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The Best Immediate Hire Work From Home Jobs

Immediate hire work from home jobs are available in many areas, from Content Creation, to Teaching, and even Travel. These jobs let you start now – or quickly – without the interview process and wait-to-hear time. In this post, we take a look at some of the best jobs so you can work from home and start immediately.

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There’s a big problem when looking for work from home jobs that are hiring immediately.

And it’s this:

Most of the time, “immediate hire” doesn’t mean you can start the job immediately.  It means the company has an immediate need for someone, not that they’ll hire you now.  In other words, there’s still the usual hiring process so you won’t be hired today.

And that’s frustrating.

Which is why I’m going to reveal 2 types of ‘quick-to-hire-jobs’

1)  Legitimate work from home jobs that can be started IMMEDIATELY.  For most of them, no experience is needed.


2)  Work from home jobs where you’re hired quickly.

But first, let me illustrate the difference between an immediate hire job and one that’s hiring now.

‘Immediate Hire’ vs. ‘Hiring Now’ What’s The Difference ?

The main difference is that an ‘immediate hire’ job will let you start working NOW, while a job ‘hiring now’ is looking for someone to start working at a LATER DATE.

Here’s what I mean:

Popular job-finding sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster, and Glass Door let you narrow down your search by location, type of job, hours, and salary range.

You can even search by keywords like “immediate hire work from home”.

But here’s the problem:

Once you’ve done a search, you’re presented with a whole bunch of jobs that are AVAILABLE now.  In other words, you won’t be HIRED now, you are applying to these jobs for immediate CONSIDERATION.

Here are a couple examples:

Take a look at this job posting on Indeed when I typed the keywords “immediate openings” in the search bar.

work from home job opportunities open now

See what I mean ?

Immediate consideration.  This is a REAL job but you won’t be hired immediately.

Same thing with Zip Recruiter.

Online Jobs You Can Start Now

Do you really want to scroll through nearly 800,000 “immediate work from home jobs” on the off-chance you’ll actually find one that will hire you IMMEDIATELY ?

‘Hiring Now’ Overview

A company that says they’re hiring now probably won’t actually hire you now.  They’ll take a look at your resume, CV and cover letter.  They’ll review your Skype interview.  They’ll put you in the ‘to be considered’ or ‘no way’ pile and move on to the next candidate.

‘Immediate Hire’ Overview

Immediate hire jobs, on the other hand, WILL hire you now.  You don’t have to wait around to apply, hear back, and go through an interview process.

So now you know the difference between immediate hire work from home jobs and work from home jobs hiring now, let’s move on to this next section…

Work From Home & Start Immediately

Here are my top picks of jobs that are hiring immediately so you can start making money now – not later.

Content Creator

It’s no secret that just about everything can be found online.  And with the abundance of online resources is the need for great content.

A Content Creator produces engaging material for a specific audience on a brand’s behalf. In other words, they create information used for online and offline mediums, with the majority of online jobs working on websites and blogs.

The content created may include blog posts, images, books, article writing, videos and social media posts.

There are some well-known companies that frequently hire content creators, like Animalz, Aha Media, HotJar, and AuthO  but the hiring process can take a while.

So, my suggestion is this:

Don’t bother with those companies…yet.  To get a job as a Content Creator NOW, you need to start out as a freelancer and Upwork is a popular starting point for getting paying jobs.  On the Upwork platform you’ll discover a ton of need for new content for blogs as well as the need for developing content strategies for entrepreneurs.

Another option is Problogger’s job board; it has a lot of writing / copywriting opportunities worth checking out.

Teacher Material Creator

As a teacher, you’ve more than likely created resources for your students to be used one time.  If that sounds like you, then the site Teachers Pay Teachers is a goldmine for making money.  It’s the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need while you earn a nice stack of money.

The idea is simple:

– You’ve created teaching material and products for your students.

– You sell those items to other teachers to use for their students.

– You make anywhere from $100.00 to $5,000.00 a month.

The type of things that you can sell on there includes full-year curriculum, assessments, videos, etc. According to Teachers Pay Teachers, the highest earner has earned more than $2 million through the site.

Sign up with Teachers Pay Teachers today.


If you like variety, doing short tasks is a good option for you.

And I’ll add this:  this is one of the easiest jobs you can get started on.

Basically, you’ll pick-and-choose quick assignments and earn money.  How much you earn depends on the type of task you do, how many you do, and how quickly you can accurately do them.  The longer, more involved tasks pay more.

What kind of tasks are there ?  Here are some examples:

  • Isolate elements in an image (like isolating an apple in a fruit bowl)
  • Provide keywords for an image
  • Data entry
  • Copywriting
  • Take a look at a car for sale
  • Moving services
  • Cleaning services
  • Local yard work
  • Moderate content
  • Manage social media

And here are a couple examples of how you might spend your time doing a task:

Let’s say you’re good at writing about travel destinations.  You find a task for a travel blog where an 800 word article is needed.  You spend 2 hours writing that article and earn $20.00 (or whatever the rate is).

