Quick And Easy Ways To Sneak In Exercise While You Work

Quick And Easy Ways To Sneak In Exercise While You Work

I’m not a fanatical fitness freak, and I especially don’t have the desire to jump in the car and drive to the gym. As much as I want to stay fit, and all I know about exercise being the key to good health, I just can’t get my butt to stick with any kind of serious exercise routine.  I’m busy and I don’t have a lot of time to spend on myself. Throw in an inconsistent work load and anything that resembles a workout is long gone.

Sound familiar ?

But I do manage to to sneak in a little bit of exercise while I work.  Quickly, easily, and not a whole lot of sweat involved. And I didn’t have to go out and buy any big balls or swinging weight thingies, nor do I have to download any exercise apps.  I just open up another browser on my computer and turn to my trove of online videos that are all about quick and easy exercise routines that can be done while I work, any time of the day.

Why do I exercise while working ? Sitting in front of my computer all day hurts my hips, my back hates me, and my neck temporarily develops a strange crook. Because I can sneak it in any time, in just a few minutes, my kinks are worked out.  I like to mix it up and watch one or two of these videos one day, and a different one the next day.

Are you ready to sneak in some light exercises while you work, too?  Cool !

Here are the videos I like best:


Quick And Easy Ways To Sneak In Exercise While You Work:


Before you start your day, loosen up your muscles. You’ll be glad you did. When you roll out of bed, do these stretches before you step out of the bedroom – and before your day begins.


I love this quick Yoga routine, and I don’t even do yoga !  But, in only 10 minutes, I feel like I’m a yoga pro. And I feel pretty good afterwards, too.


This 10 minute morning yoga video is awesome if you’re looking for ways to limber up before you get going.


This is a fun video that has a 9 different exercises that will result in a flat belly. Yep, it’s true, my tummy is flatter. Some of the exercises are a bit on the advanced side, so feel free to skip them.


Have 2 minutes to spare ? These quick exercises are great ways to get your blood flowing at your desk. There’s a lot of moving going on here, so you might want to put on some loose fitting clothes 🙂


I really like the simple exercises and stretches in this video. Just stand in front of your desk and get moving. Simple as that.


It’s Easy To Sneak In A Bit Of Exercise

It’s easy to sneak in a quick exercise routine at any time of the day, you just need to get moving. I know, easier said than done, but I hope these videos encourage you to do it. Boost your metabolism, energize your work day, relieve your aches and pains are just some of the benefits of daily exercises…aren’t those reasons enough ?

Exercise While You Work


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  1. Very effective option to overcome back pain. I’m really impressed with these quick & easy exercises which I can do on daily basis. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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