,



What jobs do they have? In their “work anywhere” structure, they have jobs in product development, finance, and social media. Openings are always coming up, and they don’t require you to be on the phone all day, too. You can find their jobs here.


Cheat Sheet

What jobs do they have? Content Writers, Marketer, SEO Specialist

They always seek out freelance writers to join their team of remote workers. You may be assigned to write on a variety of time-saving guides. Other jobs include Marketing Strategists and SEO Specialists. And the beauty of these jobs? They’re non-phone. Their employment opportunities are listed here.


Dribble (formerly Crew)

What jobs do they have? Happiness Account Manager, Customer Service, Data Analysis…and new jobs are always added. To see all their openings, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This Canadian based company is well-known for it’s free high resolution images and they hire people who are located all over the world.



What jobs do they have? Support Specialist (sometimes), User Experience Visual Designer and IOS Developers

The jobs with Doist seem to be more on the technical side BUT they currently have a Support Specialist (bilingual) opening for someone who is able to communicate with customers via Zendesk, social media, blogs, and apps. Here are their current remote job openings.



What jobs do they have?  Drivers to deliver a fleet of box trucks, trucks and vans to and from rental locations.

Although not an in-the-home kind of work at home job, you’ll be working for Enterprise – making $9.25 an hour – delivering vehicles to rental locations.  Interested in learning more?  Check them out.


Greenback Tax Services

What jobs do they have? Tax Accountants. They do hire Digital Marketing Specialists from time-to-time.

This is a good company to work for if you’re familiar with expat taxes – tax prep for Americans abroad. While the majority of jobs with Greenback Tax Services are related to tax prep., they sometimes need to hire techies. This is the link to their open jobs:



What jobs do they have? Content Marketer, Growth Marketer, Writer and E-mail Customer Support. Here are all their current openings.

Hubstaff is a staff monitoring company (not a staffing company) that frequently has openings in the marketing arena.  Which, as you can see, covers a lot of options if you are interested in marketing and dont’t want to be on the phone all day.



What jobs do they have? Finance, Marketing, Recruiting, Sales, Customer Support,Growth Management

Letting their employees work from anywhere, with awesome benefits, InVision never seems to have a job shortage, which can be found here.



What jobs do they have? They occasionally have remote Customer Care Representative jobs where you respond to emails about specific products or to recommend solutions to complex situations. Ipsy also has a variety of Marketing and Engineering jobs that may be the perfect solution for your non-phone needs. All their jobs are listed here.



What jobs do they have? Book Reviewer

Even though a Book reviewer is the job I see most often but I also see Copywriter and Book Editor openings. Here is the link to Kirkus’s careers page:



What jobs do they have? Technical Support Specialist, Affiliate Partnership Manager, Content Marketing Manager and even JavaScript Engineers are hired at Leadpages.

Leadpages is a landing page builder that offers generous benefits. Now, I do want to tell you that the jobs are not completely work-at-home. The remote days are Mondays and Thursdays and the rest of the week they expect you to work in the St. Paul MN . Sound interesting? Their jobs are found here.


Meet Edgar

What jobs do they have? Customer Service, User Outreach, Marketing, and Product Development.

This 100% remote company lets you work wherever you’re most comfortable. And, if you don’t see a job you like, they encourage you to send in your resume anyway. Check out their jobs hereGo for it…they’re bound to have a perfect jobs for you that doesn’t require phone work.



What jobs do they have ?  On-Demand Photo Inspector

This is a new-ish company, paying people to work on their schedule taking photos and videos of vehicles, homes, and other property for insurance policy holders.  According to OnSource application file, you can earn $18.00 plus mileage for each 10 minute photo job.  You can apply here.



What jobs do they have ? Freelance Writers and Customer Support Engineers.

This WordPress hosting company often has a variety of “no phone required” jobs that include a nice selection of benefits. They list their current openings here.



What jobs do they have ? Technical Customer Support – helping clients via written communication. Additionally, they have openings in the Development field. All their non-phone openings are listed here.

This young company is a strong believer in the work/life balance and they often have remote job openings.



What jobs do they have? Image Reviewers

You may know of Shutterstock as a place to sell your photos, but did you know they always seem to have non phone work at home jobs? If you can look at an image and think up a few keywords that accurately describe the image, this is a fantastic work at home job that doesn’t require you to be on the phone AND it’s flexible. Here are the jobs.



What jobs do they have? Customer Success Guru

Based in Ottowa, Ontaro Canada, the online store builder known as Shopify hires Customer Success Gurus to work out of their location in the USA, Canada, and even overseas. In this job, you will answer customer questions via email, chat, and phone. Don’t let that last part turn you off. email and chat correspondence are becoming more and more prevalent. Shopify jobs can be found here.


Stitch Fix

What jobs do they have? Stylists for men and women

If you’re creative, have a great sense of style, detail-oriented, and a self-starter, being an online stylist might be the perfect online job for you. These Stylist jobs are usually part-time.


Lending Tree

What jobs do they have? Copy Editor, Social Media Editor, Benefits Analyst, and Digital Optimization Analyst are just some of the jobs that pop up with Student Loan Hero. You can check them out here.


Theme Motive

What jobs do they have? WordPress Theme Support

This company develops WordPress themes and they frequently hire people to provide support to their customers through email, blog comments and online forums. They also hire Web Designers and WordPress Developers. All their openings are located here.



What jobs do they have? Marketer, Writer, Wed Designer, and Developer

This Silicon Valley web design company always seems to have non phone work at home jobs in Marketing, Content, And Development. This is a company that consists of remote employees and their jobs are located here.



What jobs do they have? Creative Strategist, Trending Editor

How does a job in social media sound to you? What about a non-phone job that is part-time ? Upworthy frequently seeks Social Associates, Account Strategists, and Web Engineers. AND…they have a ton of great benefits. Check out their jobs here.



What jobs do they have? Chat/Email Customer Support Champion,Engineering, Marketing

They have a “standing job listing” for people who want a work at home chat/email job, which means – according to them – they are frequently in the need for this position. They also have plenty of development, engineer and marketing openings.. Here are their open remote jobs:

A Fresh List Just Might Do The Trick

I hope this post motivates you to get the non-phone work at home job you deserve.  Think differently, get a fresh look at different companies, and gain a new approach to looking for work.  Your chances are greatly increased.  And, as always, leave a comment below if you get a work at home job that doesn’t require you to be on the phone.  I’d love to hear about it!

Non phone work from home jobs


Thank you for sharing !

Author: Kat Lewis

Kat Lewis is the person behind The Wary Worker, the blog that shows you how to work from home and live life in the meantime. Kat is a former Accounting Specialist turned Human Resource Generalist who found her niche in the work-at-home world. With an analytical background, Kat looks at every opportunity with a skeptical eye so she can bring the truth to anyone wanting to work from home.

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