Or you’re scanning through the list of available tasks and come across one where you assign keywords to a photo and make $2.00.  Easy money for five minutes of your time.

Here are some reputable task sites where you can get started immediately:

People per hour (based in UK)
Air Tasker
We Go Look

The process is pretty easy:

  1. Sign up
  2. Browse the available tasks and select one
  3. Do the task
  4. Get paid

Virtual Office Assistant

When it comes to easy jobs you can do online – with virtually no waiting around to get started – a Virtual Office Assistant tops my list.

What is a Virtual Office Assistant ?

Someone who provides necessary office related tasks for businesses and entrepreneurs.  Working for either a Virtual Assistant company (as an independent contractor) or as a freelancer running your own service business, how much you earn depends on the amount of work you do.  In fact, being a Virtual Assistant is one of the best freelance jobs you can do because you can you can make at least $20.00 an hour often over $30.00 an hour.

There are a lot of companies you can work for but sorting out the best ones can be time consuming.  So, to help you save time, here are a few of my post on the becoming a Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Office Assistant jobs do require you submit a resume and wait a few days to hear if you got the job, however, it’s usually an online questionnaire that’s quick to fill-out.

Test Websites and Apps.

Bloggers, website owners, and app. developers know how important it is to have a finely-tuned product.

But they are biased and can’t always see their flaws.  To make sure their blog, web site or app is perfect, they pay people to test them.

In other words: they hire YOU to test their stuff.  And you get to do it all online, with virtually no experience.

Enroll and Respondent are the two website testing platforms I use.  To get started, I enrolled in the program by submitting my email address,creating a password, and picking my preferred method of testing (desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone). Once fully registered, I received emails when assignments were available for me.

Tasks and pay vary, but I did one job that took less than 5 minutes and it paid .80 cents.

There are several other testing opportunities out there, like and Userzoom.

But they come with a catch:

You have to do a screening test to see if you qualify, which is a 1-3 question survey.  I’m sad to say that I was denied for many of the tests, therefore, I’m sticking with Respondent and Enroll

Here’s a tip to make money doing web and app. testing:  As soon as you receive an invitation to participate in a test, grab the opportunity ASAP !

Life or Business Coach

Sometimes people need a little nudge. A little guidance in their life or business.

Which brings me to this immediate-hire remote job:

Life and business coaching.

There are a few platforms that will get you going as a coach, such as:

Liive Coach
Coach Up

The first thing you need to do is set up your profile, explaining what you coach.  Then, with the platform’s marketing help, you get paid when you engage with a client.


What does a transcriber do ?

You listen to a recorded file and type out what you hear; that’s the bare bones of being a transcriptionist.

There are several companies that hire you pretty much on-the-spot.  For instance, GMR Transcription and GoTranscript are pretty good at hiring almost immediately.

And the work is easy to do.

But here’s the problem with online transcription jobs:

Working for a company that not only hires quickly but pays well is hard to come across because a lot of them are pure junk.  So, to help you out, I’ve written a few posts that’ll get you a decent transcription job:


Shipt is a well-known grocery shopping / delivery services and is quickly becoming one of the best online jobs you can start today.

In fact, a few years ago, Publix grocery stores in the Tampa, Florida area was having trouble meeting customer demands for food delivery services so they turned to Shipt to help keep their customers happy.

So there’s no doubt there is a need for shoppers.

Here’s how you make money with Shipt:

  • A customer creates a grocery list via the Shipt app.
  • You, the Shipt shopper, do the shopping and make the delivery to the customer’s home.
  • You get paid weekly, up to $22.00 an hour.

You can also find shopping jobs with Instacart

Travel Planner

A while ago I wrote about several ways moms can work from home with little experience.  One job that stands out – and is perfect for the immediate-start topic of this post – is becoming a kid-friendly Travel Planner.

If you know how to keep the little ones happy when planning a vacation, this is the perfect job for you !

You can be a Disney Travel Specialist at Magical Vacation Planner, and make over $1200.00 a month.

Or check out Love The Mouse Travel, Mickey’s Travel, Mouse Hunters Travel, and My Mickey Vacation Travel.

Want to go beyond Disney planning ? Here are some of the best known, and possibly the most used, travel companies that frequently have remote travel planner openings:

American Express
BCD Travel
Carnival Cruise Line
Hilton Worldwide
Hotel Tonight
Vail Resorts
World Travel Holdings

Delivery Servicer

There are many different deliver services out there, from delivering packages with Amazon Flex to picking-up things “on the way” with Roadie.

In fact, I list several delivery service jobs  in this post..

Although not an instant job, delivery service jobs have a short hiring delay, and for good reason.

Here’s what I mean:

With Uber Easts, a food delivery service, it’ll take about 3-5 days to get approved.

Postmates takes about 3-10 days to approve you.

The reason for the delay: you have to pass a background check.  However, this will not only clear you for a job, it will instill confidence in all parties.

The earnings depend on the number of hours you work, which can average $8.00 to $15.00 per hour, including tips.

Pinterest Manager

This is a cool new way to make money online…immediately.

For bloggers, Pinterest is an effective way to market a blog.  However, it can be overwhelming.  First of all, there’s all the Pin creating and organizing. Second, there’s the sharing and marketing aspect.  And third, it’s very time consuming.

So bloggers pay people to do the work for them.

How do you get started ?

By knowing a bit about Pinterest and following these steps

Special Niche Photographer

Take pictures.  Get paid.

Sounds simple, but the truth ?

You have to take A LOT of pictures.

Unless you’re a Special Niche Photographer.

Here’s why:

Bloggers need photos for their blog posts. And they’re sick of using the same-old free images that everyone else uses.  So they pay to have some awesome fresh, never before used, images.

Which is where you come in.

Whenever the mood hits you, whip out your cell phone and snap some pictures.

The secret, though, is to stay within a niche.

For example, this work at home blog, caters to people wanting to work form home. The blog posts use pictures that have office-y related scenes. Computer, office supplies…you get the idea.

Another example is Amy Ransom’s blog on surviving motherhood.  She focuses on all things mom and uses images with a child theme.

So, where do you go to sell your specialized niche images ?

First, go to Fiverr, a goldmine marketplace for people looking to buy never-before-used pictures. Just set up your profile in a way that lets people know you’ll sell them a certain number of pictures.

Then try out Foap, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images

Fashion Boutique Owner

Technology has made it possible for you to open a boutique clothing store and FOR FREE !

Stylevate lets you set up a free storefront and earn up to 20% commission selling clothes from big-name fashion brands.

Shop Your Way lets you share clothing, shoes, and accessories on your social media accounts from places like Land’s End, Sears, and K-Mart

Teespring lets you create tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, totes, throw pillows…just about anything fashion related that warrants a creative touch.

Work From Home Jobs Hiring Quickly

Digital Engagement Moderator

One of the best high-paying online jobs out there, digital marketing and engagement is not going away.

With the growing demand of maintaining clean and friendly social profiles, companies hire other companies to help them achieve that goal.

Modsquad hires independent contractors to moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities, and buzz in social media. You can work from any private location with secure high-speed internet access and select the projects to work on based on YOUR passions and schedule.

The Social Element has evolved into a giant collaboration of community managers helping their clients connect with their audience. Hiring in multiple US states and several different countries, The Social Element has opening for people who want flexibility in their work schedule.

Customer Service / Reservations Sales

Customer service is a popular work from home job because it often doesn’t require previous experience AND you can get started quickly.  However, you do need to submit your resume and/or answer an online questionnaire before they hire you.

–  U-Haul is a moving equipment and storage rental company that frequently has Customer Service, Sales, Roadside Assistance Representative and Reservations  jobs you can do remotely.  Some positions are full-time, some are part-time, all include training and benefits.

  –  Answer Connect is another company that hires remote Customer Service Representatives.  According to Answer Connect, you can schedule your work around your life, instead of your life around your work.

One Support also hires work from home Customer Care Representatives who have excellent reading, written and verbal communication skills.  One Support agents start at $10/hour base pay and have the opportunity to select a competitive benefits package (health, dental, vision, life, 401k, paid time off).

If you lack previous support experience, One Support offers on-the-job, multi-week, paid training and continuing education to advance your skills. No certifications or degrees are required with this company.

Conversational English Teacher

I’m putting Conversational English Teacher on the list because it’s an almost immediate way to work from home.

I say “almost” because you have to go through the registration process.

But don’t worry, places like DaDa and Magic Ears are pretty quick to respond and you can be making money teaching English as a second language soon.

And, if you’re interested in teaching conversational English but don’t have any experience, here’s my article that shows you how to teach English as a second language.

Ready To Start Working From Home…Immediately ?

What do you think ?

Do any of these work from home jobs interest you ?  Ready to get started working immediately ?

Leave me a message and let me know !

Jobs you can start immediately

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    1. Hi David,

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      For a first time job – requiring few skills – Virtual Assisting with a ‘no-experience-needed’ company would be a great option for you. You can find some on this page:

      One question I like to ask, to help narrow down some opportunities, is this: What job related things do you like doing ?

      If you’re familiar with the ins-and-outs of social media, then maybe a social content job is for you (ICUC and 99 Dollar Social take newbies)

      If you have a flair for writing on a specific topic, then check out ProBlogger to see who needs specialized content writers (

      Here are a few posts that’ll give you some ideas:

      I’d love to hear from you when you get your first job.

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